Big Motoring World Contact Number

Big Motoring World Contact Number
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

All Days 08.30 - 21.00 pm

Find everything you want to know about Big Motoring World company on this page. Big Motoring World is a company that has been existence for 2 decades and specialises in selling used BMWs, Mercedes and Audi. It is the largest used top model car, specialist. It’s difficult to find contact details for Big Motoring World but we have reduced the hassle for you. This post has comprehensive and well-detailed instruction on how to contact the Big Motoring World Customer Service, including the UK residents number. If you have queries or complaints on services and products offered, use the Big Motoring World Contact Number provided by this site. We also recommend customers with a good internet connection can use Big Motoring World contact us page and directly chat with customer service.

Big Motoring World Number List

 Big Motoring World Helpline  UK Contact Number
 Big Motoring World Customer Service  0163 424 4211
 Big Motoring World Complaints  0163 424 8638
 Big Motoring World Warranty Helpline  0163 424 4211
 Big Motoring World Finance Deals  0163 493 4841
 Big Motoring World Collection Centre  0163 424 4211
 Big Motoring World Warranty 2000 Helpline  0163 424 4211
 Big Motoring World Delivery  0163 462 4476
 Big Motoring World Car Warranty Number  0163 424 4211
 Big Motoring World Discount  0163 493 4841
 Big Motoring World Test Drive  0163 462 4353
Big Motoring World Head Office Numbers  0163 424 8638
 Big Motoring World Guarantee Helpline  0163 462 4476
 Big Motoring World Drive Away Insurance  0163 462 4476

Big Motoring World Customer Service

Customers are free to get in touch with support agent through Big Motoring World Customer Service Number 0163 424 4211. Big Motoring World will provide their customers with very slick, friendly and professional services. If you have queries regarding any BWM series, Audi, Ferrari, Land Rover, or Volkswagen, don’t hesitate to dial the above number.

Please have in mind that the number is available from 8.30 am until 9 pm. The call centre closes after that and attempts to call beyond their operational hours will leave you frustrated.

For after sales services, you can call the above number. The after services include insurance, car services, repairs and more. Let your car look as new by dialling Big Motoring World helpline provided above.

When dialling the support team, make sure you have the right details at hand as the agent may request for them. Having them will make it easy for the customer services to easily assist you.

Are you a UK resident? If yes, then this is post will surely benefit you. To request used car services in the UK, just dial Big Motoring World Contact Number UK 0163 424 8638. The company has hundreds of workers to aid in services delivery. In case you want a technician help, use the above number for immediate assistance. You won’t be disappointed!

If you prefer, you can get assistance online. Yes! All you have to do is visit Big Motoring World contact us page. A dialogue box will be displayed “I’m available to chat now” will be displayed to you. Start a conversation with an agent. Give the specification of a prestigious car that you desire to purchase and they will present to the best offers and deals available.

Big Motoring World Head Office

Big motoring world centre

When you prefer to contact the head office, there are various channels that you may opt to use. However, the channel you choose depends solely on the urgency of the issue you want to be addressed. The fastest method is using Big Motoring World Phone Number while the slowest is letter drafting.

The customer can phone Big Motoring World Head Office Numbers 0163 424 8638 to speak to the customer executives. If you would avoid the hassle of using the Big Motoring World Helpline, you can use a written letter to address your questions. Though this method is not popular to most of the customers it is effective and accepted by the company.

Finally, if you did have any luck while communicating with the above methods, why don’t you pay a visit to their head office. Use the below address to visit or to post your letter:

Big Motoring World.

London Rd, West Malling ME19 5SH, UK

Big Motoring World Warranty 2000 Helpline

Wondering how Big Motoring World maintains its position as the best used car dealers in the UK? Here is the reason, Big Motoring World Warrant 2000 policies. The top dealers provide warrant covers their customers as after-sale services. If you have inquiries regarding your warrant policy, call Big Motoring World Warranty 2000 Helpline 0163 424 4211.

After buying a car at a great price, you are free to drive off adventuring the world. However, whenever you encounter a breakdown, reach out for help from their support personnel. Dial the above Big Motoring World Car Warranty Number. Please remember to have the following details at hand:

  • The warrant information.
  • Your car registration.
  • Current address.
  • Means through which they will communicate with you.

Get a fantastic warranty deal with Big Motoring World!

Big Motoring World Finance Deals Number

Buying a car can be easy! Big Motoring World has made it easy and straightforward by introducing competitive prices and to add on hassle free services. To connect with the finance department, customers should dial Big Motoring World Finance Deals Number 0163 493 4841.

 Using the number, you can arrange deals on cars that meet your needs. If you want to pay for after sales services, use the above number and you will be linked to the finance department.

While thinking about buying your dream car at Big Motoring World, have in mind that you don’t need to break a bank. Customers can get any brand using instalments. However, to make payment plans, speak with an agent using the above number. Also, the Big Motoring World Phone Number can be used to get instructions on how to make payment on any deal made online.

Big Motoring World Test Drive

big motoring world used cars

Want to have a test drive before buying? You can contact Big Motoring World Test Drive Phone Number 0163 462 4353 and schedule a test drive. If you prefer you can also book online.

Whatever the car you have chosen, you can always book a test drive from any an agent. Using the above phone Number, you can easily book a drive. If you prefer to test the thrilling of any brand, you can also use other methods such as postal address and social platform to make bookings. Buy the experience!

Big Motoring World Delivery Contact Number

Big motoring world is having more than 800 cars displayed on their website. Once a customer has made his/her choice, he can have the car delivered. They will ensure what you have ordered arrive in good conditions. As a matter of fact, customers who dial Big Motoring World Delivery Contact Number 0163 462 4476 can have car exported.

To have more details on how to export used car, kindly proceed to their export page. However, with the above Big Motoring World Helpline, it’s fast to enquire from the support team about any delivery, including tracking your purchase. Remember to have the personal details and any other information that relates to the delivery to save time both for you and the agent.

Big Motoring World Collection Centre

big motoring world collection centre

The company offers used cars, cars that are nearly new and also new brands in their store. They have more cars at their collection Centre. When you choose the car and make the billing, you can dial Big Motoring World Collection Centre Telephone Number 0163 424 4211.

Customers can use the number to arrange a collection point of the vehicle. However, you are recommended to set the collection to be any company’s collection centres. The line is open up to 9 pm.

Big Motoring World Complaints

big motoring world complaints

Are you dissatisfied with the services provided? Did you receive a faulty vehicle? Would you like to shop again at the company? Big Motoring World is more concerned with making their customers happy. They welcome any feedback, negative or positive which aid in bettering their products and more so service delivery.

Call the Big Motoring World phone number 0163 424 4211 and make a report. The number is the fastest way to have your issues resolved. If you have hearing and speech impairments, let the customers be aware of your problems by drafting a letter and posting to the head office address or start a live chat on contact us page.

Follow Big Motoring World on Social Media

Other than the Big Motoring World helpline provided by the site, you can also have your queries, opinions, feedbacks and complaints channelled via the social platform. Leave a message at any of their social platforms and they will respond as soon as they receive it. Also, via the social platforms the customers are always updated on the happenings, deals happening with the company. Visit:

Big Motoring World Overview

Big Motoring World is the largest independent company selling used quality vehicles. Used BMW. Used Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Ferrari name them, and worth mentioning is at an affordable price. It’s the largest UK company with almost new cars. Their parking lot is congested with 2000 BMWs not to mention the other quality brands. Other than being a home for used cars, they also provide other after sales services such as insurance, repairs, and more.

Big Motoring World Customer Service were the winners of Motor Trader Award for Best Independent Used Car Retailer in the year 2010. They are dedicated to providing the best customer service to their customers. They are trained to handle any queries you have small or big.

It’s reassuring to know that every time you need assistance, the Big Motoring World Customer care are there to assist you. To make it easy to their customers, the various method can be used to communicate to the support team. These includes:

  • Big Motoring World Contact Number provided by the site.
  • Drafting and sending a letter.
  • Converse live with the support team using contact us page.
  • Contact customer care via social platforms.
  • Visit their collection centre.


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