Barclaycard Contact Number Helpline

Barclaycard Contact Number Helpline
Barclaycard Customer Service

Barclaycard UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7
Barclaycard UK Routing Number
Voice recognition menu - no further details available

Barclaycard Phone Number Tips

Barclaycard Contact Number Helpline UK Number
Barclaycard Customer Service 0333 200 9090/0800 151 0900
Barclaycard New Customers +44 (0)1604 230 230
Barclaycard Lost or Stolen Card

0800 161 5308 

Barclaycard Online Services

0333 202 7900 /0800 161 5300

Barclaycard Phone Number Abroad

+44 (0)1452 828 001

Toll-Free Fraud Services

0800 318 665

Barclaycard Overview

Barclaycard, which is a part of Barclay Retail & Business Banking, offers global payment business services. Barclaycard has been in operation since 1968 when it was founded. The payment services that the company provides are available all over the world.

In the UK alone, the company has more than 10.4 million customers. Outside the UK, the company boasts of more than 10.8 million customers. The company’s headquarters is in Northampton. It also occupies several floors of the Barclays’ offices in Canary Wharf, London. The Barclaycard customer care is highly exceptional and is always available to clients 24/7. The Barclaycard online banking service is accessible to clients globally and in the United Kingdom. To access this facility, customers are expected to make use of the Barclaycard login feature. The Barclaycard US sector of the Barclay Retail & Business Banking can favor clients in the United States of America.

If you reside in the United States of America and looking for the fastest way to contact the Barclay Retail & Business Banking, simply explore the Barclaycard US website.

You can always get more out of today with Barclaycard by watching this video.

Barclaycard Services

The services that Barclaycard provides fall into two categories: personal and business. Under personal, the company provides customers with credit cards as well as freedom rewards. Credit guidance is a service that customer receive from the company as well.

Under business, the company allows entities to make and accept payments using its global payment services. Businesses are also able to apply for and receive business credit cards. The company supports mobile card payments as well as website payments done by businesses.

Moreover, the company offers online banking to individuals and businesses alike. Barclays partner finance and payment securities are the other two products or services that customers with this institution can receive.

Barclaycard online services will help you gain the required access concerning the operation of the corporation. If you are having problem accessing your account, the Barclaycard customer care is always available to help. The Barclaycard login issues are usually resolved by experts within an ephemeral of time.

Contact Barclaycard Customer Service

One of the best ways to complain about anything relating to the services provided is by negotiating with Barclaycard contact number helpline. It will help to resolve the Barclaycard login problem as well as other nagging account issues. The Barclaycard customer care has well-trained professionals who are willing to render the best assistance that you need, time and again.

The customer service phone number that existing clients can call regarding any issue that they want Barclaycard US to clarify for them is +1 302-255-8990. Individual customers can call the following Barclaycard phone number for Toll-Free assistance, 0800 151 0900. This Barclaycard Helpline phone number is with service tariffs, so please check with your provider before calling, 0333 200 9090. All calls are available 24/7. Even issues concerning Barclaycard online access can be resolved by consulting any of the numbers above.

For members of the Rewards Club, the customer service number to call is found on the website. As for businesses, the number to call is 0800 008 008 when making payments.

Barclaycard Contact Number Helpline

Write to Barclaycard Helpline

Customers can write Barclaycard contact number helpline with the address 1234 Pavilion Dr, Northampton NN4 7SG, United Kingdom.

Barclaycard Contact Tips

It is worth noting that call charges apply depending on the number that a customer prefers calling to talk to a company representative or customer service regarding different Barclaycard services and products.

BT business customers are charged a maximum and minimum of 4.04p per minute and 6p for calling any 0845 numbers. A call set-up fee of 21.6p is charged when BT business customers call 0870 numbers in addition to 18p per minute.

Any customer who makes a call to Barclaycard customer service numbers beginning with 0500 and 0800 will not have to pay any fee or charge but only when calling from a UK landline. It is advisable for the non-BT customers to consult their service providers to learn the cost of calling Barclaycard Helpline.

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