Beauty Bay Contact Number

Beauty Bay Contact Number
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Customers are the heart of every business. Without customers, there would be no business. Thus, every executive no matter the business you are specialising in, you will need to do whatever it takes to make your consumers happy. Beauty Bay have an e-commerce website that displays a catalogue of products. If you are looking for trendy fashions and beauty products, Beauty Bay is the place to visit. The company is dedicated to maintaining a healthy relationship with their customers. We are all aware that happy customers not only revisit, but they make your business boom by recommending friends.

If you are searching for a channel to communicate to Beauty Bay Customer Service, then you have visited the right page. You will find very hard to find Beauty Bay Phone Number on the post. Everything that you read in this post is not only exciting but also helpful as you will find some details on the products they sell. If you are searching for more method to contact customer care, proceed to Beauty Bay Customer Service page.

Beauty Bay Number List

 Beauty Bay Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
 Beauty Bay Customer Service  0161 848 4480
 Beauty Bay Tracking  0161 797 5757
 Beauty Bay Head Office  0161 848 4480
 Beauty Bay Complaints  0161 848 4480
 Beauty Bay UK Discount Code  0161 797 5757
 Beauty Bay Promotional Code  0161 797 5757
 Beauty Bay Free Returns  0161 848 4480
 Beauty Bay Free Delivery Code  0161 797 5757
 Beauty Bay Next Day Delivery UK  0161 797 5757
 Beauty Bay Shipping  0161 797 5757
 Beauty Bay First Order Discount  0161 848 4480
 Beauty Bay International Shipping  0161 848 4480
 Beauty Bay Damaged Item  0161 848 4480

Beauty Bay Customer Service

beauty bay customer service

In every field, competition is stiff. Beauty Bay is aware of the competition and has improved their services and products. While maintain a high level of satisfaction among customers have proven to be a great ordeal to most companies, Beauty Bay seems to handle it smoothly. They are more dedicated to providing quality services and products as their consumers like it. To measure how people feel about them and to improve their goods and services, they analyse the feedback given to them on their website or other affiliates pages.

For any enquiries, suggestions, opinions and complaints, dial Beauty Bay Customer Service Number 0161 848 4480. The number has the shortest wait time. Once you ring, they will receive, listens carefully and then provide a solution to the query you have asked them. Beauty Bay Customer are brilliant! If you like brands, they got the latest makeup that will work the tricks on you. Customers can also ring the above number if they are stuck with a product or having an issue with their online accounts.

Customers who are calling to make an enquiry should have the right details at hand as the support team may ask for them. Are you in the UK and want to have your products delivered at the doorsteps? Dial Beauty Bay contact number UK above. Please have in mind that all the line are operational from Mon-Friday 9.00AM – 5.00PM.  Don’t bother to call on Saturdays, Sundays or any UK Bank holidays as they are closed.

If you have a laptop and a stable internet connection, you can avoid the hassle of making phone calls and get assistance online. Using a trusted browser, visit Beauty Bay Customer service page. Their response is first. On the page, you can also utilise the FAQs section before reaching for help from a human agent.

Beauty Bay Tracking

Did you order some products online? To make it convenient for their consumers, Beauty Bay introduced a tracking system where you can check the status of your orders. Having over 12,000 products in their catalogue, the tracking system has come as a benefit to buyers. In case you are having troubles tracking your order, dial Beauty Bay Tracking 0161 797 5757. This number comes in handy especially if you were shipping and hadn’t received any products yet.

Have the details of your products at hand such as the order number, as the agent on the phone will request for it and perform a quick search.  In case you had scheduled a given date for the skins products to arrive and they have delayed, call the number.

Beauty Bay Head Office

Do you have an enquiry or a complaint that you want to make with the department? To speak to an executive, dial Beauty Bay Head Office 0161 848 4480 for any resolutions. Don’t get stuck with any product that doesn’t interest you! Customers who have his issue resolved amicably, call the number and they will connect you to the right person. Sometimes when you call the Beauty Bay helpline support, your call may be returned to the helpdesk if they have already found a solution.

Apart from using the Beauty Bay Contact Number, customers can demonstrate their writing skills by sending a written letter. It’s an effective method as it gives the Beauty Bay Customer Service time to address you a question. However, we recommend other swift channels when it comes to complicated issues.

Draft and send to the postal address below:

Beauty Bay mailing address.

12th Floor, 5 Exchange Quay, Salford M5 3EF, UK

Beauty Bay Discount Code UK

beauty bay discounts code

With the current digitalized world, many people like to shop online. One benefit of being able to buy online is that you get more offers and discounts codes than the individual who visits the store.  To ensure that the UK resident receives products, they have discounts codes. If you would like to purchase a product that has a rebate code, call Beauty Bay Discount Code UK Customer Service 0161 797 5757. The number is also available for customers who wants to know whether the products they require are on discount codes.

Apart from the discounts codes, Beauty Bay rewards their customers with promotional codes. In case you receive a promotional code, call Beauty Bay promotional code helpline 0161 797 5757 and discuss the brands that are available on promotion. Please remember that promotional code is varied once they have been approved and not all the brand products can be bought via discount codes.

Customers can also be rewarded with gift cards prices on their sweepstakes.

Beauty Bay Free Delivery & Returns

Do you want to have the goods delivered to your doorstep? Call Beauty Bay Next Day Delivery UK 0161 797 5757 and schedule a delivery on the products you ordered.  As a way of returning to their customers, Beauty Bay introduced delivery codes that give you free delivery of your products within the UK. However, if you are outside the UK, call above Beauty Bay Contact Number and have the products shipped and pick them to your preferred destination.

In case you did like the products you received, you can always make a return. Beauty Bay has the best and user-friendly policy on the goods. They have given their customers a guarantee period of 14 days. If a product doesn’t work on you, call Beauty Bay Free Returns Customer Service Number 0161 848 4480 and learns if the good will be accepted. After the 14th day you, can’t return any goods. Please have your receipt ready before making a return.

Beauty Bay First Order Discount

Are you a new customer? Is this your first order? If the answer is yes, then you are a lucky shopper. You can have your goods discounted during your first order. Dial Beauty Bay First Order Discount Customer Service 0161 848 4480 and learn how you can get goods on discounts. You should also call the number to confirm what goods you can purchase on discounts.

Customers should also dial the above number if they are having issues making their first order on their online account. The support team are dedicated to providing the satisfaction and, they will instruct you on how to order or make payment online.

Beauty Bay Complaints Department

With so over 10 000 different products and brands, there are bound to be some constraints in service delivery. Customers may experience problems when it comes to delivery, payment or the products itself. Whenever you are dissatisfied with the products, make a quick ring to Beauty Bay complaints Department telephone number 0161 848 4480

Always remember to have the details that may assist the Beauty Bay Customer care to understand your problem and provide a solution. If you received damaged goods, you can also call Beauty Bay damaged item contact 0161 848 4480 and have them replace the item.

Follow Beauty Bay on Social Media

beauty bay facebook page

Many customers prefer social platforms to have their issues resolved. To match up with their customers, they have set up social platforms that are heavily monitored by their support team. We have reduced the hassle and provided you with the links. When choosing these channels, you can either send a message or post on their social walls.

Social platforms are a perfect way to keep up with the latest updates and Beauty Bay deals. You can check them on:

Beauty Bay Overview

If you are an addict of shopping online, then you probably have stumbled across the Beauty Bay online platform.  Beauty Bay -former is a leading platform for selling skin products, Makeup, hair products and range of top brand products. Established back in 1899, the company specialised in selling product from the big company but, they have extensively increased their collection to more than 10,000 products. Find more detail on their website.

Due to their exemplary customer service, Beauty Bay receives thousands of customers. They have a fantastic user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. With the help of the Beauty Bay support team, you will have the best experience with the assistance group. Various methods have been set for getting in touch with the customer service. These includes:

  • Contact via Beauty Bay Phone Number provided on this post.
  • Online help on Beauty Bay Customer Service.
  • Follow and post on their social platforms.
  • Write a letter to the head office
  • Open a Beauty Bay online account.
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