BT Sport Customer Service

BT Sport Customer Service
BT SPORT Customer Service

BT SPORT UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
BT SPORT UK Routing Number
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BT Sport Phone Number Tips 

BT Sport Helpline UK Contact Numbers
BT Sport Customer Service 0800 800 150
Moving Home 0800 100 400
Landline Connections 0330 123 4150
Pay bill 0330 123 3311
Complaints 0800 800 152
Abroad +44 179 359 6931
BT Sport Broadband Toll-Free 0800 111 4567
Technical Support 0330 123 4151

BT Sport Overview

BT Sport is the leading sports television provider in the UK. It’s a branch of the British Telecom company. It has many offerings and varieties of channels where customers can watch live actions in football, rugby, NBA, Motor racing, and much more. The company was launched in 2013, and it has its headquarters located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. If you are a fan of sports, you can access BT Sport through BT TV, Virgin Media and Sky television.

As one of the main providers of sports entertainment in the UK, there may be many questions you have. For both domestic users, commercial and new customers, can subscribe and learn more at the BT Sport contact us page of the website. An alternative is to reach out to the BT Sport Customer Care centre using on of the BT sport phone numbers above.

BT Sport Services

You can use the BT Sport contact number 0800 111 4567 for general enquiries. BT Sport as a company aims at providing its local subscribers with the highest-quality of live action in the sports industry. See what BT Sport can offer for you:

  • Football (FA Cup, Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, the UEFA Champions League, etc.)
  • Rugby
  • Motorsport
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • UFC and Wrestling
  • College sports
  • Cricket

BT Sport recently announced its launch of a special Wi-Fi streaming service. Fans of the game can now watch when away from home. Have you registered for this service yet? If you wish to subscribe to these services and more, use the BT Pport phone number, toll-free 0800 800 150The number is free to dial for any enquiries you may have in your mind.

BT Sport Customer Service Phone Number

Contact BT Sport Customer Service

You can dial the BT Sport contact number 0800 443 311  to get all your service needs taken care of in real-time. If you need to contact BT Sport helpline for more information such as paying a bill or checking the status of your account, dial 0330 123 3311.

From a mobile, you need to use this number, 0330 1234 150. You can dial from aboard using the BT sport contact number +44 179 359 6931The company also gives its customers access to a live agent via the BT Sport contact us section of their website.

Alternatives for reaching the BT Sport Customer Care centre through online platforms:

Write to BT Sport Customer Care

For any complaint or enquiry, you can always write to BT Sport Customer Service through email. For the 8 am who wish to send letters or packages you can use the following address:

BT Sport Head Office

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,

London E20 2ST


BT Sport Helpline Tips

The BT sport contact number is available to dial from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8 pm. During the weekends, the opening hours are 9 am to 6 pm. When calling any of the BT Sport phone numbers, make sure you have your account details at hand to make it easy for the BT Sport Customer Service team to assist you.

BT Sport Customer Service
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12 Comments to “BT Sport Customer Service”

  • Sky have always looked after me and provide a very good customer service.


    We watch one, record the other match being played at the same time ie Gloucester vs Northampton, recording ‘Quins against Exeter Chiefs to watch later. HOWEVER, BT SPORTS GIVES RUNNING SCORES ON THE MATCH BEING RECORDE WHICH IS INSANE!

    Please stop doing this.

    Thank you.

  • Why are BT Sport now showing the clock/teams/scores and BT Sport logo at the bottom left/right now? This detracts from the field of play and should be repositioned back to the top left/right of screen.

  • Your advertising in the TVs paper that the west ham game was on BT sports 2.tonight,so I decided to watch on TV. Instead of going to the game and to my disappointment and discussed it wasn’t showing, I have not been happy with this BT for a while what with the tv stopping for rebooting in the middle of many a program spoiling our entertainment. Are you going to improve your selection of games & service as you promised from the start.
    Mr Connolly

  • Am trying to watch the new sports service but the wording down the left hand side of the screen and the match latest bottom right are out of focus and impossible to read, as the rolling scores are in focus I do not think it is my set that is at fault

  • Please inform your panel and commentators that the team Leicester City are playing tonight is Club BRUGGE as Brugge is a Flemish town. It is pronounced BRUGGER not Brewge. You wouldn’t call London Londres would you ?

    From a Flemish scouser ( possibly the only one ! )

  • Wish to complain about the constantly bias nature of Chris Sutton whilst commentating on Celtic football matches. Surely a more knowledgable and fairer pundit could be employed.

    If you wish further evidence of this please ask for responses on Social Media.

    Will be watching pictures on BT Sport and listening to commentary elsewhere going forward.

  • Hello,

    My son was the mascot at Sale Sharks v Saracens yesterday do you know where would be the best place to see if I can get any footage recorded from the run out of the players as I forgot to record on box at home! He ran out with his hero Josh Beaumont so would be great to actually see his face as there were so many people on the field that I was unable to get any photos ! Thanks Alison Kelly

  • I’ve been informed tonight by my good friend Nick Collins(Sky England football head reporter)that he has been put on gardening leave by Sky,I would like to suggest to yourselves you quickly snap him up and employ him,a bonus for BT Sport.

  • Bt sport should be called Liverpool bt sport .You have more pundits that used to play for Liverpool,and bt show more Liverpool games than anybody else.stoke city have only been on once this year.

  • Watching BT Sport Europa League highlights show. All we have had so far is discussion about the English Premier League i.e the future of Wayne Rooney and the sacking of Ranieri. After half an hour of a 45min programme we have now been shown other European Games. The world of football does not revolve round the English Premiership. Very poor offering, need for improvement.

  • How long must we have to listen to the rubbish commentators Sutton and Butcher. Time to get a Scottish commentator on. They are utter tripe

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