Barclaycard Customer Service

Barclaycard Customer Service
Barclaycard Customer Service

Barclaycard UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7
Barclaycard UK Routing Number
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Barclaycard Phone Number Tips

Barclaycard Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Barclaycard Customer Service Toll-free 0800 151 0900
Specialist Fraud Advisor 0800 318 665
Personal Loans 0800 289289
International +44 800 151 0900

Barclaycard Overview

Barclaycard is a product of Barclays, retail, corporate and business banking. It was the first credit card in the UK and it was introduced  in the year 1966. It enjoyed a monopoly of being the only credit card for 6 years until Access card was introduced in 1972.

As at May 2016, Barclaycard still remains the most used credit card in the United Kingdom. It has more than 10 million users in the UK. The headquarters are in Northampton, with several other offices at Barclays corporate headquarters in One Churchill Place in Canary Wharf, London.

Barclaycard Services

Barclaycard is a leading credit card service, which offers a wide variety of credit cards for you to choose from. This includes both credit cards for personal use as well as for business use. The company offers credit guidance services to those who are absolutely new to the credit card market, enabling them to choose the right card for their needs. Their cards, as well as services, are truly customer-oriented, making them beneficial to you as a customer. Barclaycard customer service is also very good compared to the other credit card companies.

Over the years, Barclaycard has also been very innovative to satisfy the needs of its customers. These is evident with the innovation of various products and services such as bPay, Lyles and Scotts Contactless Jacket, Topshop x b Pay, Apple Pay, Barclaycard Contactless Mobile and much more.

To learn more, you can check products and services online.

Contact Barclaycard Customer Service

Personal customers can dial the Barclaycard helpline phone number, toll-free 0800 151 0900. Use this number to report lost or stolen cards. The line operates 24/7. Similarly, you can call Barclaycard phone number to know more about freedom reward points or call +44 800 151 0900 if you are calling from abroad. These two lines operate Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays, from 9am to 4pm. The lines are closed during bank holidays.

Personal customers who want to enquire about the personal loans can call 0800 289289.The customer support representative will give you all the personal loans that Barclaycard provides. Also, after he or she has gone through your card statement, they can also be able to recommend the type of loans that you can qualify for.

Barclaycard ensures that customers are served well regardless of their financial or physical status. The company has a deaf helpline that allows easier communication between the customer and the customer care representative.

In the times that we are living, social media is a very important platform when it comes to the success of a company. Barclaycard is also very active on its social media platforms. You can also contact Barclaycard through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Write to Barclaycard Customer Care

Sometimes it is hard to get time to visit a company or hold on the phone for minutes waiting for an available customer care agent. You can contact Barclaycard through a written mail using this address,

Barclays Bank Delaware,
125 South West Street,
Wilmington, DE 19801.

Barclaycard Contact Number Helpline Tips

Most Barclaycard phone number options begin toll-free 0800 or 03. However, in some cases, the Barclaycard customer care has other numbers with different prefixes. Find the right number for your phone provider.

In addition, Barclaycard customer service has different numbers and each number has its own timelines. For example, the new customer helpline is open on Mondays to Sundays from 8am to 11pm and closed on bank holidays while the Barclaycard helpline is open 7 days a week from 7am to midnight.

Also, the 0800 or 03 number can be accessed only when you are in the UK. If you are calling from abroad, you should use the +44 number given in the list.

Barclaycard Customer Service
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  • this is a waste of time – yes im a customer – trying to contact scott miller head of customer services ? received a letter dated 5/11/2015 – which said application for a credit card refused, I used to have a card which was cleard on the 11/7/2011 .so am I on the black list or what .

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  • Horrible customer service and completely unreasonable and out of date security system.

  • Barclays closed my savings account, transferred all funds to some “dormant account”, explanation was that there was no activity for 3 years without informing me. I will never deal with Barclays again. Please run away and avoid this bank.

  • Other online banks are easier to use, but offer lower interest rates. But Barclay interest is good and i like their customer care.

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