AO.Com Phone Number

AO.Com Phone Number
AO.COM Customer Service

AO.COM UK Operation Hours

All Days 8:00AM - 10:00PM
AO.COM UK Routing Number
Press 1 If you're interested in buying an appliance
Press 2If your delivery is due today
Press 3If your product is not working properly
Press 4Anything else

AO.COM Phone Number List

AO.COM Helpline UK Contact Number
AO.Com General Enquiries Toll-Free 0800 032 3249
Repair Services 0800 561 4489
Complaints and General Enquiries 03 0344 324 9222
Payment Services 0120 467 2680
Aftercare Action Plan 0345 241 1234
AO.Com Expert Logistics 0127 075 4830
Investors Queries 0120 467 2538
Press Team Office 0120 467 2504
AO.Com Park Queries 0120 467 2400

AO.COM Overview which stands for appliances online is an online retailer that sells home appliances. You can find any household appliances from washing machines, dryers, freezers, dishwashers, cooking appliances and more. is a company that was founded by John Roberts. He launched the company back in 2001 and named it Appliance online. The company used to rely on other known business to deliver their products. This was until 2009 when they obtained an expert logistic that permits the company to sell and deliver their goods. They stopped relying on other businesses. The Company headquarters are located in Boston, UK. provide its services to millions of customers all over the country. The country boasts of over 1.5 million Facebook fans. has more than 4000 products that are listed on their website. Any product that you buy online from their store can be delivered straight to your door. customer services are highly trained to handle any issue related to the company. If you need more information, Contact AO.Com through  AO.Com, Phone Number provided or visit their website and talk directly to an agent on AO.Com contact us page.

AO.Com Services

AO.Com promise a secure and pleasing services to all those who prefer their services. The services and products that AO.Com helps with include its fantastic, user-friendly website, one of the best that you can find online where you can view household items and like them, or share them with friends. You can also open an account to start getting ready for the holiday season. Through AO.Com, you can buy kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, fridges, freezers, cooking equipment and small utility devices. Also, you can have essential home appliances such as TV, floor caring products, washing machine and dryers all at a friendly price. If you experience a faulty device, call AO.Com Phone Number 0800 561 4489 and have a technician sent to you.

To make their services better and enticing, you can have the product delivered to your doorstep of your office or a home within seven days. Additionally, AO.Com provide their customers with apps for monitoring their product delivery. Furthermore, customers can upgrade their appliances. To contact AO and set up an account, use Contact Us page or call their toll free number 0800 032 3249 and an operator can help you with your order.


Contact AO.Com Customer Service

Just like any other company, AO.Com offer customer service support to the people who want to know more about their services. You don’t have to worry on how to Contact AO.Com, they have provided their helpline with us. The AO.Com Phone Number to call if you want to know more about the products and services is 0344 324 9222You can use the number to lodge any complaint or for general queries regarding the company. Customers can also reach the expert logistic team through 0127 075 4830 to make sure that the appliances are delivered to the correct address.

Alternatively, if their phone number doesn’t go through you can always try the online method. It’s fast too! Click the following link, and you will be directed to AO.Com contact us page. Social media pages is another alternative that you can use to get assistance. Visit their pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.


Write to AO.Com Customer Care

The AO.Com Phone Number may be hard to connect. However, you may choose to write to their customer care. If you should consider to Contact AO.Com by mail, send an email. They also receive letter if they are directed to the following address;, C/o AO World PLC,

5a the Parklands,


Bolton, BL6 4SD

AO.Com Helpline Tips

If you call AO during regular store hours you can reach a live operator as most stores are open Monday through Saturday with some Sunday openings, but check online to confirm based on the store location. Operators can help you with orders, customer service related enquiries or you can call the AO.Com phone number.

When emailing the AO.Com services, regarding appliances you have bought or you intend to buy, expect a response within 24hrs. For this reason, if you want to a faster response, Phone Number is the fastest way to go about it. If you have hearing impairment AO.Com contact us, page would be a faster rapid way to get to an agent.-

AO.Com Phone Number
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