Betfair Contact Numbers

Betfair Contact Numbers
Betfair Customer Service

Betfair UK Operation Hours

All Days 7.30 am - 12.30 am

All Services is a company dedicated to guiding you through adequate contact information for different companies all over the UK. If you were looking for ways to get in touch with Betfair, considered to be the world’s largest online betting place, you have certainly landed on the right page. In the following work, we have compiled contact information for Betfair, which you would probably need to get in touch with them for various matters.

Betfair Phone Tips

Betfair Departments UK Contact Number
Betfair Customer Service 0344 871 0000
Betfair International +44 (0)203 059 8888
Betfair Telephone Betting 0844 871 5000
Betfair Ireland
Betfair Customer Service Free +353 1800 944 000
Betfair Telephone Betting Free +353 1800 719 915

Betfair Customer Service

Betfair twitter page as customer service

Betfair has highly efficient and responsive customer support team at your service. To get in touch with them, contact at the Betfair customer service number 0344 871 0000. They will be answering your queries regarding your account, meaning if there is some security issue or you are not able to log in, relating to the cash withdrawals and betting help. If you there is some term that you saw on their website relating to betting but are not sure about it, you can give them a call for further clarification. Issues and queries relating to deposit, promotional offers, sports up for betting and any other extra information that you wish to have can be learned if you get in touch with their skilled staff at the aforementioned number.

They are available for your help seven days a week from 7.30 am – 12.30 am. Therefore, for resolving any confusion, easing any reservations and asking them more about their betting procedures, if needed, be sure to give them a call during the hours mentioned. They usually will take 30 seconds before answering your phone.

Betfair International

Betters outside of the UK do not need to worry at all either. For every Betfair customer living outside of the UK and Ireland, the Betfair international number +44 (0)203 059 8888 can come in handy. All your queries with respect to the betting services, the areas where they let you bet, policy on deposit and withdrawals, and management of your account at Betfair will be answered by their trained customer support staff at the given number. If you need help with navigating their website or are having trouble with putting up a bet or unable to go live at the casino, you can give them a call and all your worries will be addressed.

Betfair Telephone Betting

Not comfortable betting online? Well, you can always go for the Betfair telephone betting number 0844 871 5000 and put your bet over the telephone! Betfair has immensely easy ways for you to make your bet so should not worry about it. However, it should be noted that there is a minimum stake of £50 or €50 per bet. Also, have your telephone account number (TAN) in hand when making a bet via telephone. Since you will be betting through your account at Betfair only, you will be needing to tell your name and TAN for rapid access to your account when calling at the telephone betting helpdesk. So next time when you want to bet over the phone, you know which number to dial!

Betfair Ireland Customer Service

For Betfair customers located in Ireland, the Betfair Ireland customer service free number +353 1800 944 000 will be operational. You can learn about any of the aspects you are not clear on with respect to their betting services, for instance about how online betting works, the minimum you need to deposit in your Betfair account to be able to bet, or how to withdraw the cash on the bets you have won and so on and so forth. If you cannot log in and want to amend your username or password, reaching out to the representatives at this number would be beneficial. Basically, they are at your service for absolutely anything you need them for, in respects which cover their area of expertise.

Betfair Ireland Telephone Betting

If you are a better based in Ireland, wishing to bet through Betfair, you need to contact the representatives at the Betfair Ireland telephone betting free number +353 1800 719 915. They will be taking your bets on the phone but before you are able to do so, you will need to tell them your name and TAN. The TAN will be accessible to you via your account tab on the Betfair website. You can put your bet on absolutely anything they have made available for betting. It is just a phone call away with this number!

Betfair Head Office Address

There is a possibility that you would want to visit the Betfair officials in person. They have their head office in London, at the address mentioned below. You can reach out to them at the address for serious issues and or in case you have a bet that needs immediate settling. In case you have a corporate correspondence to forward, it will be done on the same address, just addressed to Betfair Corporate Communications. To enquire more intensely about their business, you can pay them a visit.

Betfair, Winslow Rd, London, W6 9HP, United Kingdom

Betfair Alternate Contact Details

Betfair has enabled you to reach them via other means except for the telephone as well. Even though it is highly unlikely that you would not be able to reach them via telephone, if such is the case, you can use any of the following channels to reach them.

Betfair Customer Service Email

If you are good at writing and have something to enquire about with respect to the betting services Betfair is providing, you can drop them an email at [email protected]. You can surely ask for additional details regarding their betting procedure, on phone and online, about what sports they are offering bet for, inform them of issues you probably might be facing while withdrawing cash or depositing. Whatever it is that you need to communicate to them, they will be available to you through email as well. Just mention your message very comprehensively, with your name and contact information. They will usually take about 2 – 4 hours before they reply to your email.

Betfair Complaints Email

Betfair is very careful not to cause any inconvenience to its customers. However, in case there is some, their customer service team will try their level best to rectify it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if the problem is not solved, and rather enhanced you can escalate the issue via email at [email protected]. Their management team will be reviewing the issue then. It is advisable you mention your username in the email, while also incorporating the details of the prior correspondence you have had with them regarding the issue.

Betfair Sportsbook Email

Betfair Sportsbook betting

If you have gone through the sportsbook rules and regulations that the Betfair has laid out and has any questions or reservations with respect to it, you can email them at [email protected]. You can ask for clarification of any point that it is not clear to you. Moreover, you can also email them if there is an issue with the setting of the bet and you are not satisfied. You should state your grievances in detail so that the action can be taken accordingly.

At first, you would want to check the Sportsbook rules and regulations page to learn what they actually are. Later, for any queries relating to the Betfair sportsbook, and the rules and regulations, you know where to email. You can also give them a call at the relevant customer service number.

Betfair Communications Email

If you are interested in learning about how they operate, you can email Betfair at [email protected]. All their business enquiries that you have can come to a resolution if you contact them through the mentioned email address. Media or press people, or other relevant businesses can make use of it. Basically, for operational insights into the betting business that the Betfair has, the aforementioned email is the key to learning about it.

Betfair Forum Email

For better interaction between betters and to gain insight into what their customers have to say about different betting domains they have, there is a Betfair forum. To learn about how it works and who can be a part of it, email at Betfair forum email [email protected]. It is very specific to the forum related queries, so make sure your queries related to the services offered by Betfair are not emailed there. However, if you see something disturbing on the forum, or you want to clarify something a better has said, the email can come in handy. The forum is available for all kinds of discussions on all their betting services.

Betfair Live Chat

Betfair Contact Page showing contact details

You can also reach the customer services at Betfair using the live chat option on their contact page. This is the channel you can opt for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Hence, if you want instant resolution, you can chat with them live. However, you will need to access your Betfair account to be able to do that. But in the end, any question that you have will be answered satisfactorily. All that you could have done using their telephone number, can be done by having a live chat with them as well.

Betfair Contact Tips

Apart from all the contact details discussed earlier, there are Betfair social media networks where they answer queries and address concerns from their beloved customers. They frequently update their customers about the promotional offers, job openings, news and happenings at Betfair through these platforms too. Therefore, join them to stay connected:

Betfair customer service number for Twitter

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