Barclays Contact Number Helpline

Barclays Contact Number Helpline
Barclays Bank Customer Service

Barclays Bank UK Operation Hours

All Days 7:00AM - 11:00PM
Barclays Bank UK Routing Number
Voice recognition menu - no further details available

Barclays Phone Number Tips

Barclays Helpline UK Contact Number
Barclays Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 400 100
Barclays International +44 207 574 3060
Contact Barclays Telephone Banking 0345 734 5345
Barclays Contact Us Online 0345 600 2323

Barclays Overview

Barclays is a British institution that provides banking and financial services at a multinational level. The bank’s headquarters is in London from where it serves more than 48 million customers in around 50 countries. The estimated value of the total assets that the bank has is a whopping $2.42 trillion, thus making the bank the seventh largest in assets around the world.

The Barclays bank has been in operation for more than 325 years since its founding on November 17, 1690. The bank’s subsidiaries include Barclays Africa Group and Barclays bank. The Barclays bank has several divisions that include Barclaycard and Barclays Investment Bank as well as Barclays Wealth. The Barclays customer service is the right place to find reliable information about the company. The simple operation of the company can found in the link here.

Barclays Services

The products and services that Barclays bank has been providing throughout the 325-year history of operation broadly fall into categories such as retail banking, commercial banking, investment banking and investment management. All these services are available for individual, premier, business, and corporate customers. With Barclays contact number helpline, customers will be able to get more information on how the company operates.

Under personal Barclays online banking, the bank has a reward scheme where it awards customers for banking with it through a program that it calls Barclays Blue Rewards. You can Contact Barclays online, as a new or veteran customer. Moreover, 24/7 banking services are available through mobile, mobile phone, and telephone as well as in person.

The exclusivity of accounts and services is a feature of the premier Barclays helpline. Clients can always contact the company through Barclays customer service for more information.

Contact Barclays Customer Service

You can access all information on the main website. Customers are also free to get in touch with the bank through the Barclays Contact Us section. You can also reach the Barclays contact number helpline toll-free desk at 0800 400 100.

Barclays Contact Number Helpline

Write to Barclays Helpline

Without any delay, customers can write to 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP when planning to contact the company. The Barclays contact number helpline can also be of a great help if you want to ask for more information on the company.

Barclays Contact Number Helpline Tips

For all complaints, customers should feel free to contact Barclays through telephone or mobile phone. If you also encounter any problem with Barclayscard operation, the website is filled with helpful information. A visit to any of the bank’s branches in person is also highly advisable. For customers with BT lines, the calls will not cost more than 4.5p per minute, which they should pay in addition to a call set-up fee of 13.9p, which is affordable. Remember that Barclays customer service can as well help you find quick information on resolving any problem. If you are involved with social media networking, then simply follow the company on Twitter and Facebook. In fact, on the company’s website, you can find an easy solution to Barclayscard and other nagging issues.

All calls made to 0500, 0808, 0800 numbers for personal or business banking from any UK landline do not attract a fee. If your mobile plan has free minutes, calling 03 numbers will not attract any charge. If you do not have such plans, then be ready to pay what you normally spend when making calls to numbers with the 01 or 02 prefixes. Using this idea will also help you discover how Barclayscard operates.

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