Bright House Contact Number

Bright House Contact Number
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday Closed

Bright House is the leading UK electronic and furniture rental shop in the UK. It’s a place where you can discover new furniture, entertainment, technology and more products. Bright House is one rent to own shop, renowned by most of the UK residents due to their weekly payments and discounts. In case you already have the Bright House Phone Number, we have discussed better tips that will assist you to get results from your call. In case you are viewing from a mobile device, you can tap any of the Bright House Telephone Number, and it will sail you through to the customer service desk.

Bright House Number List

 Bright House Helpline  UK Contact Number
 Bright House Customer Service Free Number  0800 526 069
 Bright House Media Inquiries  0207 404 5959
 Bright House Head Office and Jobs 0192 348 8200
 Bright House Fax 0192 348 8202

Bright House Customer Service

bright house customer service

If you would like to shop at Bright House, you will find good brands at low Prices! Find all the top qualities products both at their physical and online store. To accompany their many products, the company has brilliant and exemplary services. In case you have an enquiry that is related to the company or any of their product, ring Bright House customer service Number 0800 526 069 which is free.

The line is open during their operational hours that is Mon- Sat from 9 am – 5.30pm. Please note that they remain open even during the lunch break. However, they are closed on Sundays, and if you have any enquiry to make on Sunday, you can use other methods such as online account or email and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you in the UK and wants to enquire about any product or services? You don’t have to worry about the time you dial the UK Helpline as the number is flexible. The agents who are at the end of the phone are highly trained to handle queries or problems related to the company. They are always ready, and the timing is always perfect. Customers don’t have to wait for long in the line.

If you have hearing or speech impairment, you don’t have to struggle expressing yourself through any of the Bright House helpline support. You can write down your queries or complaints and send to their offices. Customers who have internet access can seek assistance online. On a secure device, visit the Bright House Contact us page and chat with a client agent.  On the page, you will also find other details that can be helpful in contacting the customer service.

We recommend that before contacting the customer care, visit the Frequently Asked Questions sections for a ready answer. If your questions are not responded to, you can proceed using the above-discussed channels.

Bright House Media Inquiries

You can be in touch with Andy Porter or Oliver Hughes from the Bright House Media team. You can option to send a written inquiry or you can call the Bright House Media phone number  0207 404 5959. Please note that this line is only available Monday through Friday. You can also contact the Bright House Corporate centre via the post:

Head Office
5 Hercules Way
Leavesden Park
WD25 7GS

Bright House Beds

At Bright House, you can own various products at an excellent weekly payment plan. An exceptional way to kickoff long-term relationship with the company is purchasing beds for your family. Big, medium and large are available! A great discounted deal is just a call away, and you can own a bed with flexible payment

If you would like to know more about the types of bed, dial Bright House Beds Helpline 0800 526 069. Through the simple call, you can also specify the requirements the bed before making any order. Pick a plan that serves best for you and walks away with a comfortable bed. Through the number, customers can also enquire other accessories that are associated with the bed, just to mention, mattress and bed sheets. Expect these deliveries to be made within seven working days.

Bright House Gas Cookers

To have the customer satisfied, Bright House provide the brilliant services and products. This includes home appliances such as cooking gas, utensils and other kitchen silverware. All these services are available at a low weekly price.

Customers who are interested in finding a cooker can seek help via Bright House Gas Cookers Support 0800 526 069. If you are looking for brand or trending models, call the Bright House Contact Number and discuss the size, type and even the price of the gas cooker you want.

Bright House Head Office

Bright House offices

Customers who would like to be put through to the head office should call Bright House Head Office UK Number 0800 526 069. If you have a serious issue that needs immediate attention, this is the fastest method. Please have detailed information at hand so that the customer service can quickly understand your problem and provide a resolution.

If you would prefer to write, there are few things that you might want to consider. First, you must have a valid postal address. Please confirm the address before sending as a single writing mistake can have your letter delivered to the wrong receipts.

Secondly, once they receive the letter, they would like to communicate to you about your problem or comment. Thus, adding personal contact details should not be an option. Lastly, you can use a unique delivery method to send the letter. You will receive a receipt when this is done.

Customers can also pay them a visit. Use the following address

Bright House, 121 Parker Dr, Leicester LE4 0JP, UK

Bright House Fax and Pay Online

The rent-to-own company provide various services to their customers which include payment online. This reduces time wasted on the movement to and from the store. In case you have the cash to make to pay one time, you can opt for weekly or monthly plans. The best part of online purchasing is that you can also pay online.

To apply for online credit payment, visit the Bright House Apply Credit page and register. Customers who experience problems apply or making payment can call contact the Bright House Pay Online Support using the Bright House fax number 0192 348 8202 and they will be instructed on how to make payments.

Bright House Promotional Offers

Bright House has a way or rewarding their customers. They have regular offers on special dates where you can make refurbished purchases on discount of up to 50% off. It’s exciting! However, the offers are not on every product. To confirm whether a particular product is on offer, call Bright House Phone Number 0800 526 069.

Alternatively, they display products on offer on their website. Please remember that the offers cannot be redeemed for cash and customers should not use in conjunction with another offer. If this happens, it may lead to the cancellation of the offer.

Bright House Customer Complaints

Bright House complaints department

With so many services to offer to their clients, there are reasons as to why customers would want to contact the Bright House Customer Complaints Phone Number 0800 526 069. These include:

  • To complain about a broken or a faulty product you received.
  • To make claims on weekly or monthly payment.
  • To complain about products on offers.
  • If you are dissatisfied with Bright House Customer Service and the treatment by the workers
  • If you didn’t receive goods ordered.

In case you want to turn your thoughts into words, dial the Bright House Contact Number above and share opinions. Bright House is happy when they receive suggestions as it assists in improving their services and products in general.

Bright House Jobs

As the largest rent-to-own company, Bright House provides employment to thousands of workers. Customers who wish to advance their careers, may it be in sales and marketing, or advertisement can secure their future at Bright House. All you have to do is dial Bright House Customer Service Number 0192 348 8200. You will be connected with their job centre department. If you want to learn more about an advertised post, don’t hesitate to ask. To receive updates, you ring the helpline, and a specialist will be glad to provide a vacant post.

Contact Bright House on Social Media

Apart from the contact details provided above, you can use social platforms to reach Bright House support team. They have active social accounts where the customer can send a message or leave posts. If you are looking for deals, offers or want to receive updates, you can follow them on:

Bright House Overview

Bright House is a home retailer that specialises in electronics, household appliances, furniture and more appliances. What makes Bright House the best shop-to-rent is that customers are allowed to own property with weekly payment plans. The payment scheme is a benefit to customers who don’t have the cash to pay for an item all at once.

Bright House is the leading company in service providence. Priding over having more than 270 000 customers, the company customer service must have exemplary customer service. Good news is the company is also dedicated to improving the credit score of to their customer who buys through credit card. For more details, read more on their official website.

To ensure that the customers can communicate with Bright House customer agents, the company has campaigned for several channels. Various methods include:

  • Use the Bright House Phone Number listed on the post.
  • Visit their contact us page.
  • Write and send a letter to their postal address.
  • Use the FAQs section.
  • Follow them on social accounts
  • Visit the nearby store.
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