Angling Direct Contact Number

Angling Direct Contact Number
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 3.00 pm

Angling Direct is a renowned fishing retailer shop with innovative fishing tackle products. With more than 30 years, Angling Direct has a brilliant customer service that will provide all the solutions to the company. Are you looking for Angling Direct Contact Number that will put you straight with the support team? The company has provided contact details through which customers can reach out to help desk. Whether you have queries, suggestion or complaints on Angling Direct product and services, you will find all the answers you need on this page. Customers can also obtain more details by visiting the company official website or using the Angling Direct contact us page.

Angling Direct Contact Number List

 Angling Direct Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
 Angling Direct Customer Service  0160 340 0870
 Angling Direct finance  0123 363 0914
 Angling Direct Holidays  0123 363 0914
 Angling Direct discount  0132 255 4545
 Angling Direct voucher  0160 340 0757
 Angling Direct jobs  0160 340 0870
 Angling Direct promo code  0152 269 0301
 Angling Direct coupon helpline  0124 535 2300
Angling Direct Gift Card  0179 542 6011
 Angling Direct sale  0160 340 0870
 Angling Direct delivery  0160 340 0870
 Angling Direct complaints  0160 340 0757

Angling Direct Customer Service

In an event where the customer has queries related to the company, he should not hesitate to contact Angling Direct support team. Dial Angling Direct Contact Number 0160 340 0870. Having been in service Providence for more than three decades, the company has a well-praised team that is dedicated to handling all issues from their customers. They are trained to provide solutions to all the questions that you ask related to the company. No queries, big or small that the Angling Direct Customer Support cannot handle.

That line is operational from Monday to Friday, from 9 am – 5 pm and on Saturday from 9 am – 3 pm. They remain closed on Sundays and bank holiday.

Angling Direct Customer Service also provides their so much needed help online. The company has a simple, user-friendly website that customers can easily navigate. Once you visit their official web page, you can shop for any fishing tackle products online. If you want assistance, start a live chat with the helpdesk team on the Angling Direct contact us page.

Please note that for your queries to be fast dealt with, you can log in to your online account and use the help section to send questions. If the customer questions require a phone conversation, your issue will be directed to the support team who will give you a call.

Angling Direct Norwich Phone Number

Are you in the UK and searching for fishing equipment? Dial Angling Direct Contact Number UK 0160 340 0870. The company has over 15 location across the country, and you can also visit their stores and talk to a customer representative.

Angling Direct Headquarters are based in Norwich, UK. If you have complaints that you want to direct to their head office, call Angling Direct Norwich phone number 0160 340 0870The line during their opening hours.

Angling Direct also accept the old-fashioned letter writing method. Use your practical writing skills and send your letter to the following address:

Head Office

Angling Direct Limited, 2D Wendover Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, Norwich, Norfolk,NR13 6LH United Kingdom

Angling Direct Finance Contact Number

The Angling Direct is the number one fishing shop in the UK. The company has more than 10000 stocks available in their store. Each store has different tackles and if you don’t find a Fishing tackle in the nearest store, call the Angling Direct Finance Contact Number 0123 363 0914, and they will make an order and have it delivered it to your door.

This number is also available if you have any question regarding any price of the fishing equipment and gadgets.

Customers who are planning for a fishing holiday should call Angling Direct Phone Number UK 0123 363 0914. Describe to the support team how you plan to spend your holiday, and they will supply you all the fishing tackle that will aid in your holiday. From bait boxes to terminal tackles.

All these are offered with great holiday deals. Visit the company official website and view the broad categories of the fishing tools.

Angling Direct Discount Telephone Number

Shopping at the No. 1 fishing store comes with benefits. Frequent Anglers can get a discount for multiple purchases they make, more so online. Online buyers are more exposed to offers than those who visit the store. The support team aims at ensuring that all the needs of the employee are met from the time of ordering, warrant and the date of the delivery. All these services are available by phoning the Angling Direct Norwich phone number 0132 255 4545.

Angling Direct Voucher Contact Number

angling direct voucher

With so much fishing tackles products, Angling Direct offers coupons to their anglers. If you like shopping online at Angling Direct, you can use a voucher. More details can be found by talking to the customer care on their contact us page.

Customers who have trouble accessing the official website can dial Angling Direct voucher contact number 0160 340 0757. This line is open from Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm and on Saturday, make your call between 9 am – 3 pm. If you call on a Sunday, nobody will be there to pick your phone.

Angling Direct Jobs Phone Number

With so much fishing tackles products and stores across the country, the company also provide an array of opportunities in their store to aid in services delivery. Both part-time and full-time position are available. Amateur and the Professional can receive assistance from different employees.

To know if you are eligible for any position, contact the customer service team on Angling Direct phone number 0160 340 0870. Provide them with your details. The applicant can also send a mail to their head office.

Please remember to add your personal details so that they can get back to you with a response. Once you send the letter, you can call the number above to confirm if they received the letter.

Angling Direct Sale Phone Number

angling direct sales promo

Having over 40 000 fishing tackle products, the company is dedicated to making sales on every product. They have fishing magazines advertising tackle products. By dialling Angling Direct Contact Number 0160 340 0870, you can make any purchase of a product featured in their magazine.

Furthermore, anglers have the chance to enjoy promotion and offers while shopping online. These products may be featured on the website and customers can dial 0152 269 0301 and converse with a representative on a sale item. For coupons, call the Angling Direct coupon helpline support 0124 535 2300. Get a chance to try an item before deciding to buy at your nearest store.

Angling Direct Tracking and Delivery Number

Angling Direct Customer Service aims at delivering the best customer support. This includes offering tracking services for your order. To track your order, log in to your online account and enter the order ID. Customers can also cancel and ask a refund online. However, you are requested to make cancellation before the shipping starts.

If having issues tracking or cancelling online, dial Angling Direct delivery helpline 0160 340 0870. You can also check the nearest shop online. Visit the official page and press the “Shop Finder” section.

Angling Direct Complaints Telephone Number

angling direct complaints

The No 1. Fish shop is committed to providing the best services. But no matter how dedicated they are, some customers may be dissatisfied with the services delivered to them.

If you are not delighted with the services or received damaged or dysfunctional fishing tackle, call Angling Direct complaints telephone number 0160 340 0757. The number is also open for any feedbacks, comments and suggestions you are having.

Customers who prefer can also mail the Head office to the above address. Have in mind that your complaint will be acknowledged within two days and solution provided as soon as possible.

Contact Angling Direct on Social Media

angling direct social platforms

To show their online presence, the company has set aside social platforms to assist in customer service support. To get assistance, visit

  • Facebook– a better way to stay connected with the company.
  • Twitter– immediate response and updates on Angling Direct deals
  • Google+– like images and get latest deals.
  • YouTube– get tutorials and watch videos. It’s fun!
  • LinkedIn– experts advice and fishing tips
  • Instagram– images and short fishing videos.
  • Angling community – open a discussion with fellow anglers.

Angling Direct Overview

Angling Direct is a UK fishing No one store with top brands of fishing tackle. With a sale experience of more than 30 years, shopping at Angling Direct will give you a completely new experience. The company has more than 40000 products and 15 stores across the country. They have a partnership with Sportquest Holidays who are renowned for joyful holiday providers.

The company started as mail order shop but have embraced other methods such as online purchasing. Angling Direct is more focused on providing the best services, and by combining their large brands with various buying power, the company can attract more customers. If interested in any fishing product visit Angling Direct official site and start your order.

Furthermore, contacting Angling Direct is now easier than ever. The various method includes:

  • Phoning Angling Direct customer service using Angling Direct Phone Number.
  • Visiting the nearest store.
  • Practically drafting a letter and sending it to their head office.
  • Live chats at the Angling contact us page.
  • Follow them on social media.
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