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When you are traveling, you need a place to stay in. It wouldn’t be much of a travel – a break from the usual lives you lead – if you can’t even feel comfortable and have a place you can go back to take a rest. It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment or a hotel room, you just want comfort.

It can be difficult to look for suitable accommodations overseas because their websites like to sugarcoat their services and you could be in for a rude awakening when you finally make it there. This is where holidays come in, a portal where you can book the best accommodations online and be assured that everything is as good as they say in the descriptions.

This post will be a guide to the phone numbers to get in touch with them. car hire, reservations, whatever you need, you can find them in this article. You can head on over to the official website to explore the opportunities provided. Phone Number List Helpline UK Contact Number Customer Service 0203-564-6725
Calls from outside UK +44 203-320-2609
Hotel Support Team 0203-684-7923 Telephone Number for Offices 0208-612-8000
Fax Number (Bristol, London, Cambridge) 0208-612-8005
Fax Number (Edinburgh) 0131-247-3599 Customer Service customer support smiling

Life does not come with scripts, so there’s no reason that customer service should either. customer service thrives on their ability to come up with the appropriate words as they go, believing that they do not need scripts to provide outstanding service. They want the customers to feel that they are communicating with real people, having real conversations.

As an accommodation booking portal that operates worldwide, they understand that people of different cultures and languages will be in touch with them. Hence, all of customer service team members are made up of different cultures, speaking different languages, so that their customers will not face any difficulties trying to communicate with them.

Despite their differences, they are united by one ultimate mission: to help travellers experience the world. They will go the extra mile to make sure that everything is in order so that their customers can have a good stay when they are at their destination. They want to be the one voice their customers will remember, that puts them at ease, and make their holidays worthwhile.

Unfortunately, you can’t make any reservations by calling. But their website is easy and interactive, so you definitely won’t find any trouble placing a reservation with the portal.

If you have any general enquiries about holidays, feel free to submit them by calling telephone number on 0203-564-6725. In case you are already abroad, but you still have questions, you can contact their international number on +44 203-320-2609. You can also request for a car hire through these numbers if you wish to.

These contact numbers are online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also send an email to their customer care inbox by filling out this online form.

You are advised to visit the FAQ web page to look for answers to your queries before you get in touch with their customer support team. for Business

The portal is user-friendly and informative, even for the business actors. Their goal is to provide business travellers with the most accessible and cost-effective way of discovering and booking with the broadest selection of accommodations in every corner of the world. for Business was built with thorough research. They learned that business travellers while travelling with the main purpose of business, they also want to have some fun while they are at it. Business travellers want to perform their bookings as efficiently as possible so that all these bookings and searching will not interrupt their usual work time. Travel budgets and headcounts are also taken into account while they are placing their bookings so that they can have a full understanding of the total expenses of their travels.

Armed with the knowledge they have gathered from their research, built a special portal for business travellers with the vision of a product that could help their target audience accomplish their goals with much more ease as compared to other portals. The end product is a successful site with end-to-end user flow and interactive accessibility.

You can always contact the phone numbers for their customer service team for clarifications about their business-focused website. Or you can head on to the official for Business website to get a handle of the portal yourself, which you will find to be quite easy. If you wish to make a reservation for your business travel, you should visit this website.

If you feel that there can be something more to be done because of dissatisfaction with the services they have provided, feel free to lodge a complaint by calling their support team. Reservations text

You can have a peace of mind when you place a booking on the portal. They will have their agents handle everything for you and send you the necessary paperwork and documents. And you just have to pack up your bags and go.

However, there may come the occasional times when you may encounter unprecedented issues. If that moment ever comes to you, do not panic first, because provides a support service for such problems as well. After all, they are not the worldwide renowned accommodation booking portal for no reason. They are always available to assist you with your problems at your booked accommodations.

The helpline to call when you encounter issues is 0203-684-7923. Enquiries about your reservation can be submitted by dialling this number. You don’t have to worry about not being able to reach them, because this number is online all day, seven days a week. Individual Offices Contact office

In the UK, has set up a set of branch offices in Bristol, London, Cambridge and Edinburgh. They can provide easy access to their customers in the country. Their offices are meant to be interactive and comfortable for both the employees and the customers.

You can always get in touch with the contact number for their UK offices on 0208-612-8000. You will be connected to the office you wish to reach and speak to an agent in no time.

You can lodge a complaint to their office as well, and they will do their best to help you rectify your issues. Headquarters

There is also an option for you to mail your letter of enquiries to the offices if you wish to.

The address for their Bristol office is:

1 Redcliff Street
United Kingdom

Your letter to the London office can be mailed to this address:

5th Floor
the Place
175 High Holborn London
United Kingdom

For Cambridge office, send your letter to this address:

Block 3 & 4
Westbrook Centre Milton Road
United Kingdom

Feel free to send your letter to this Edinburgh office address:

2nd Floor
Charlotte House
2 South Charlotte Street
Scotland, United Kingdom

Career Opportunities

Innovation and new knowledge pretty much make up the lifeblood of They are always on the lookout for new talents and fresh blood to help them improve their workings and make everything easier for both the staff team and their customers.

In addition, you should not feel bad about yourself if something that you are working on fails, because is always open to experimentation and failures. Constant experimentation and continuous refinement are how they usually try to make better changes to their portal, and if they fail, they will see it as valuable learning experiences and look for other ways.

As of today, there are 13,000 people happily employed by, and they want you to join them. If you are looking for a career with innovative and mind-blowing experiences, why not consider joining You can look for vacancies on their Jobs website. And if you are interested, feel free to get in touch with the telephone numbers provided above and seek clarification.

Contact via Social Media glassdoor

As a business that works entirely off the internet, understands the impact that social media has on everyone. Thus, they have set up a number of social network outlets that can provide customers with constant updates about their portal, and give customer easy access to their customer service team. You can easily submit an enquiry or file a complaint through their social media accounts. Overview logo

Looking for an accessible website to easily book an accommodation overseas? is right here for you.

They are an online accommodation booking website that was conceptualised back in 1996 in Enschede. While they are based in Amsterdam and owned by the American-based Priceline, has spread worldwide and they have established offices everywhere, including the UK. They have contracted over 1,000,000 properties globally. Each day, they can deal with more than 900,000 room reservations. The website itself is available in a total of 41 languages. is a portal that attracts both personal and business users, due to their exceptional services and honesty. They always provide the most transparent overviews of the properties they are under contract with, giving their customers a clear idea on which accommodation will suit them best. Not only that, they also offer extra services such as car hires to ease their customers’ travels.

Following are the means to get in touch with holidays:

  • Call the telephone numbers provided in the list above
  • Find their complete contact information on the Contact Us page
  • Write a letter
  • Send an email
  • Download the mobile applications
  • Social media
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