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Alpharooms Contact Number
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Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 7:00PM
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Life may be a bore, but life is also busy. It does not matter whether you are still in school or already living the adult life and trying to make a living for yourself. And sometimes, you just need a break from all the hustle and bustle and what better way to do so than a holiday break? Even if it’s just a holiday break to somewhere within your country, it’s still a break, especially in a country as big as the United Kingdom.

In the UK, there is a huge number of holiday planners and travel agencies for your perusal. What they do is that they give you the best deals so that you can pay for flight tickets, hotel rooms, and access to certain local landmarks that you are interested in at affordable fees.

Let’s take an example, Alpharooms. Alpharooms is one of the many travel agencies or holiday planners in the country and it is not exactly an unfamiliar name within the UK. In this article, you will be guided through a table of Alpharooms phone numbers, and also other more traditional methods of reaching Alpharooms customer service without much hassle.

Alpharooms Phone Number List

Alpharooms Helpline UK Contact Number
Alpharooms Customer Service 0114 251 5070
International Calls +44 871 911 0030
Booking 0330 100 0025
Booking Confirmations +44 114 268 7000
Special Assistance +44 126 445 7676
Accounts Department 0114 251 5037
Emergency Service +44 1142 515 093

What Makes Alpharooms?

alpharooms contact number

Mainly an online portal, Alpharooms is a website that provides the best deals on discount hotels and apartments in thousands of locations all over the world. Their vacation services are always all-in-one, but still cheap, which is one of the many reasons that they are the leading travel package provider in the UK. They are well-known for their great value holidays, superb flight prices, and a fantastic array of extras that you can easily choose from to make your holidays more fun and less stressful, garnering them mountains of awards.

The company’s 16 years of experience in the travel industry have given them in-depth knowledge of the preferred “what, why, how, when, and where” of the customers.  It is easy to see why they are one of the rare providers to service over a million customers per year. With Alpharooms, you are guaranteed to be able to get the most out of the cheapest deals. Plus, the company’s policies are protected by TTA and ATOL, which makes your booking with the company safe and secure.

Alpharooms is always eager to hear from the customers, be it positive or negative feedback. They wish to keep up the positive aspects of their services and perform corrections on the services that customers are unsatisfied so that they can provide the best at the end of the line. The following are the means to contact Alpharooms:

  • Dial the Alpharooms contact numbers listed above
  • Post a letter in their mailbox
  • Send an email to Alpharooms customer service inbox
  • Social media

Alpharooms Customer Service

alpharooms customer service

Among Alpharooms collected customer feedback, 96% of them would use Alpharooms to plan their holidays again; 96% of them would recommend Alpharooms to their friends; and 94% of them are agreeable to the fact that they received great value for money.

Just the Alpharooms website alone is easily accessible, providing all the information you need to know on one website with just one click of the mouse. They offer savvy and basic approaches to place your bookings anywhere around the world. However, Alpharooms does take into consideration that there will be people who find difficulty working their way around the Alpharooms official website, hence they have set up a customer service team that you can get in touch with.

Each of their support team members is carefully curated and expertly trained to be able to resolve your queries with complete professionalism and approachable friendliness. Even if you happen to be at the receiving end of a dissatisfying customer service – like a rude representative – Alpharooms will do their best to compensate yours for their mistakes. 91% of their customers have opined that their team has been more than friendly; 89% of which say that their team’s professionalism is impressive; and 86% agree that their team is knowledgeable enough to be able to answer their queries.

Contact Alpharooms customer service on 0114 251 5070 if you have any general enquiries regarding their holiday packages, or you have any dissatisfaction you wish to express regarding their services. Callers from abroad ought to reach Alpharooms contact number on +44 871 911 0030. Their agents will be available to assist you from 8a.m. to 7p.m. Monday to Friday, and 10a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

For those of you who prefer writing letters, do remember to have your letter delivered to this address:

Plantation House, 261-263 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8NX

Or you can go to the Alpharooms Contact Us page to seek their complete email information and proceed to send them an email, instead of calling or writing them a letter.

Nevertheless, there are already frequently asked questions answered on Alpharooms FAQ web page. You should check and see if your question is one of them before you get in touch with Alpharooms customer care.

Booking with Alpharooms

alpharooms phone number

Alpharooms is affiliated with over 250,000 hotels in 450,000 destinations so that they can easily get in touch with different hotels to get the best affordable accommodations for you. If you are at a dead end as to where exactly you should spend your break, you can always log on to the Alpharooms official website to see some useful suggestions.

For group bookings, you can book more than five rooms with Alpharooms by filling out this online form. Alpharooms will get back to you within 48 hours to inform you of the availability of rooms and whether it is possible to book as many rooms as you want. However, if your desired hotel does not have that many rooms available, the company agent will suggest alternatives for your consideration.

While making your booking, you can even add some exciting extras that can help you on your trips, such as booking a shuttle bus or a taxi for easy transfer, a pre-booked airport parking which can save some money, and a car hire at your destination to make transportation easy. The best gift about these extras is that you don’t even have to pay a big sum for them.

If you wish to enquire about the booking process or place a booking with Alpharooms, contact Alpharooms phone number on 0330 100 0025. As a part of your order process, you can make a special request for your travels or pre-travel with through this Alpharooms contact number easily. Although you should be aware that the request is not guaranteed, but Alpharooms will try their very best to grant them.

If you already have an existing booking but it is still not yet confirmed, you can check if its status on your online account with Alpharooms. The number to call for enquiries about booking confirmation is +44 114 268 7000.

These numbers are online from 8a.m. to 10p.m. Monday to Friday, and 10a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Special Assistance

If you need special assistance during your travels, like a wheelchair or something of the sort, you can make a request by calling the Alpharooms contact number for special assistance on +44 126 445 7676.

Alpharooms understands that even the most inconvenienced deserves a break, and they refuse to let it stop you from going on your well-deserved holiday travels. Hence, they will do their part and help you in not letting those inconveniences stop you from your trip.

Accounts Department

The Accounts Department of Alpharooms handles all matters related to payment and fees, making sure that all the numbers add up and there’s no mistake that might prove deficient to the company and their customers. If you wish to make your payments through the phone, you can get in touch with the Alpharooms helpline on 0114 251 5037 and tell them your payment details so they can perform the task for you.

A more convenient way of paying your outstanding amount with Alpharooms is to do so on your online account with the travel agency. Your payment details will be apparent in your account, and you will be informed of whether you are paying Alpharooms itself, or making a direct payment to the airline or the hotel. Do remember that if you fail to make your payment on time, Alpharooms will attempt to withdraw the fund directly from the original card details you have provided on your account. However, if payment happens to have failed – which is mostly due to the card being declined in the security stage or the card did not pass the authorization stage – you are advised to contact your bank to resolve the issue.

Emergency Service

alpharooms helpline

When you are in a foreign country, it is not that easy to call for emergency assistance as it is back in your home country. After all, you are in a strange place, filled with strangers, and the language is probably worlds away from your own.

If you ever encounter an emergency in your destination country, you must get in touch with the Alpharooms helpline on +44 1142 515 093. Alpharooms will always be there to liaise with the parties involves and assist you in your emergencies. This emergency number is available for contact 24 hours every day, so you do not have to fear that you won’t be able to reach them.

Contact Alpharooms via Social Media

contact alpharooms

Sometimes, picking up the phone, writing a letter, or typing out an email may be too much of a hassle, and your queries might not even be urgent. If that is the case, you can try to reach out to Alpharooms through the verified Alpharooms social network outlets.

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