Argos Phone Number

Argos Phone Number
Argos Customer Service

Argos UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM - 6:00PM
Argos UK Routing Number
Press 1 If you're calling with an enquiry about a specific store or about a product for which you don't have an order number
Press 2If you're calling about a product for which you have an order number either store pick up or home delivery
Press 3Use our automated stores check and reserve service, for stock enquiries, prices and store opening times.

Argos Phone Number List

Argos Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
Argos Customer Service Number  0345 640 2020
Argos Card Contact Number  0345 640 0700
Argos MasterCard Enquiries  0330 099 3001
Pet Insurance Claim  0345 078 7500
Travel Insurance  0800 422 0381
Car insurance  0800 214 2561
Business Phone Number  0345 421 7000
Spares Sales Service  0333 400 0420
Argos Loan Quote  0371 402 8917

Argos Overview

Argos is a Britain most known retail chain with a unique catalogue approach. Its headquarters are n Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. Argos offers a huge deal of merchandise to the UK residents with great discounts. The retail chain contains over 33 000 different products in their catalogue from where a customer can purchase. Argos started as a catalogue company minus the groceries in the 1980s, and it was until competition from other chains such as Tesco that revolutionalised the chain to go online and increase it catalogue. With over 750 stores distributed over the country, Argos boast of millions of visitors they receive online.

If you are looking for a company that provides top qualities services to its customers, then look no further than Argos. They have employed over 50 000 workers in their stores with the aim of great services delivery. You will love the Argos delivery and return policy! If you require more information regarding their services, don’t hesitate to contact Argos Customer Service Number 0345 640 2020 or visit their official website.

Argos Services

One of the greatest retailers online has just gotten better. Argos has a fantastic website set up to help you shop for everything from that new vacuum cleaner to the iPad mini all the kids want. With daily savings offers, special deals and reviews posted online by real customers, you can check out the deals before you spend your money and know you are getting the best product for your money. When you visit their online selling site, you can get well-discounted electronics and other products such as jewellery, beauty products, leisure products and other home tools and appliances. You can also call Argos Customer Service Number and enquire about their insurance quote. Dial toll-free Argos Phone Number 0800 214 2561 for car insurance services and 0800 422 0381 to receive a travel insurance.

Other services and products that Argos UK helps with include email blasts that let you know when new sales are starting, and new store products, services and specials that come in daily. You can also pay for goods bought using Argos Card or even their MasterCard. Visit their website for these and more services all call any of the Argos Helpline.


Contact Argos Customer Service

With million of services and products, there are various reasons, most of which are important to you, why you should call the Argos Customer Service desk. Phone Argos help desk by calling their mobile friendly phone number provided by this site. For example, if you want to stock your business with Argos product, call Argos business number 0345 421 7000. If you have general enquiries related to their product and services, use Argos Phone Number 0345 640 3030. Phone, Argos Helpline number on 0345 078 7500, to ask for a pet insurance claim. You can use the number to know what your insurance will cover and get updates on the status of your insurance.

Argos Online is a user-friendly and easy to navigate website. The user can easily find their way to Argos contact us page and get assistance. Alternatively, you can post your questions on their social media pages. Argos operates some dedicated pages where each and every site has a set of agents to respond to customer issues. Get help from:

  • Facebook– get a response within 72 hrs of posting
  • Twitter-receive updates on latest deal and happenings
  • Youtube-watch and have fun!
  • LinkedIn-receive professional advice.


Write to Argos Customer Care

If you need assistance from Argo’s customer care, you can do so by writing to them. If you write an email, expect a response within 48 hrs of response. If you want to return a parcel or write a letter using your practical writing skills, direct them to the following address:

Argos Direct,
Acton Gate,
ST18 9AR

Argos Helpline Tips

If you call Argos during regular store hours, you can reach a switchboard operator who can help you with purchases or your trolley if you’re shopping online. Argos stores are open Monday through Saturday with general store hours starting at 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Sunday hours 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It’s during their open hours that you should make a call to any  Argos Customer Service Number.

When you contact Argos phone number, make sure you have the account details at hand. Also if you bought an item from a store, check the receipt number as it can come in handy when making a return. Also, if you are returning an item make sure you understand the return policy.

Argos Phone Number
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