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Amigo Loans Contact Number
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When you make a loan, and you need someone else with you to co-sign the credit agreement, that is called a guarantor loan. If you fail to repay your debts, your guarantor – the person who co-signed the credit agreement – is obligated to repay your debts on the agreed repayments.

It is often seen as an alternative to payday loans, associated with the sub-prime finance industry. Guarantor loans are usually taken by people who have no credit score, or people with a damaged credit score. These loans can sometimes carry a certain form of risk towards the guarantors, in the event that something happens to you, the loaner. However, there has been an emergence of secure guarantor in the UK, including Buddy Loans, Trusttwo, TFS Loans, and Amigo Loans.

This article will be a complete guide to Amigo Loans contact numbers for you to contact Amigo Loans customer service. You will also be seeing postal addresses and useful links about Amigo Loans as you scroll.

Amigo Loans Phone Number List

Amigo Loans Helpline UK Contact Number
Amigo Loans Customer Service 0120 262 9200
Collections Department 0120 262 9161
24 Hour Payment Line 0120 256 0996
Amigo Store 0120 262 9403
Press Office 0779 965 2418
Team Spirit Agency 0207 360 7878
Amigo Recruitment 0120 246 4382
Accounts Payable Queries 0120 246 4447

About Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans helpline

When it comes to guarantor loans, there is no one else you can trust more than Amigo Loans. Sure, you might have heard things about how guarantor loans can be risky and insecure; sometimes it might even bring harm to your life. However, you can get rid of those fears if you borrow from Amigo Loans.

Amigo Loans happen to be the leading loaner in the United Kingdom when it comes to providing guarantor loans. It was a venture started in the 2005 with the mission of to build an old-fashioned guarantor loan company for those who are not able to take any loans due to their credit scores that are considered to be unfitting. However, they only became a household name when the company was rebranded in 2012 and started advertising on the screens.

Unlike other loaners, Amigo Loans do not let computers decide if you are eligible for a loan. They carry the belief that trust is the foundation of a loan and they want to know that you have someone close to you who trusts you enough and whom you trust enough to become your guarantor, ergo the one to make your repayments if you are unable to.

The company will also play a part in fixing your credit, making it their responsibility to report back to all three credit agencies by showing your repayments each month. You only need to make sure that your payments are made on time.

It is fairly easy to get in touch with Amigo Loans. Here’s how:

  • Call the Amigo Loans phone numbers provided above
  • Write them a letter
  • Send them an email
  • Social media

Amigo Loans Customer Service

Amigo Loans customer service

Amigo Loans carry the firm belief that trustworthy relationships ought the basis of determining whether one deserves a loan or not, rather than computer generated credit scores. Before your loan is approved, they will make a call to talk to you and your guarantor to understand the value of your relationship and if they can rely on it.

They provide stress-free loans, where you won’t be credit-scored, be ambushed with hidden costs, set up, or made to pay early repayment fees. Of course, loans are no small matter and you ought to take serious consideration into the ideals of actually taking a loan and what are the consequences of it. This is exactly why you should contact Amigo Loans customer service. Their support team is set in place to offer unbiased advice, and offering you transparent information if you ask for it.

If you wish to enquire about the company or need advice, get in touch with the Amigo Loans contact number on 0120 262 9200. They will clarify and explain to you clear details about their services. You can call this number from 9a.m. to 7p.m. Monday to Thursday, 9a.m. to 6p.m. Friday, and 9a.m. to 1p.m. Saturday.

You ought to call this Amigo Loans phone number if you wish to apply for a guarantor loan from them as well. Or you can submit an application online in three very simple steps. Remember to include the accurate contact details so that Amigo Loans can get back to you with no problems.

You can also choose to write a letter to them instead, by sending your letter to this address:

Amigo Loans
Walton House
56 Richmond Hill
United Kingdom

Do help yourself to the Amigo Loans FAQ page before placing any calls to check if your queries have already been given a solution.

Collections Department

Sometimes, you can get a little sidelined by the busyness of life and you simply cannot remember the exact amount of loans you have made. The simplest thing to do is to login to your online account with Amigo Loans and check your balance amount there to know how much you need to repay. However, if you are struggling with their system, you are welcome to contact Amigo Loans phone number on 0120 262 9161 for a Collections Department agent. He or she will give you the information you require to make your payments.

To Make Your Payment

Amigo Loans contact number

Take a loan with Amigo Loans and have full control of your account. The company not only wants a trustworthy relationship between you and your guarantor, they also want to build a stable relationship with you themselves, which means complete transparency. You are privileged to real time statements and a twenty-four access to your online account.

There are many ways for you to make your payments, because Amigo Loans take everyone into consideration and they understand different people have different preferences. One of the most common payment methods is to do so through Direct Debit, which you can do by registering your debit card on your online account. You can also pay by cash at any of the 28,200 stores that are equipped with Paypoint services.

If you wish to make your payment through the phone, you only need to call the Amigo Loans contact number on 0120 256 0996.

You can submit anything related to accounts payable by dialling this helpline 0120 246 4447.

It is pertinent that you pay your debts in full and on time each month, for it could be helpful in building a reliable credit score. You will be able to save a lump sum if you can pay off a little extra each month, which can make your outstanding amount at the end a small amount.

Amigo Store

The company set up Amigo Store to enable customers to buy the goods you want at affordable prices with an affordable Amigo Loan. You can even save up to 50% of expenses if you can afford the repayments and you have a reliable guarantor.

You do not have to be afraid that you will be purchasing items of bad quality in Amigo Store, because their products are sourced from top brands in bulk, and curated especially for quality and value. Shipping, repairs, and services are all handled by the partners.

You can enquire more about Amigo Store by calling the Amigo helpline on 0120 262 9403. You can even place your orders through this number.

Press Office

Amigo Loans has an online press room, mainly for the use of media parties, but customers are also welcome to visit the press room. This online press room will provide everything you need about the latest updates and news articles written about or by the guarantor loan company.

Members of the media who fancy a chat with the press office can call this Amigo Loans number 0779 965 2418 to get in touch with their resident Public Relations lady, Kelly Davies. Her email information is available on the Amigo Loans Contact Us page.

The Team Spirit agency can be reached out through this number 0207 360 7878. Team Spirit is an agency where they peruse their expertise in financial and professional services to help drive more customers into the direction of Amigo Loans. Press enquiries can be submitted to them as well.

Amigo Recruitment

Amigo Loans helpline

Amigo Loans does not just offer job opportunities; they give you a cause too. They hold on to the firm belief that good people should be allowed to take loans fairly, with flexibility, and with affordability, regardless of what the computer generated credit score tells them.

They like to keep things simple and make life easier. They focus on what’s important, which is their customers. And they do not only treat their customers fairly, they treat their employees as if they are equals. Amigo Loans employees work in small autonomous teams, where everyone is heard and there’s no regard to the statuses of the people who voiced out their opinions.

You can be a part of something as special as Amigo Loans as well. Help yourself to Amigo Loans careers page, and see if there’s something for you. If there is, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Amigo Loans Recruitment department on 0120 246 4382. They will be more than happy to schedule an interview with you as long as you are who they are looking for.

Contact Amigo Loans via Social Media

Amigo Loans helpline

The company has set up a number of social media accounts to maintain accessibility for the customers. Through their social media accounts, they will keep customers up to date with the latest happenings of the company, and allow the customers to reach out to Amigo Loans customer service as well.

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