Budgeting Loan Contact Number Helpline

Budgeting Loan Contact Number Helpline
Budgeting Loan Customer Service

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Budgeting Loan Phone Number Tips

Budgeting Loan Contact Number Helpline UK Phone Number
Budgeting Loan Customer Service 0800-055-6688
Budgeting Loan Welsh 0800-012-1888
Budgeting Loan Social Fund 0345-603-6967
Independent Case Examiner Fax 0151-221-6601

Budgeting Loan Overview

The British government created the Budgeting Loan contact number helpline program to provide individuals who are currently receiving public assistance with access to interest-free loans. Budgeting Loans help citizens pay their bills and deal with unexpected expenses. The smallest amount that the applicants can receive is £100. The funds from this loan must be used for an expense that is related to the debtor’s housing needs, job search, travel or moving expenses.
This budgeting loan form is interest-free, meaning that successful applicants only pay back what they initially borrowed. All successful applicants must contact budgeting loan phone number agents before repaying it within a period of 104 weeks, or 2 years.

Budgeting Loan Services

Budgeting Loans number provides people in the UK with a government-funded loan for amounts as small as £100 to meet qualified expenses. The maximum amount allowed depends on the needs of the family:
• Individuals: From £100 to £348
• Married: From £100 to £464
• Families with Children: From £100 to £812
The budgeting loan form is provided interest-free, which is far superior to what banks and other financial institutions in the UK charge.
The budgeting loan number is repaid through a deduction from the successful applicant’s benefits. In case the applicant is unable to repay from his/her benefits, the agency requires alternative arrangements be agreed to and upheld. This can be arranged for by calling the social fund number.
To determine what you are and are not allowed to borrow, the Budgeting Loan number office will consider a variety of factors. The amount depends on the applicant’s ability to repay the loan in full. The amount also depends on whether the applicant has saved more than £1,000.
If the applicant or a spouse has saved £2,000 or more, then the loan amount will be much higher. Owing the Social Fund, Crisis Loans, or Budgeting Loans more than £1,500 would disqualify the applicant from receiving further loans.

Contact Budgeting Loan Customer Service

A budgeting Loan Form can be applied for through your local Jobcentre Plus. For this reason, any customer service-related complaint, question or concern should go directly to the local Jobcentre Plus. On the other hand, if you have a claim, then call the number given below between 8am-6pm from Monday-Friday.
For questions regarding new benefits, the budgeting loan helpline to call is given in the contact section below, which is available for the English speaking applicants. For all Welsh speaking individuals with questions on the new benefits or applications, the number to dial is 0800 012 1888.

Budgeting Loan Contact Number Helpline

Budgeting Loan Number Helpline Tips

Be ready to pay the necessary call charges when calling the Budgeting Loan Helpline Contact numbers that begin with 03. When calling the 03 numbers from a landline, the call charges will be 9p per minute. If you are calling the 03 numbers from a mobile phone, the call charges will be 8p-10p per minute.
While benefits may be applied for in-person (at a Jobcentre Plus), or via postal mail, this will result in a delay to the processing of your application. The government advises that applying via mail, instead of using the Budgeting Loan Contact Number Helpline, can add an additional 5 working days to the processing time of your application.

If you are looking for the Budgeting Loan Phone number that is also Toll-Free, make a call today, 0800-055-6688.
You do have the right to appeal any declined application to the Social Fund for a Budgeting Loan or other benefit. Appeals must be initiated within 28 days of the decision being reached on your account. Your local Jobcentre Plus can help with an appeal; if you’re still unsatisfied, and the office of the Independent Case Examiner can be contacted.

Understand Your Social Fund Number

As mentioned earlier, in order to qualify for a Budgeting Loan, applicants must currently receive financial assistance from the government. To understand the total value of your benefits, check out these benefits calculators. The budgeting loan helpline will assist in understanding how the payments for your Loan will impact your total allotment each month.

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