Aegean Contact Number

Aegean Contact Number
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

A lot of airlines these days are only carriers of passengers. It can be difficult to look for airlines that also offer services for charter and cargo carry as well. And when you do come across one with such services, they can be providing them with outrageous prices that you might even consider that it is more worthy if you just carry your cargo by hand and walk across continents just to deliver them.

Aegean Airlines is an airline that provides all three services – passengers, cargo, and charter – and they do not price them in such a way that it can cost a huge dent in your bank accounts. This is an article that will guide you through the Aegean contact numbers, which you can call to communicate directly with Aegean Airlines customer service representatives. There will also be explanations of their outstanding services so that you can get a clear idea of what exactly the airline does. You can visit the Aegean Airlines official web page to have a look yourself.

Aegean Airlines Phone Number List

Aegean Helpline UK Contact Number
Aegean Airlines Customer Service 0208 759 3800
Aegean Reservation Number 0127 371 6300
Global Baggage Solution 0344 375 4258
Aegean Phone Number for Investors +30 210 626 1700
Individual Call Centres
Aegean Airlines Customer Complaints +30 210 626 1000
United States +1 855 323 4326
Belgium +32 275 347 10
Italy +39 069 715 0532 33
France +33 170 031 323
Germany +49 069 238 5630
Spain +34 900 802 376
Cyprus +357 226 541 00
Russia +7 495 139 8790

Aegean Airlines Customer Service

aegean crew

The airline made a strategic decision to invest in not only improving customer relations but also in carrying out their responsibility as a corporate business to the society. Since their conception, corporate responsibility activities have been a key and integral part of understanding what their customers want, and what they can do for the communities they are involved in.

To make sure that they stay within this goal of theirs, Aegean Airlines have implemented numerous actions that are focused on operating with respect for the environment, their employees, the local communities, and their passengers. They are also active participants in tourism development across the globe.

The airline operates on values that respect and honour their customers with dignity:

  • Quick response to their customers’ needs
  • Customers are their top priorities
  • Always enhancing customer experience in all travel stages
  • A refusal to allow their service quality to degrade
  • Innovation and progress

Their support team consists of highly trained agents that are friendly and knowledgeable in the operations of Aegean Airlines. When you get in touch with them, you will be hanging up with a wealth of information that will help you in making your travel decisions with Aegean Airlines.

To get in touch with the Aegean customer care department, feel free to contact the Aegean phone number on 0208 759 3800. They will provide you with all the information you need and help you along the way of working around Aegean Airlines.

This is also the number to call to reach the Aegean Airlines customer complaints team. The airline cares about customer feedback and they will take your complaints into consideration, aiming to correct the elements that have caused dissatisfaction and offer compensation if need be.

This Aegean contact number is always open for calls from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. They pretty much do not rest, because they want to serve you as best as they can.

You can also contact Aegean support team by writing a detailed letter to this address:

Aegean Airlines S.A.
Am Hauptbahnhof 10
60329 Frankfurt am Main

You are encouraged to visit the Aegean Airlines FAQ  page before calling them. You might find that your questions have already been resolved by the airline.

Aegean Airlines Services

Aegean Airlines offer three main services with their fleet of planes, which include all airlines, cargo and charter flights.

  • Airline
    Their commercial activity comprises short and medium-hauled scheduled flights in Europe and the Middle East. They have a coverage of a network of 134 domestic and international destinations in 42 countries. 57 aircraft make up their fleet for commercial flights.
  • Cargo
    They have had 14 years of experience in specialised transportation of merchandise. Their cargo department offers airport-to-airport services for freight carriers, import and export companies, postal and courier firms, and private individuals who need freight transport.
  • Charter
    As per their commercial flights, the airline offers charter flights all year long with 201 seats in each of their aircraft in their fleet. This service is exclusively for travel agencies, tour operators, and prestigious companies for their travels across the borders of their countries.

Aegean Reservation Number

Booking a flight with Aegean Airlines is as easy as pie. While you can only book online with the airline, they have provided an accessible online space that will make you feel as if you are a tech savvy when you have made your booking. You can either book a one-way trip or a return trip, and you can also book two different flights at a time.

If you are looking for cheaper flights with Aegean Airlines, they have provided a low fare calendar that will tell you which date is best to book for lower prices compared to the usual flight roster. Once you have a look at their low fare calendar, you can coordinate with your timetable.

They also allow you to book parking spaces at airports and hotel rooms on their platform. This is certainly going to help you to ease your process of executing your travel plans.

Once you have an existing booking with Aegean Airlines, they will handle the rest for you so you won’t have to worry about anything. If you wish to make changes to your booking or learn more about their booking processes, reach out to the Aegean reservation number on 0127 371 6300. This number is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

Aegean Global Baggage Solutions

aegean global baggage solutions

The airline is in association with Global Baggage Solutions, a company that provides solutions to multiple aviation services for airlines and travel agents. Their main responsibility is to be the first point of contact for Aegean Airlines customers who are experiencing problems with their checked in luggage, such as luggage loss and damages to the luggage.

They have trained their staff intricately to deal with customers with efficiency and courtesy so that they can alleviate the already existing negative and stressful situation that the customers are in. Global Baggage Solutions call centre is equipped to provide solutions that cost efficient. They offer customers a seamless service: answering telephone enquiries concerning their misplaced baggage and sending regular text alert updates to ensure the customer is always updated with the latest information.

If you were to find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you are unable to locate your luggage, do not hesitate to get in touch with Global Baggage Solutions on the Aegean Airlines customer complaints number 0344 375 4258.

Investor Relations

You can always choose to let your money grow by investing in Aegean Airlines. They have had a stable relationship with the stock market for close to a decade, ensuring that you will not be losing money if you choose to invest in the airline company.

Get in touch with the Aegean phone number on +30 210 626 1700 to reach their investor relations and acquire more information about their role in the stock market.

Contact Aegean Airlines via Social Media

aegean twitter

There are no better avenues to keep up with the latest Aegean Airlines news than their social media platforms. Plus, these are also platforms that can give you access to their customer care department.

Aegean Airlines Overview

aegean logo

Founded in Greece, Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline, as estimated by the number of passengers they carry, the network of destinations they serve, and their fleet size. They have been an established airline since the year of 1999, and they have expanded their services without stopping ever since. Now a Star Alliance member, they mainly operate scheduled and charter services in major Greek destinations, and a whole host of European and Middle East destinations, including the UK.

The Aegean Airlines mission statement is “to minimise distance, and bring you closer to those you love, to what you desire, to what you want to discover!” When you travel, all you are asking for is safety and comfort, and the airline strives to provide their customers with these and more. They are a continuous provider of high-quality travel services through all travel stages. They have an extensive network of destinations, vying to bring their customers to every corner of the world.

Nonetheless, despite their already outstanding services, Aegean Airlines is always on the lookout to be better and ultimately, be the best. Hence, they are always on the move to develop their market to further outreach their business and evolving their employee standards to provide a continually improving Aegean Airlines customer service.

Due to their unrelenting services and customer support, they are the winner of a number of awards, including the Fast Travel Green Award in 2015, Best Regional Airline in Europe of 2015, and Best Regional Airline in Europe of 2016. In 2015, Athens International Airport has also awarded the airline as the fastest growing airline in the domestic market, the fastest-growing airline in the Middle East, and the airline with the overall highest passenger increase.

It is easy to reach out to Aegean Airlines. Following are the means to contact Aegean:

  • Call the Aegean phone numbers given in the list above
  • Find their full contact information, including Aegean Airlines customer complaints, on the Aegean Airlines Contact Us page
  • Send a letter
  • Pen an email
  • Social media

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