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AA Contact Number
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Do you ever wonder if there is just something or someone in the UK who provides everything that is related to motoring?

It can be stressful when you have to learn to drive from someone, and then you have to get insurance from someone else. There are so many documents to prepare, so many names to remember and so many calls to make. It would be very convenient for you if you could get everything in one place.

Well, then luckily for you, you can actually do this in the UK. The Association is established just for this, to offer everyone everything in one place. This company has set up a set of AA contact numbers that you can call at your convenience should you ever need them. In this article, you will see a detailed list of Automobile Association phone numbers, and other methods to contact AA.

AA Phone Number List

AA Contact Number UK Contact Number
AA Customer Service 0344 209 0754
Calls from Abroad +44 161 333 0004
Emergency Breakdown Service 0800 887 766
Breakdown Sales 0800 085 2721
AA Breakdown Cover Contact Number 0343 316 4444
Breakdown Claims 0344 579 0042
Car Insurance 0800 269 622
Lost Car Keys 0800 048 2800
Home Insurance 0800 197 6169
Home Insurance Claims 0800 316 3983
Life Insurance 0800 107 6646
Over 50s Life Insurance 0800 107 6647
Pet Insurance 0800 294 2713
Travel Insurance 0800 912 5002
Business Insurance 0800 294 0905
Driving Lessons 0800 587 0087

AA Customer Service

AA customer service

All drivers can count on the AA to represent them in championing their interests and needs as a driver in the country. They have been campaigning and lobbying for fair treatment towards drivers in the UK since their conception back in 1905.

They are the leading motoring service provider in the UK, catering to millions of customers for decades and keeping up with their spectacular service with constant upgrades and never ending maintenance. Their vision to give value for the money that their customers have paid. There’s no another company that can be more caring and helpful towards the drivers of the UK than the AA.

Each and every one of the members of the customer service team set up by the AA is trained by the experts and required to have clear knowledge about the intricacies of the association. Hence, whatever the subject, be it insurance or breakdown covers, they will have answers.

If you wish to get in touch with Automobile Association, contact AA customer service number on 0344 209 0754. An AA support team agent will be with you shortly and help you as soon as possible. For callers from abroad, the appropriate AA phone number to call is +44 161 333 0004. They will answer any general enquiries you may have and direct you to the appropriate department for specific queries. These phone lines are open for calls from 8a.m. to 8p.m. Monday to Friday, and 9a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday.

You can write a letter and send it to the AA main address here:

AA Customer Support
Fanum House
Basingstoke Hampshire
RG21 4EA

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You are advised to help yourself to the AA FAQ page before you contact AA customer service. There will be answers to the general enquiries submitted to AA.

AA Breakdown Cover Contact Number

Getting a breakdown cover from the AA will guarantee quality breakdown services that you cannot get from other companies. Breakdown cover may not be a legal requirement when purchasing a vehicle, but your life can be made easier and it takes away the stress of breakdowns, especially for those who are disabled, elderly, carry health conditions, or travel long distances all the time.

AA breakdown cover has been awarded five stars by the independent research company, Defaqto. 95% of their customer reviews are found to be positive and praiseful. They are the largest breakdown service provider in the UK, with 2,500 dedicated mobile mechanics across the country, ready to be at your service at your beck and call.

If you wish to learn more about the breakdown covers they provide, simply get in touch by calling the AA customer service number on 0800 085 2721You can call this number from 8a.m. to 8p.m. Monday to Friday, 9a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday, and 10a.m. to 2p.m. Sunday.

The AA Breakdown Cover Contact Number is 0344 579 0042 to register a breakdown claim or check on an existing claim, and this AA contact number 0343 316 4444 to amend, renew, or cancel your breakdown cover with the company.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having your vehicle break down in the middle, you can call the 24-hour AA helpline 0800 887 766 for breakdown assistance.

Car Insurance

AA telephone number

Protect your car with Automobile Association Car Insurance and you will be given the best value for your money based on what you want and need. The most basic cover of an AA car insurance is that you will have a temporary car waiting for you if yours happen to be stolen or lost. You can accumulate no-claims discount and won’t be charged any extra costs if you are hit by an uninsured driver.

Feel free to reach out to the AA customer service number on 0800 269 622 to learn more about their car insurance coverage. If you have lost your car keys, please contact AA on 0800 048 2800.

Home Insurance

AA phone number

You can get a home insurance from the AA that has been consistently rated five stars for £95 or less. Home insurances are not always flexible and they are usually stiff with no leeway at all. However, AA offers home insurance covers that are flexible and can be designed to exclusively belong to you. It is also extremely convenient to get a quote online, which you can save for later or view online.

If you wish to acquire more information about their home insurance, dial the AA telephone number on 0800 197 6169 to talk to an agent.

To register a new claim or enquire about an existing claim, simply call the AA helpline 0800 316 3983.

Life Insurance

The AA has set up Life Insurance and Over 50s Life Insurance to help you in protecting your family and helping them when they need it most. With only  £6 per month, you can put a financial umbrella over your family’s head in case something happens to you. Funeral costs will be covered by the Over 50s Life Insurance.

Learn more about the differences between AA Life Insurances by contacting the AA customer numbers, 0800 107 6646 and 0800 107 6647

Pet Insurance

AA helpline

Look after your house pets with a pet insurance from Automobile Association. There are six levels of pet insurance cover that include up to £5,000 in veterinarian fees, a 24-hour veterinarian advice line, and free veterinarian finder service etc.

Contact AA customer service on 0800 294 2713 to learn more about how you can protect your pets at the lowest costs.

Travel Insurance

You can either cover one single trip for up to 185 days or all your trips for up to 45 days per year. With a single trip life insurance from the AA, your personal accident cover costs will be compensated for the amount of £25,000. When you buy a travel insurance online, you can even save 20% from the usual cost.

Reach out to the company by calling the AA contact number 0800 912 5002 for more information about their travel insurance.

Business Insurance

AA contact number

The AA Business Insurance is developed to provide protection for all your business-related vehicles, such as your vans and lorries that are needed to run your business. The minimum level of business insurance cover is a 24-hour service of roadside assistance wherever you want. Let your business thrive with a business insurance.

You can contact AA customer service number on 0800 294 0905 to learn more about what they cover.

Driving Lessons

AA customer service number

The AA is an association that provides everything related to motoring, including driving lessons for the young ones. When you hit 17, you’ll naturally want to be the one behind the wheel. All AA driving instructors have been undergone rigorous training to be allowed to instruct.

You can learn more about the driving lessons they offer by contacting the AA customer service number 0800 587 0087. You should also call this AA contact number to apply to be a learner and book an instructor.

Contact AA via Social Media

Contact AA

Feel free to receive regular updates from the AA or contact AA through the social media accounts they have set up.

Automobile Association Overview

Automobile Association

The Automobile Association, AA in short, is a British motoring association that was founded in 1905 by Charles Jarrott and his associates. They first formed an association called The Motorists’ Mutual Association to come together and go over the paths there are to overcome the perceived policed oppression of early motorists and their unfair use of speed traps.

Eventually, they began launching breakdown covers and insurances to give protection to drivers and the citizens of UK in general. When the popularity of vehicles saw a rise in the country, the AA began to assign agents and repairers across the UK so that no one is neglected and everyone can get a taste of their exceptional service.  After that, the AA expanded to route issues with handwritten details.

As of today, the company provides car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, breakdown covers, and driving lessons to the people of the UK. The company is in the list of the London Stock Exchange and has been a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index since it was privatised. Their goal from day one has not changed, which is to protect motorists and put their customers needs first.

The following are the means to contact AA:

  • Dial the AA contact numbers provided in the above list
  • Mail a letter
  • Drop an email
  • Start a live chat with AA
  • Social media

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