Cable & Wireless Contact Number Helpline

Cable & Wireless Contact Number Helpline
Cable & Wireless Customer Service

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Cable & Wireless Phone Number Tips

Check and contact Cable & Wireless helpline from the table below:

Cable & Wireless Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
CWC Customer Service  +1 305 424 9547
Hotline  +44 (0) 207 315 4083
Vodafone  +44 7836 191191       
Corporate inquiries  +44 (0)207 315 4000
Media relations +1 786 218 0407

Cable & Wireless Overview

Cable & Wireless is a company that provides TV, broadband, telephone and mobile phone services in the Caribbean region. The company was formed in 2010 through the emerging of a British firm known as Cable & Wireless Communications plc. After exiting the UK market, CWC relocated its headquarters to Southern Florida.  CWC is now a fully owned subsidiary of Liberty Global, a telecommunications company which has stakes in Virgin Media, a British pay-TV firm. CWC will continue operating in Panama and the Caribbean Islands.

As at 2014, Cable & Wireless had more than 3.7 million subscribers, 1.1 million subscribers and 400,000 subscribers for its mobile phone, telephone and broadband services. Prior to the merging of the corporations, this offshoot had been in operation for close to 140 years through the parent company.

Cable & Wireless Services

As one of the pioneer telecommunication services in the UK, Cable & Wireless helpline has a history of providing landline and mobile phone services. The company caters for individuals and businesses not just in the UK but in Europe and the Caribbean where it carries its operations. Apart from providing telephony services, Cable & Wireless also provides internet services. In fact, it was one of the earliest providers of dial-up internet in the UK and beyond creating the first CWC online presence.

Contact Cable & Wireless communications UK to learn about offerings for subscription-based television services which cater every day entertainment needs. Customers pay per package. Subscribers can choose from, TV as well as telephone services from Cable & Wireless too. So if you need a bundled package comprising mobile, TV, and broadband, contact CWC customer service and ask for assistance.

Consumers and businesses are not the only clients that the company deals with in the UK. Cable and Wireless UK also caters for the needs of multinational organisations and government agencies. Outside the UK, Cable and Wireless has a presence in Panama and the Caribbean islands of Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago.  The company has a stake in 14 businesses offering mobile, broadband, fixed line, and pay tV subscriptions services.

Cable & Wireless Contact Number Helpline

Contact Cable & Wireless Customer Service

Since Cable & Wireless communications has a presence in different countries, the CWC customer service numbers vary from place to place. Customers in the UK who need assistance with any service issue or product should call +1 305 424 9547. Phone operators in the customer service department are always available during normal working hours  from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can contact CWC customer service and make corporate enquiries by dialling +44 (0)207 315 4000. If you work in the media, you should contact +1 786 218 0407 to seek an audience or make your enquiries via CWC online channels from wherever you are in the UK.


Write to Cable & Wireless Customer Care

Contact Cable & Wireless helpline numbers may pose a problem for some. And they may not even be helpful, but annoying. If you have a problem with Cable & Wireless services or would like to lodge a complaint or provide feedback on their services, write a letter and mail it to:

Cable & Wireless
65 Chandos Pl,
London WC2N 4HG,
United Kingdom

Cable & Wireless Contact Tips

Always contact Cable & Wireless helpline numbers during normal working hours. For fast solutions, obtain and dial the correct number for your region. Using the contact details created purely for making media enquiries will not provide the answers you want from the company. Ensure that you have all your account details before contacting the customer service department in the UK.

If you cannot CWC customer service, you can still go to CWC website and contact the support team for assistance. Alternatively, you can contact live operators concerning broadband as well as mobile phones and international or domestic fixed line services. For those who prefer CWC online channels, you can seek help via Cable Wireless Facebook page.

Cable & Wireless Contact Number Helpline
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