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Sometimes we feel that we need to be connected, and linked to one another. Well, this might seem a little bit obvious but when you watch something on the television, you have your own opinions about the show, or the broadcaster, or just a guide on how to navigate through their channel.

In the UK, the most prominent public broadcasting systems include ITV, Channel 4, S4C and BBC. Public broadcasting is a tradition within the UK, aim to service the public. This article will be outlining a list of BBC contact numbers that will help you get in touch with BBC customer service. There will also be descriptions of other methods to contact BBC.

BBC Phone Number List

BBC Helpline UK Contact Number
BBC Customer Service 0370 010 0222
Audience Services 0370 010 0400
Radio 1 0370 010 0100
Radio 2 0500 288 291
BBC Watchdog Contact 0800 026 0034
BBC Radio 5 Live 0500 909 693
Breakfast 0370 010 0125
BBC Newswatch Program 0370 010 6676

BBC Customer Service

bbc online services

BBC Customer Service is open to all.

BBC customer service desk can be reached through the BBC contact number 0370 010 0222. Through this helpline, you can submit any general enquiries regarding the BBC channels on the television, radio, or online. Their representatives will provide you with the most relevant information related to your enquiry. This BBC phone number is open for calls from 7.30a.m. to midnight daily.

Still, should you feel the need to send them a text message, this can be conveniently done through this SMS line 81333.

Customer services desk offers elaboration to the caller, things will be better clarified and the end result is that you get what you are looking for. It is a faster way to ask questions and get answers. You can also reach out to BBC support team by sending a letter to this address:

BBC Helpline London, 2nd Floor
Peel Wing
BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place

Email Support

BBC Contact Number

Email system will simplify your work, and will help you break through some of the uncertainties that come along if you place a call to any of the BBC helplines. One thing for sure is that emails are safe and fast. If you are fonder of submitting your general enquiries or any other specific questions regarding the BBC broadcast, you can always look for their full email information on the BBC Contact Us page.

BBC Audience Services

BBC News Contact

Customer feedback is always appreciated. BBC set up an Audience Services department to filter and handle all suggestions, comments, appreciation, and enquiries that are submitted to them. They are also here to provide support for any issues that are related to programming, ticketing, and how to obtain BBC output for the customers. BBC will also receive daily audience feedback by this department.

If you wish to file a complaint or make a comment about BBC, please contact BBC phone number for Audience services on 0370 010 0400. Be assured that BBC will take each and every one of you seriously and attempt to apply your comments to their broadcast.

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 focuses on raw talents that have yet to be discovered and new stars support. To listen to the UK official charts for the most popular music in the country, you only need to tune your radio the BBC Radio 1. This radio channel is also the main host for prominent DJs like Nick Grimshaw and Pete Tong. You will also be hearing programs such as Radio 1’s Live Lounge and the famous Essential Mix.

The BBC contact number for Radio 1 is 0370 010 0100. However, this is only reachable when the DJs ask for callers or if they are running competitions. Otherwise, please refrain from dialling this number and it will be busy.

You are encouraged to contact BBC via texting, emailing, or tweeting. They receive numerous emails, texts, and tweets in a day, but their support team does try to respond as soon as possible. Follow their Facebook or Twitter to get regular updates or get in touch with Radio 1. You can also visit their help page to look for their email address and drop them an email. Submission of enquiries can easily be done by texting 81199. If you wish to contact a specific DJ or a show, visit their DJ page.

BBC Radio 2

You are probably familiar with BBC Radio 2, given that it is the most famous radio channel right now in the country. Despite the all-time airing of prominent music like Taylor Swift and Maroon 5, they are also known to mix it up with culture and a diverse range of specialist music, documentaries, and comedy to spice things up a little. You will also get to hear famous presenters presenting on the radio channel, such as Simon Mayo, Claudia Winkleman, and Paul O’Grady.

BBC Radio 2 pretty much plays everything, from classic to mainstream pop music. Their team of music experts, including Jamie Cullum, Bob Harris, Trevor Nelson, and Paul Jones enables to make a run of expert radio coverage for a little over forty years.

You are welcome to reach out to this specific radio channel by calling the BBC phone number 0500 288 291.

BBC Radio 5 Live


If you are sports fans, you will definitely want to get on Radio 5 Live for the latest news about sports news that are happening daily. They are also the main BBC radio platform that broadcast breaking news in the shortest amount of time. When there is nothing to report, you will be getting entertainment through the programs they have developed to inform and involve the audience.

The BBC contact number for BBC Radio 5 Live is 0500 909 693. BBC agents will happily receive your feedback and offer you solutions once engaged. If you wish to reach out to a specific show or presenter, you can look for their full contact information on the BBC Get In Touch page.

BBC Watchdog Contact

BBC Watchdog Contact

Watchdog is a BBC program that looks into viewers’ reports of problematic experiences with traders, retailers, and other companies across the UK. It is known for raising awareness among consumers about their rights and the workings of the corporate world, making them more careful and knowledgeable in dealings.

It has the longstanding slogan “the programme you cannot afford to miss”. Their motto is to expose the “rogues letting viewers down.” This program is the best opportunity for the audience to report and share their own stories and allow the broadcast to let your stories be known to the world.

Get in touch with BBC Watchdog contact on 0800 026 0034 toll-free to share your stories and opinions to the hosts and crew behind this exemplary series.

BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast News

Wake up in the morning, turn on the television, and you will see reliable hosts on the BBC breakfast reporting a combination of breaking news, daily news, sport, weather, business, and feature items. This program is simultaneously on air on both BBC One and BBC News every morning. They encourage audience response via social media, emails, and phone calls.

Contact BBC Breakfast through the BBC Watchdog Contact 0370 010 0125 to offer your views and provide suggestions if you wish to. Email submissions are also encouraged; their full email information is available on the BBC Contact Us page.

BBC Newswatch

For those who are very interested in the world of media journalism, you must know the name, Samira Ahmed. She is the renowned host on BBC Newswatch, aiming to allow viewers and listeners right-of-reply for BBC News.

If you wish to offer opinions and views about the program and the news that have been reported on BBC News, feel free to reach out through the BBC phone number on 0370 010 6676.

Contact BBC via social media

Contact BBC via Social Media
Social media is extensively growing and so many people are influenced to use the social media platforms to air their views. Still, BBC customer service can be easily accessed through these platforms. One thing is for sure, no matter how small your view, your complaint or your suggestion is, it will be heard and warmly received through their social media accounts.

BBC Overview

BBC Logo

As the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation, BBC, stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, is British’s first government-funded public service broadcasting corporation. They hold the record for the largest employee count in a broadcasting company. Given that they are a public service organisation, they refrain from selling advertising time, and provide extensive radio, television, and online services. Their vision is to “inform, educate, and entertain.”

As of today, they are the host of a wide array of news and entertainment programs, like BBC news, entertainment, including Sherlock, and educational publications through electronic mediums like television, radio, and the internet. They are rather an important broadcaster, especially for countries that are involved in the British Commonwealth. BBC has become pioneer broadcaster worldwide and for their quality broadcasting in the realm of media journalism, and their program structure is unparalleled.

BBC has established six public purposes that they are adamant in delivering to satisfy public viewers: sustaining citizenship and civil society, promoting education and learning, stimulating creativity and cultural excellence, representing the UK and its communities, bringing the world to the UK and the UK to the world, and delivering to the public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services.

Following are the means to reach out to BBC customer service:

  • Contact BBC phone numbers listed above
  • Post a letter to their mailbox
  • Drop an email in their inbox
  • Social media


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