Affinity Water Contact Number

Affinity Water Contact Number
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Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Water is an essential part of life. And it is a necessity for all places to have a stable water supply that is reliable and can be trusted. In the UK, the water suppliers that are currently in operations include South West Water, Thames Water, United Utilities, Wessex Water, and Affinity Water.

This article offers an outline and guide for all Affinity Water contact numbers that you can call to get in touch with the Affinity Water support team. You will also see instructions on how to reach out to Affinity Water in other ways apart from calling them if you wish to.

Affinity Water Telephone Number List

Affinity Water Helpline UK Contact Number
Affinity Water Customer Service 0345 357 2401
Affinity for Business 0345 357 2407
Bill and Payment 0345 357 2402
Water Supply 0345 357 2407
Affinity Water Free Phone Number 0800 376 5325
Personal Injury Claims 0333 666 0082
Business Relationship Team 0345 357 2424
24-Hour Affinity Water Telephone Number 0345 357 2407
Press Office 0170 727 7110
Career Opportunities 0170 767 9094

What Does Affinity Water Do?

affinity water customer service

Affinity Water started out with three different Veolia Water-branded businesses, which are Veolia Water Central, Veolia Water Southeast, and Veolia Water East. They were combined and rebranded into Affinity Water upon acquisition by the Intracortical Partners and North Haven Infrastructure.

They are responsible for the provision of more than 900 million litres of water on average per day to a population of more than 3.6 million people in various parts of the UK. Affinity Water is always performing maintenance to ensure that their water is clean and efficient. They are committed to obsolete transparency with the customers to gain absolute trust and loyalty.

Their vision is to be the leading community-based water supplier in the country, putting the people and the environment first and foremost in their goals. They believe that educating future generations about the essentiality of water is one of the most useful ways to encourage a better understanding of why we ought to value and take care of it.

You are welcome to contact Affinity Water by doing any of the following means:

  • Dial the Affinity Water contact numbers provided in the list above
  • Send a letter
  • Write an email
  • Social media

Affinity Water Customer Service

affinity water customer service

When it comes to Affinity Water customer service, you do not have to be afraid of being at the end of a bad service with no useful results at all. Even if you find yourself receiving bad customer care, Affinity Water will offer compensations as a form of apology for their mistakes.

They have even assembled a customer service department that is an entirely independent body, where they will advise, challenge, and support the company in the development of their plans that will reflect customers’ priorities and needs. When a call is placed, their representatives will try to resolve the issues you have submitted in as little as possible. If they are unable to do so, they will diligently arrange a time for when they will get back to you once a solution is reached.

You can discuss topics like water supply for both home and business use, products and services that they provide, changes of account details, change of residences, and bill understanding etc. by getting in touch with the Affinity Water phone number for support on 0345 357 2401. Meter reading can also be submitted through this helpline. This Affinity Water telephone number will be available from 8p.m. to 5p.m. Monday to Friday and 8p.m. to 4p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

If you feel that calling is too much trouble, you can submit your enquiries by filling out this online form. You can also send a letter of enquiry to this address:

Affinity Water Customer Service Centre
Tamblin Way, Hatfield
AL10 9EZ

Please help yourself to the Affinity Water FAQ web page to see if your queries have already been solved, before contacting the Affinity Water customer care department.

Affinity for Business

affinity water telephone number

Businesses require steady water supply too, even when it’s not the main element of your business. Affinity for Business is set up just to aid businesses in easily acquiring water supply without much hassle. They do intricate research to understand customers’ requirements and design their plans to assist their customers in those aspects while keeping their water clean and efficient. They establish firm partnerships with your businesses and offer outstanding advice and affordable rates, ensuring that you are at the receiving end of premium water supply services.

They have set up a Business Relationship team that mainly deals with business-related enquiries and services. Their representatives are all well-trained and will provide you the information you need.

You can reach out to Affinity Water contact number on 0345 357 2424 to acquire water supply for your business and submit general enquiries about what they will do to help you in running your business smoothly. You can call this phone number from 8p.m. to 5p.m. Monday to Friday.

Or if you are feeling particularly old-fashioned, you can write a letter to their Business Relationship Team at this address:

Business Services Team
Affinity Water
Tamblin Way
Hatfield Hertfordshire
AL10 9EZ

Remember to include all important details such as contact details in your letter.

In the case that you are confronted with an emergency and you need immediate assistance, contact Affinity Water by calling the 24 hour emergency helpline on 0345 357 2407.

Bill and Payment

Your personal account with Affinity Water will display all billing information and outstanding bill that you have. If you are confused with how their website works, you can simply request for your bill amount by completing this online form. After submitting the form, you will see an email from Affinity Water, detailing your full billing information in one page.

If you wish to make a payment, you can reach out to the Affinity Water telephone number on 0345 357 2402. You are also allowed to acquire your billing information through this helpline.

Or you can simply make your payment via a safe and secure channel set up by the company online, though it might take up to a day for the information to appear on your online balance, which will be available on your personal account with Affinity Water.

Affinity Water Supply

affinity water helpline

 Affinity Water holds strongly to the principle of supplying quality water all day every day without fail. They peruse the latest technology in their treatment facilities and install sophisticated systems to ensure that you are the continual recipient of water of the highest standard whenever you twist the tap.

All the staff members of the company work around the clock to affirm that their water is safe to use and drink. They are regulated by the law to maintain a certain level of water pressure so that the water will be able to reach your home no matter the circumstances, be it on the top floor of a skyscraper or at a landed property.

If you wish to enquire about your water supply and need help, reach out to the Affinity Water phone number on 0345 357 2407 for their friendly and devoted service.

Affinity Water Free Phone Number for Leaks

When you check your meter reading and you find that it’s displaying a higher consumption reading than expected, do not brush it off as a mistake, because you might be having leaks in your space. If you leave it be, you will be paying for water you’re not using, and the longer it gets, the more damages it will inflict over your space, such as cracks in the tiles and unnecessary wet patches in the garden.

If you suspect a leak in your space but you are not sure, you can get in touch with the Affinity Water free phone number 0800 376 5325 to request for professional advice and help. You can also choose to report the leak online if you wish to.

Personal Injury Claims

It is rare for someone to suffer or get injured with Affinity Water, but if such a thing do happen, you can file a personal injury claim with Affinity Water by calling 0333 666 0082.

You can get legal representation and advice, along with enough compensation – depending on the severity of your injury. Affinity Water will work closely with the impartial and independent claims portal InterRisk to reach the best rectification that will help both parties.

There is also an option to file your claim online by following the steps provided on the InterRisk claims web page.

24-Hour Emergency Service

affinity water free phone number

Were emergencies to occur during hours where Affinity Water is out of operations, you should not worry, as Affinity Water has taken that into consideration and set up an emergency service just for this.

The 24-hour Affinity Water helpline number to call during emergencies is 0345 357 2407. An Affinity Water-approved agent will be with you shortly.

Press Office

Members of the press are advised to call the Affinity Water helpline number 0170 727 7110 for media-related enquiries. This number is available for calls from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Monday to Friday, and 7a.m. to 7p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Looking for a Job?

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If you have the quick thinking for development and innovation, then Affinity Water might just be the perfect place for you. Affinity Water is always encouraging fresh graduates or even those who are suitable for their company to join them and build a better future with them. Contact Affinity Water on 0170 767 9094 to learn more about the chances they offer.

Contact Affinity Water via Social Media

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Giving them calls, writing them emails, and sending them letters aren’t the only ways you can use to get in touch with Affinity Water. You can also use the social network.

Affinity Water Contact Number
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