Budgeting Loan Contact Number

Budgeting Loan Contact Number
Budgeting Loan Customer Service

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Budgeting Loan Contact Phone Number Tips

Budgeting Loan Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
Budgeting Loan Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 055 6688
Welsh (Toll-Free) 0800 012 1888
Budgeting Loan Number (03) 0345 603 6967
Textphone 0345 608 8551
Job Seeker’s Allowance 0345 608 8545

Budgeting Loan Overview

Budgeting Loan is a free interest loan provided by the UK government as part of the social fund. It’s a life saver and helps cater for expenses just to mention clothes, Furniture, moving cost, bills, etc. The loan is free of interest and also tax, but the government expect you to pay after 104 Weeks. For those who are struggling with big and small debts, with Budgeting Loan or BL you will have few worries. The amount given to you depends on certain requirements. For example, the minimum amount you can get is £100 while the maximum cash to an individual is £348. Couples receive higher loans and even for the person who saves. To qualify for the budgeting loan, You must be receiving an income-related benefit for the past 26 weeks. For this and more information, you can dial Budgeting Loan Contact number Number provided by the website.

Budgeting Loan Services

The loan is obtained depending on the status. For example single, couples, married with kids, income and it mostly depends on how you are going to repay. You can call Budgeting Loan Phone Number 0345 603 6967 for essential services such as:

  • Clothes
  • Bills
  • household items
  • furnitures
  • Birth, marriage or death expenses
  • Moving home
  • Childcare/ Parenting
  • Disabilities
  • Driving and transport
  • Job search allowance
  • Studying and health expenses

Other than these services provided the budgeting loan, you can get other support, just to mention local council, jobcentre plus, crisis loan, Community Grant care, etc. As stated above, to be eligible for the loan, you must be receiving benefits. They can be from:

  • Job seeker allowance
  • Income-related support
  • Support allowance
  • Pension card

For you to apply, you have to obtain a form from the internet. The amount you apply for will be credited to your bank account. For more details about Budgeting Loan, visit the GOV.UK site, or contact Budgeting Loan customer service using their helpline provided. They helpdesk will be glad to assist you with any enquiry you might have.

Budgeting Loan Customer Service

Contact Budgeting Loan Number

There are various reasons you may be looking for Budgeting Loan Number, and since this is a financial support body, the reasons may be paramount to you. Budgeting Loan is availed through your local Jobcentre. Therefore, all Budgeting Loan queries should ideally be addressed to your local Jobcentre.  However, you can also call the 03 Budgeting Loan Phone Number for any queries related to your claim. This service operates only on weekdays from 8 AM to 6 PM.

For new benefit claims, you can call Toll-Free, 0800 055 6688 for English and 0800 012 1888 for Welsh. Also, it is better for you to visit the Budgeting Loan Customer Service via the following website. It’s only through this site that you cam download the SF500 form which is essential to claim your loan. The forms are also available in your local jobcentre plus.

budgeting loan phone number

Write to Budgeting Loan Customer Care

Calling is not the only option you have to get assisted. You can always send an email to their help desk. Customers who experience hearing problems may write a message through the Budgeting Loan Number 0345 608 8551. You can also opt to write a letter or send the SF500 form through the following address:

Budgeting Loan Postal Address:

Caxton House,
Tothill Street,

Budgeting Loan Helpline Tips

The Budgeting Loan Customer Service centre is the fastest way to get your issue resolved. The help desk is available to call from Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. You can also apply for budgeting loan using your universal card. Visit you near Jobcentres Plus for more advice. If you are having problems with this loan, call the Budgeting Loan Phone Number and clear things. Have the necessary personal information while filling a complain. Connect with a Budgeting Loan Customer Service agent on their outlined opening hours.

Budgeting Loan Contact Number
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  • have not heard anything back on my budgeting loan after being accepted have been waiting 2 weeks .

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