AMEX card Phone Number

AMEX card Phone Number
AMEX Customer Service

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All Days 24/7
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AMEX Card Phone Number List

 AMEX Cards Helpline  UK Contact Number
 AMEX Customer Service Number Toll-free  0800 917 8047
 Business Card  0800 917 8045
 Platinum Charge Card Number  0800 917 8054
 Platinum Travel Card Number  0800 032 7725
 Gold Card Phone Number  0800 917 8050
 British Airways AMEX Number  0800 917 8020
 Travel Emergencies  0203 126 4134
 Card Disputes  0800 032 4744
 Abroad  +44 1273 696 933
 Pet Insurance  0800 038 0846
 Corporate Credit Cards  0800 917 8031
 General Travel Enqueries  0800 028 7573
 Green Credit Card-Business  0800 917 8043
 Blue Credit Card  0800 917 8049

AMEX Overview

American Express or the so-called AMEX is one of the multinational Financial Corporation leading in Credit Card scheme. It’s one of the most profit making financial Company in the world. AMEX has become the most favourite card in the world, and people can choose from various cards just to name them, blue, green, gold and platinum. AMEX Cards have made transaction very easy and safe for every purchased item. Whether you are looking to get a new credit card or planning on ordering cards for all your staff and want to have all their bills on one bill your company can pay at once, consider the flexibility of using an AMEX  credit card.

AMEX helps businesses and individuals with their accounts, and they can help you not only start with one card but help all your staff as you grow and expand and need to raise and lower limits. You can always Contact AMEX through various channels such as AMEX Phone Number, online or any writing method. AMEX Customer Service Number 0800 917 8047 is toll-free to customers what want to make enquiries related to AMEX cards.

AMEX Services

AMEX provides many services such as;

  • Insurance Credit cards
  • Business credit cards
  • Corporate credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Saving accounts
  • and more.

If you are searching for a better way to make your business more efficient, Contact AMEX through 0800 917 8045You can choose blue, green, gold or platinum credit cards for your business. Aside from the fact that your company can see all balances at once, AMEX Card Phone Number 0203 126 4134 will help you get discounts to shows, help with travel and planning needs like finding hotels that might be sold out or getting exclusive discounts on flights for corporate web pages. AMEX has featured in place to ensure that your card gives you what you need, including insurance covers for your home, and your pet. To get any of these services, you can visit AMEX official website or use the helpline provided by this site.

AMEX Customer Care is working around the clock if you lose your card, have any queries or want to raise your spending limit. If you need to reach AMEX, just call the AMEX Customer Service Number, and an agent is always available to assist you.


Contact AMEX Customer Service

Several methods through which you can get assistance from highly trained AMEX Customer Care are provided. The fastest way to communicate to a human agent is through AMEX Card Phone Number. The agents are highly trained to give advice and offer solutions to any queries related to the company. AMEX Customer Service Number provided above is free to call to all UK residents. Using the number, you can enquire the different rewards or fee that are associated with a blue charge card, green, gold or platinum credit cards. If you’re overseas and experience a problem with your card, Contact AMEX through +44 1273 696 933Customers experiencing trouble or want to know more about business charge card can use their free number 0800 917 8045

Alternatively, If you go online and want to see their new products, or buy tickets for your upcoming trip and you’re having trouble, you can visit their website and proceed to contact us page. Furthermore, their web pages are well managed. Use;

  • Facebook– you will have your response within 48 hrs of posting.
  • Twitter– receive happenings and updates
  • Youtube-watch and learn
  • LinkedIn– get professional help.


Write to AMEX Customer Care

Customers who are looking for charge card assistance can Contact AMEX by writing letters to the following address. AMEX Card Phone Number are fast, but they will accept any means of communication made through online. It’s of great important to add personal details such as address or your phone number to make it easy for the AMEX Customer Care to get back to you quickly.

American Express, Belgrave House,

76 Buckingham Palace Road,

London, SW1W 9TQ

AMEX Helpline Tips

If you’re near a bank branch that has a partnership with AMEX, you can always visit and get face to face talk with the agents. Typically, customers can call any card company during regular business office hours you can reach someone live as most banks and branches have general hours of operation Monday through Friday, but AMEX is reachable around the clock.

For specific things like Platinum travel, you can call 0800 917 8054 at their specified times. This information is available on their website. You can also utilise their Android and iOS apps to receive assistance. Call AMEX through Amex phone number if you have any questions or concerns and if it’s after hours access the voice prompts and they will direct you. Finally, before making the long calls, you can always check the FAQs section for basic questions.

AMEX card Phone Number
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