3 Mobile Customer Service

3 Mobile Customer Service
3 Mobile Customer Service

3 Mobile UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 8:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 8:00PM
3 Mobile UK Routing Number
Press 1 Calling about your phone account
Press 2If you're a mobile broadband or Ipad customer
Press 3If you're thinking of buying a new phone or device with us

Here’s a guide to all the 3 Mobile Customer Service contact numbers, which you will need to get in touch with the company’s customer service. Whether you are looking for competitive offers on transfers and purchases or simply planning to shop around, the following  3 Mobile Customer Service phone numbers will connect you to the relevant department so that all your queries or concerns are answered quickly and effectively.

3 Mobile Phone Number Tips

3 Mobile Helpline

UK Contact Numbers
Three Mobile Customer Service 0333 338 1001
Calls from abroad +44 7782 333 333
3 Mobile Toll-Free Sales 0800 358 9341
Customer Care Toll-Free 0800 358 8460


3 Mobile Customer Support proclaims itself to be one of the fastest growing networks of UK that covers more than 97% of the nation’s population. With almost unbelievable rates, which are as low as 3p a minute, 1p for 1 MB of data and 2p for a text, you can now talk, browse and text without worrying about spiralling costs. What’s more, after you have topped up, you won’t have to worry about sudden rate changes as they remain the same for 30 days. Apart from great rates and simple top-ups, top-notch 3 Mobile customer care is another reason why the company is expanding its business so fast in the UK. You can simply dial the 3 Mobile Helpline toll-free 0800 358 8460.

3 Mobile Customer Service

3 Mobile offers phone plans and mobile broadband services. Customers can opt for monthly payment plans or pay as you go. The third price plan, named ‘Other’, is applicable for mobile broadband and business users. You can get more details about the price of 3 Mobile services at pricing section of the website.

How to Contact 3 Mobile

You can reach the 3 Mobile customer service desk for free from dialling 333 to solve problems related to your phone account. If you are using any other phone, you need to call 0333 300 3333. The number to call from abroad is +44 7782 333 333.

You can also dial 500 (toll free, from your 3 Mobile device), 0333 300 0500 (from any other phone) and +44 7782 333 500 (from abroad).

The 3 Mobile customer service helpline is open 8am to 9pm, Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the opening hours are from 9am to 8pm. The helpline is closed on public holidays and bank holidays. You can contact 3 Mobile Lost and Stolen Department at any time as it functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Write to 3 Mobile Customer Care

Three Customer Services

Hutchison 3G UK Ltd

PO Box 333


G2 9AG

 3 Mobile Contact Number Helpline Tips

Unless you are calling the toll-free number from your 3 Mobile device, your calls to 3 Mobile customer service desk will attract standard call rates. In case you are calling from aboard, standard roaming costs/international charges will apply. So, keep these facts in mind and be brief as well as precise with your complaint/query.  Call 0800 3589341 from  8am – 8pm Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

You can also contact 3 Mobile on social media networks, including Facebook.

3 Mobile Customer Service
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14 Comments to “3 Mobile Customer Service”

  • A bit up and down really. Topped up last week,and suddenly my data stopped working.
    I contacted them though,and it was fixed within a couple of hours.

  • Tried all networks and 3 only seem to provide the best signal. Give them some justice and I don’t understand why people have something to complain about? They really hate people like that! If you have problems at home then simply ask for Home Signal box.

  • I was on 3 mobile network. I signed up for 1 month to try it and i was so grateful i didn’t chose a 12 month plan. Even out of the month i got fed up after 2 days and 2 weeks later i went back to my old operator because i just couldn’t stand it anymore! The connection was terrible. I strongly discourage any1 from joining.

    • Wow, that’s a really clever way of thikning about it!

  • Don’t go for 3. I have a contract with them. I cant use Internet and can’t use my phone to make calls. So I just play games on it. I will not recommend 3 to any one.

  • I have now been without a phone for over 5 days.(NO SIGNAL) Contacted Bognor shop and they said the would get back to me ( I am still waiting) Tried to complain on the links provided on my computer and all I get web page not available. It would be nice if someone would contact me and keep me informed. I HOPE YOU WILL BE REDUCING MY MONTHLY CHARGE) Please advise when I shall get a signal, if not I shall cancel my contract and go elsewhere. This is most frustrating.

  • Started having problems with the network connection on my ipad3 (3G only) over a month ago, all around the time Three were rolling out 4g, colleagues have confirmed their signals have reduced also, after spending an hour with technical support, they gave up and said they would speak with their engineers about it, they contacted me a week later to tell me nothing could be done, tantamount to admitting, signals were not as good as they were, blaming it on external influences.

  • It was great using my phone abroad free it makes life so much easy.

  • I was with vodafone previously and wanted to leave because their customer service was the worst i’ve probably ever dealt with. Lots of people I knew recommended three so I thought i’d give them a go and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

    Everything works as it should and if you have any issues the people at three only seem happy to help. The coverage has been completely fine and i’m happy with the internet speeds I get. Hopefully things will stay like this as I’d happily stay with three and I can see now why people recommend them.

  • poor line quality made understanding the customer service representatives that bit more difficult, just a bit!

  • I have been with three since since their launch of feel at home as a payg customer. Not only is feel at home saving me loads of money as I go abroad a lot, but in the UK I am spending less than half what I did as a monthly tariff customer with another network.

  • That was an amazing service,I have ever had from a phone company great feeling the guy knows what exactly I was looking for and guide me through all the packages ,
    last but not the least after having a great service I am just keep smiling.

  • I’m getting ready to cancel my contract with 3, I’ve got full bars on 3G, 4G only available now n then. Internet connection is poor, when I receive a phone call I can’t hear the caller it’s like morse code it’s been like this for over 3weeks. I NEED MY PHONE FOR WORK MORSE CODE IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!
    Checked my bill on line and there’s an over spend of £24, what for? the last half a dozen bills have fluctuated from month to month and not sure why.
    Surely this is breaking the consumer of goods act as you are not providing the service we are paying for. This needs to be sorted or I will cancel the contract it’s beyond a joke!

  • My previous comment is waiting moderation what does this mean just answer the question!
    Believe me I will be on the phone as soon as your lines open customer service what a joke!

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