ASDA customer service

ASDA customer service
Asda Customer Service

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Asda UK Routing Number
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ASDA Phone NumberTips

ASDA Helpline UK Contact Numbers
ASDA Contact Us Toll-free 0800 952 0101
Home Insurance 0800 479 8711
Groceries 0800 952 6060
Changing, Cancelling or Returning an Order 0800 952 3003

ASDA Overview

The name ASDA came from Asquith and Dairies. The company was founded in the year 1965 by the Asquiths brothers and the Associates Dairies after they merged together to create ASDA. The company has grown over the years into one of the most shopped retail outlets in the UK. The head office is located at ASDA house, South Bank, West Yorkshire in England. In the year 1999, the company became a subsidiary of the most popular American Retail Corporate, Walmart.As at July 31st, 2016, the company has 626 locations in total. ASDA uses the slogan “Save Money. Live Better” for promotions and marketing.

ASDA Services

ASDA is a supermarket chain in the UK which retails clothing, food, toys, general merchandise, and financial services. The company also operates ASDA Mobile – a mobile phone network (through the EE network). You can also buy wines by the bottle or by the case from ASDA.

ASDA offers its services through different categories. With ASDA Groceries, you can enjoy value for money grocery shopping, which you can either pick from your nearest store or get them delivered to your doorsteps. With George Clothing, you get the chance to browse and buy from the latest clothing lines and also get useful garden and home updates. ASDA Direct brings items in various categories your way such as Electronics, Baby, Entertainment and more. ASDA Money lists various products related to

  • credit card
  • life insurance
  • car insurance
  • travel money
  • home insurance
  • travel insurance
  • breakdown cover
  • pet insurance

You can select the right tab from ASDA to know more about the services and products offered by the company. Also, you can use the ASDA customer service number, 0800 952 0101 on enquiries about the same.

Contact ASDA Customer Service

The toll-free ASDA contact number is 0800 952 0101. You can find more information at the website ASDA contact us page. There you can learn more about the company’s head office at Leeds, West Yorkshire for any queries regarding home insurance. This line is open 7 days a week from 7am to 11 pm.

If you want to purchase groceries online with them being delivered to your doorstep, you can contact ASDA toll-free, 0800 952 6060Also, it is good to check the delivery charges before doing any purchases to avoid future disputes with the company.

If you prefer using social networking sites to reach ASDA customer service desk, you can use Facebook or their Twitter accounts.

ASDA contact numbers helpline

Write to ASDA Customer Care

In case you have a question or a complaint, you can also contact ASDA customer service using a written mail. Also, for any orders to be returned back to ASDA, you can reach them through,

ASDA George,

PO Box 9564,

Newark, NG24 9GF.

ASDA Contact Number Helpline Tips

Before reaching out to the ASDA customer service number list, you should check out their help and FAQs section.This is because most common customer queries are answered here and you too can find that your question has already been answered. Also, the section will be very helpful with delivery options and the cost incurred for the deliveries. To cancel, change or return your order, you can contact ASDA customer care desk representatives toll-free, 0800 952 3003.

When you reach out to the customer support team using the ASDA contact us page, you should be ready to quote your order number and the order date in order for you to be helped in any way. This is a security measure that the company takes, just to be on the safe side with their clientele orders and information.

ASDA customer service
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48 Comments to “ASDA customer service”

  • As a regular Asda Wembley customer, I would like to acknowledge a particular member of staff. His name is Kabir and he is usually outside collecting trollies and keeping the car park tidy, he is out there in all weathers and always has a smile and a spring in his step which tells me that he really enjoys his job but above all he is always willing to help with unpacking your purchases into your car, returning trollies and bringing back the trolley coin or token, most of all he always asks people if he can help which I find very refreshing, no matter what my mood is Kabir always puts me in a good mood. I wish there were more staff with an attitude as great as his.

  • I have visited asda many times the Broadstairs branch, and a would like to say you have a young man who works in the cafe I do not now him personally only by is badge Ian P . Well what a fantastic fellow always smiling and always as time for the customers what an asset you have there, I would be proud to have him in my business.

  • After a visit to your Livingston store I had purchased 2 items of pre-packed raw chicken products (1 pack of chicken fillets & 1 whole cook in the bag chicken) along with my shopping . I arrived at the checkout with my re-usable shopping bags I deliberately kept the raw chicken products seperate from the rest of my shopping & asked the assistant for a small food bag for the raw chicken who told me that I would have to pay 5 pence for a small food bag which he adamantly claimed were only free for loose vegetable products.I went to the store customer service desk and explained the problem to two assistants there and found that one agreed with the till operator and the other agreed with me . Could you please inform me what your policy about free food bags for raw chicken products is as I am very concerned about purchasing raw chicken products which may have bacterial contaminated packaging even on the outside of the products. Regards M Roberts Mrs.

  • I phoned the Harlow Store on Thur 2/4/15, to give some positive feedback about a member of staff. After pressing all the numbers required, I got through to a switchboard, the operator assured me I was talking to the Harlow store, and I asked to speak to the Customer Service Manager. I was put on HOLD for 4.5 mins and then the phone went dead. I re-dialled, got through to the switchboard again, and was told by Shane it was a central switchboard, and that if the call does not get answered, the call gets reverted back to the switchboard. I explained that this was not the case. Again, I asked to be put through to the Customer Service Manager and was put on HOLD for 5.75 mins and the phone went dead AGAIN. I re-dialled for the third time. This time I get through to the Customer Service Desk, and I ask to speak to the Duty Manager, within a few seconds I am put through to Max Scarff, after venting my frustrations about your telephone system, which I understand is a new “all singing and dancing” system, I was able to give my positive feedback about Lewis on the Fish Counter. Surely something needs to be done about your “new” telephone system, as it obviously is not Customer Friendly. I wonder how many customers would have given up after the first experience and not bothered to call again.

  • Just wondering if you bring items over from Walmart?

    I am asking because they have a much better selection of T Shirts than you do.

    Philip Williams

  • my partner answered an online advert to be a secret shopper since then she has received dozens of phone calls & texts from people selling , mobile pones, loans, all sorts of scams, the firm involved is Lucky loyal coupons what concerns me is that they are using the Green ASDA LOGO, If you tell me an e-mail address I will send the advert to you

    Diane (my partner) responded to the advert as we know of Asda and regulary shop at your Tamworth & Minworth stores

  • Please could you let me know why there is no VAT number on your till receipts, by law there should be.We cannot as a company claim VAT back if there is no number there



    • Not a legal requirement, Lidl don’t have their VAT number on their receipts. We don’t have it on our receipts either, if anyone wants to know our VAT number we happily supply it.

  • Dear Asda,
    I wish to complain about the service I received at my local Asda store to day. I visited the store in Westwood centre Belfast today 26/6/15. When I reached the cash desk and started to pay for my shopping I presented the cashier with money off vouchers I had printed from the websit SUPERSAVVYME,The vouchers were all valid ,indate,and for use in Asda and I had all the items in my basket.the cashier made me feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable for using money off vouchers,she proceeded to spread them all out in front of her and then waved them around at customers behind me stating she had never seen them before.I felt very humiliated as I am a regular customer in this Asda store and as my shopping bill was £118.40,I thought I would use the vouchers to try and save a few pounds of my bill,I was not trying to get items that I was not purchasing just trying to save some money.this whole experience has made me rethink where I will do my weekly shop in future.I feel that if Asda allows sights like SUPERSAVVY ME to produce money of coupons for their stores then Asda employees should accept them without causing any undue distress to the customer

  • As a long time customer of Asda I would love to know what has happened to the Sutton store, just lately there are very few checkout people so queues are very long, you are lucky if there are one every other checkout, shelves are nor refilled this has been going on for at least a month, items that used to be stocked are no longer stocked, foe example I have used Hero small bite mixer for my dog for quite a few years it has not been available in this store for at least two months and when I ask a member of staff I am told that it will be coming in. Today I went in and there was no grapes available, Please let me know what is going on as I am seriously thinking of using another store I do not want to do this as I used to be very happy using your stores.
    Thank You

  • Dear sirs i would just like to compliment the staff at asda store Reebok as today i was helped so many times by lots of friendly helpful staff keep up this good work !!!!!! happy customer

  • Im interested in working for yourselves but just have a couple of questions before applying. Can i choose the days and hours and can i work term time only due to childcare.


  • Have been unable to purchase 6 pack of fresh salmon fillets . Can you please let me know if you have discontinued this product and if so why.

  • I visited the cafe at Llandudno and it is the first time I have been disappointed with the service. The coffee was cold. When returned to the counter the man said he did not have control of the temperature of the coffee. He said I can put it in the microwave or give you a cup of hot water. The tables were not cleared and I had to clear a table. Last week I went to Asda in Bangor and the service was excellent the staff couldn’t do enough well done Bangor.

  • Sir
    please forward to relevant department

    a short time ago I had a very disturbing experience over wrongly priced items ,the way this was delt with caused me to write to you were the mater was well delt with. Yesterday a very similar situation happened, the difference was Michael handled the with great tact and diplomatic a credit to your company
    John latham

  • Dear Sir/Madam

    I need to tell you I hurt my right hand on the sercurity camera table as i walked passed it I cought my hand on it, didnt think much to it as I had shopping on my mine, I shopped in ware Asda!!

    I really think you should check that camera table out as it is sharp, it could take a kids eye out!!
    I do have a picture of my hand if you need to take a look, but on here I can’t add the photo!!! so you could of seen it, if you need the picture of my sore hand then may be give me your email addrress.
    have a good day!

    kind regards

    Miss sara Douthwaite

  • FOr the last 26 years I have been a customer
    Follow morrisons example -I urge you to support our British farmers-

  • I purchased some sweet chilli beetroot on sunday 16th august and have opened it to put with my salad I cannot believe its already mouldy I have shopped with you for 15 years
    and cannot believe how quickly your products rot my lettuce was full of muck took ages to wash it my cucumbers have rotted in the past very quickly and your fruit in not much better.
    Last year I stopped buying diesel after my engine injector pump got totalled because of your
    rubbish diesel that cost £2000 so your not really saving me money your costing me money.
    I think its time i shopped somewhere else where they will value my custom I spend a lot of money in your store each week this week I spent almost £100 its not good enough.

  • Called in to Kettering Asda and we felt a bit peckish. I ordered a baked potato and I realise it was inexpensive but I have seen bigger Jersey Royals. It was a ridiculous size. My wife immediately changed her mind and had a sandwich

  • Hi, am just emailing to say how disappointed I am with the standard plastic carrier bags you supply with the shopping. I am not normally bothered with the quality of such products but it does become a nuisance if they keep ripping. Anyway the reason I have decided to write to you is because of my experience unloading of the shopping from the car yesterday. After a quick run around of the store we went home, as we were unloading the shopping two of the bags ripped from the bottom there were jars of pasta sauce along with mayo and jelopenos, along with other thing. As you can imagine some of them broke and others went rolling down the street. We live on a hill. One or two we managed to pick up, but others went under cars and some went to the bottom of the street. We were left very embarrassed and red faced around the neboures, who looked on smugly and dismay.

  • Hi Asda I live in Grantham Lincolnshire, I’m having a whinge with regard to the new store, eversince you refurbed and made our store bigger there seems to be more and more empty shelves. It seems that they struggle to keep the stock up, also I have found that in a lot of lines i.e biscuits, that I can only get the larger packs in lines like plain digestives, Rich Tea, if you dont have a family then the larger packs are too big and get wasted so NOT value for money. Friday the 28th August 2015, I went to the optian section of the store to try and get an appointment for Thursday 3rd September only to be told I couldnt have one as they do not test everyday is this normal? I was also looking for the individual Ice Cream Key Lime , Ive been trying to get it for a month now. Have you stopped this line as the staff dont know anything about the stock, I used to shop in Asda alot but more and more I find myself having to go to places like Morrisons, Aldi and Lidl see if you can give me some answers

  • The home shopping service….first time took the money didn’t deliver,had to pay again,wait a day and it did get delivered! Still waiting to see if they refund the money on time though and thank God I have enough of a budget to wait the 3-10days for it,if I didn’t I’d starve!!
    Take my advice…don’t bother with the help line or customer services,cause they don’t seem to

  • Hi. I see that as of 5oct plastic bags will be charged for, I wholly agree with this. I always use my own bags… However in cambridge hardly ANY trolleys have a small black hook to hang your bags while shopping. Many many more are required before 5 cot please. It’s really important. Thanks

  • The customer service in Asda is dreadful, no one wants to help, worst is the Wembley asda as they are not bothered to help customers or even listen. they are least helpful and have no consideration for customers. No one is willing to listen. The worst service i have ever received. Tesco is far better on its customer service. Asda is happy to take money off you but not resolve any issues.

  • I visited your Fleetwood branch yesterday, a young man on check out 2 put my goods through, after explaining to him that I had a recent fall and hurt my back he proceeded to
    Check my goods out, pack them for me and helped my re load my trolley with bags that he had packed so I could manage to lift them into the car. What a credit to asda this young man is, his name is Paul and he is management material, his manner attitude and approach to customers is second to none. Thank you Paul

  • I got a new credit card .I was able to use it for my Asda shop.When I tried to prepay for delivery it kept going back to my old card number,this fiasco lasted for twenty two minutes .I then phoned customer services to be kept on hold for twenty seven nimutes and thirty seven seconds to feel “patronised ”
    I gave up and emailed customer services who would get back to me shortly .That was five days ago and I am still waiting

  • Asda Llandudno store. For the past 3 weeks you have offered bottles of Bombay Sapphire at £20.00 per litre. In this period there has been no stock on the shelves. I enquired to see if stocks were in the store, yesterday 17/09 and was told there was no stock. No doubt when stocks are replenished the price will revert to £27.00….this has happened before and now is apparent. Is this your normal operating practice? Unhappy customer.

  • I Visited Asda on the Old Kent road this morning. Where as part of my shopping I bought 2 boxes of coco pops because they were being displayed as costing 2 for £3.00. When I checked my receipt I found I had been charged £2.68 for each box. When I questioned this with customer services I was asked to show one of your employees where I had found them. I took her to the end of an isle where underneath a large 2 for £3.00 sign there were a large number of boxes of coco pops. She told me they weren’t part of the promotion and refused to refund me the difference and proceeded to remove them from the shelf. I have taken a photograph and have my receipt. I really strongly that as these had been displayed as 2 for £3.00 that is how much I should have paid.

  • SDA Cauliflower Cheese

    On the carton it says:


    ‘Keep refrigerated. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours. Do not exceed the Use By date. Not suitable for freezing.’

    ‘Storage Type’

    Storage And Usage Statements’

    ‘Not Suitable for Home Freezing. Keep Refrigerated.’

    When I have bought cauliflower cheese in the past I have always been able to freeze it.

    Is there a problem freezing in an aluminium case. If so, presumably transferring the product to plastic will make it freezable.

    Advice please

  • Today, I was served by a most pleasant and helpful young lady at Azda’s Edmonton Shopping Centre branch. I do not know her personally, but her name badge states that her name is Monika.

  • I have tried to telephone your head office today, your customer service department at my local Asda, but neither were able to help me.
    I live in an area with no mains drainage, and have had to install a biological treatment plant at considerable expense, so have to take care about what goes down the drains etc.
    I have been using your “Chosen by You antibacterial toilet cleaner”, with very good results, but my nearest shop hasn’t had it for some time and they don’t seem to know when it will be back in stock. Perhaps you can help – as there must be quite a demand for it round here.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

    • what does that mean?

  • Could you look into getting dog treats and dogs in the dog section so people can test it out with the dogs to see which ones their dogs are fond of.This is because not a lot of people are buying the dog food, This will encourage people to buy it because most people buy it from dog shops. Also, just to let you know, I am a dog lover.

  • You should get dog treats with dogs so we can test it out on them. You should do this because not a lot of people are buying your dog or cat treats.

  • I have tried to find an e mail address to complain about problems I am having with my Asda Credit Card and cannot find an address on the website. So I rang the Asda Credit Card number and they told me an address but it tells me its not available. And I was charged 13p/minute to tell me the number had changed to a 10p/minute telephone number. So anybody who hopes to get cash back with an Asda Credit Card do not ring them with a problem as it costs you more.

  • I am looking for some information regarding crockery that was sold by asda a few years ago, if you can put me in touch with the supplier It would be appreciated.
    The product in question is Manhattan table wear dinner and side plates.

  • Wallasey store no longer stocks johnson baby detangle SPRAY conditioner. Is this permanent or jus temporary difficulty getting stock.? I need to use this daily on daughters hair and other local supermarkets havent ever stocked it.

  • How long does it take to get a reply from asda.

  • I’ve enjoyed reading your inane rants but this isn’t Asda’s website so if you have a question you’d be better off emailing them directly.

  • I visited the Opticians in ASDA a few weeks ago and received 100% commitment from a colleague called Barbara. Barbara and Helena were both pleasant, friendly and most of all understood my needs and helped me to choose the right frame. I received such good service that I went and spoke to the customer services desk, but they did not pass this on to the member of staff, which was very disappointing. I visited again to have my glasses adjusted and once again was met by young Helena with a smile and recognition and Barbara that gave totally committed service which I did not receive from her colleague when I went topick up my spectacles a week ago.
    Thank you Barbara and Helena just shows that not every colleague as comitted to customer service as you two.

  • I forgot to say that this was ASDA at Rotherham
    Thank you Barbara and Helena you area good team

  • Hi
    I attempted to buy a asda create your own pizza just before Christmas. This is the 3rd time they have not had the ingredients. No thick bases, no mushrooms, and no peppers or sweet corn.
    After waking through the store their was a shelf full of peppers so I don’t understand why they can’t use them until they get their deliveries.
    This is not the only time they have had no stock, bread milk which are the basics.

    The store in question is the fairly new and the long awaited store in Shirley Solihull. They have a lot of competition in Shirley ie: Sainsburys two Tesco stores as well as Aldi.

    I think this is a really bad for a new store because it’s not just a one off you never know if you are going to find the things you are shopping for, and for this reason I have stopped shopping at Asda.


    Lynn Pickford

  • Hi
    I would like to bring something to ASDAs attention . I have recently been involved in a mobile text message scam involving your company name. I received a text asking if I would like to be entered into an asda prize draw. Not thinking I texted back and received a text every week saying I had been entered into the draw for that week. I only just noticed that each text I received was costing me £4.50. There was never any mention of the texts costing me any money at any time. At the time I just thought asda had got my number from some survey or something in store and never gave it any thought other than it was kinda junk texts. I understand now that asda have nothing to do with this so called competition but would like to let you know that these companies are using your name to try and rip people off. People who may be customers and do not expect any foul play. The companies I have been told are responsible for this are
    imi mobile
    memo t
    buzz media
    I was given the name imi mobile by my service provider vodafone. imi mobile then passed me onto memo t who also seem to be called torocom, when I called a customer service number i was given by imi mobile they said they were called buzz media. This all seems very suspicious to me although the companies are insisting they are operating within the law.
    Anyway I just wanted to bring this to ASDA s attention as other people may well associate these texts with your company and therefore trust them as being genuine.

  • its been almost 2 months since my last shop online at asda and apart from being a disaster I was promised a £20 evoucher whch I HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVED my daughter and myself gave up ringing and emailing they just kept sayinfg the same thing the evoucher was sent to me if it wasnt the fact that Tesco are unable to deliver tomorrow at the time that I need I wouldnt bother with these charlatans I am disabled and my last shop had half the frsh food was almost out of date alot of the order was missing yet still charged for If I could i would avoid Asda like the plague

  • Dear Sirs
    Can you explain why it is that having bought a Pecan and Maple Swirl with no other ingredients highlighted nor listed I find it is really only a Cinnamon swirl tarted-up with tiny maple nibbles and a drizzle of odd tasting syrup that probably has more to do with sugar syrup than maple? I HATE Cinnamon and would never have bought this product if it had been properly labeled! I do not find cinnamon sweet nor in anyway edible and would like you to ensure that any items sold with this cloying and sludgy spice as a main ingredient is appropriately and correctly labeled. As far as I can tell this is another example of cost-cutting by using the same product as a multi-use base and it does not work. Quality and range yet again suffering in the name of ‘rationalising range’. The local store was my one-stop; alas no more and the more I buy the worse the offer really seems, and that’s a shame!

  • can the cat litter sign hanging from the roof in the burgh heath store please be put were the cat litter is i have asked about six different members of staff about this even the lady on customer services and still nothinkhas been done

  • can you tell me if you have discontinued Calories Counted Soups. I really like them and will be so disappointed if you have

  • Dear Employers, Community, Voluntary Organisations, Charities in Falkirk & Clackmannanshire Area.

    The Department of Access & Progression at Forth Valley College is reaching out to employers, the community, voluntary organisations, and charities in Falkirk & Clackmannanshire Area.

    We are trying to find work placement opportunities in a practical environment in Retail, Warehouse, Land based Services, Animal shelters, Care sector, Café, Cleaners, Stock Room, Construction, charity organisations, Shops, and any environmental services which maybe suitable for learners with or without disabilities.

    The employability course and work placement will help to develop confidence levels, practical skills, improve knowledge, social skills; customers service skills, which they would not be able to do without your support of a work placement opportunity. Most importantly of all the learners will benefit greatly from real work experience with a real employer, this will also assist learners moving forward into further education, training or the world of work. They just want a chance like everybody else to engage in work experience opportunity.

    The Learners have established good attendance, timekeeping and attitude in the college over 6 months – 2 years on programmes which they have completed e.g. Work start, Pathfinders, Access to Education, Passport to learning and New start programmes.
    The learners will receive an EMA or Bursary, plus travel expenses; from Forth Valley College.
    We will provide ongoing support to all learners & companies who take part in the work experience programme if required. There is no financial outlay for anyone involved with the programme.
    What do you need to do if you can provide a work placement opportunity!

    • Contact Jean Allan
    • Provide Forth Valley College with a copy of your employer’s liability insurance certificate.
    • Complete a work placement health & safety checklist and return back to FVC.
    • Complete an induction checklist with learners on the first day of work experience placement.
    • Provide Practical work experience from 16- 35 hours per week.
    Please contact Jean Allan to offer a learner a great opportunity of work placement.

    Kind regards

    Jean Allan
    Work Experience Coordinator
    Forth valley College

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