Budgeting Loan Phone Number

Budgeting Loan Phone Number
Budgeting Loan Customer Service

Budgeting Loan UK Operation Hours

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Budgeting Loan Contact Phone Number Tips

Budgeting Loan Helpline  Contact Numbers
Budgeting Loan Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 055 6688
Welsh (Toll-Free) 0800 012 1888
Budgeting Loan Number 0345 603 6967
Textphone 0345 608 8551
Job Seeker’s Allowance 0345 608 8545

Budgeting Loan Overview

Budgeting Loan UK is an amazing plan set up by the government of the United Kingdom to help its people pay their bills. How many times have you come short on your monthly expenses? Or just didn’t have enough to make ends meet? That’s where Budgeting Loans comes in. It’s a service that is set up to help you pay for small debts and purchases like your rent, furniture and it’s all interest-free. How does it work? The government has allocated money that can be used for loans and paid back into a pool, so there’s no interest to charge and you can apply online for this service. You can call the Budgeting loan number Toll-Free 0800 055 6688 and access features through their automated prompt to help you check your loan and credit status. If you want to know more about company history or services they offer to customers you can visit the company official website page.

Budgeting Loan  Services

The Budgeting Loan services that are available to the general public can be found on their website. The eligibility rules are listed on the government’s website and include things like having a job, how to claim the money you are given, what you need to apply and so forth. When you are ready to speak with a specialist about a loan, you can call the Budgeting loan number 0345 603 6967, speak to a specialist and they will walk you through the interview and application process. Keep in mind, you do need some form of income related benefits to receive this type of loan as the government wants to ensure they will get their money back. Budgeting Loan essential services are:

  • Clothes
  • Bills
  • household items
  • furnitures
  • Birth, marriage or death expenses
  • Moving home
  • Childcare/ Parenting
  • Disabilities
  • Driving and transport
  • Job search allowance
  • Studying and health expenses

Other than these services provided the budgeting loan, you can get other support, just to mention local council, jobcentre plus, crisis loan, Community Grant care, etc. As stated above, to be eligible for the loan, you must be receiving benefits. They can be from:

  • Job seeker allowance
  • Income-related support
  • Support allowance
  • Pension card

Budgeting Loan Phone Number

Contact Budgeting Loan Customer Service

To reach out to the Budgeting Loan department for questions, to start a loan application or to check on the status of an existing application, there are a few options available to you. If you are online and go to the Budgeting Loan site and want to look at their information on loans, you can visit  Budgeting Loan UK.

you can call use Toll-Free number to contact Budgeting Loan Customer Service, 0800 055 6688 for English and 0800 012 1888 for Welsh. Also, it is better for you to visit the Budgeting Loan Customer Service via the following website.

Budgeting Loan Customer Number Helpline

Write to Budgeting Loan Customer Care

Calling is not the only option you have to get assisted. You can always send an email to their help desk. Customers who experience hearing problems may write a message through the Budgeting Loan Number 0345 608 8551. You can also opt to write a letter or send the SF500 form through the following address:

Budgeting Loan Postal Address:
Caxton House,
Tothill Street,

Budgeting Loan Contact Number Helpline Tips

If you call Budgeting Loan during regular business hours you can reach a service representative during standard business hours Monday through Friday. They can help you with filing an application, checking on the status of your loan application or filing an appeal should you be denied a loan. For after hours, customer service related issues just refer to their website Budgeting Loan UK.

Budgeting Loan Phone Number
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