Cable & Wireless Customer Service

Cable & Wireless Customer Service
Cable & Wireless Customer Service

Cable & Wireless UK Operation Hours

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Cable & Wireless Phone Number Tips

Cable & Wireless Helpline UK Contact Numbers
CWC Customer Service 0207 315 4000
General Enquiries 0207 315 4000
Hotline  0207 315 4083
Press Enquiries  +1 786 218 0407
Investments  0782 438 4428

Cables & Wireless Overview

Cables & Wireless is a telecommunication company in the UK providing full-time entertainment and communication. The company was founded in the 1860s. CWC has transited from telegraph cables and landline to broadband and mobile services. The company is proud of having provided employment to over 7,200 workers. The company has established 125 corporate to over 45 countries and worth mentioning is that the company provides services to over 6.3 million subscribers. You can learn more by visiting CWC Online on their official website. You can also contact Cable & Wireless Customer Service through the helpline provided above.

Cables & Wireless Services

The company offers three types of networks:

  • Broadband- over 300,000 customers are enjoying broadband services at homes and in the workplace.
  • Mobile and mobile data – you can enjoy texting, live talks and you get to use mobile data apps such as maps.
  • Fixed line- the service is accessible and enjoyed by millions of customers at homes, offices and public businesses.

For services such as TV, Broadband,  mobile, and fixed line, contact Cable & Wireless Customer care through +1 305 424 9547 Since its inception in the 1870s in the Caribbean and Latin America, the company has come a long way to emerge as a leading force in delivering superlative telecommunications to meet growing demand of customers for data services, especially mobile data.

Cable & Wireless Communications will keep you connected with your friends, partners and maintain international communications between different organisation. The company also aims at assisting the government in producing cheaper and reliable source of mobile internet.

If you are interested with any of the services mentioned, seek help from CWC Online or use the Cable & Wireless helpline provided above.

Cable & Wireless Customer Service

Contact Cable & Wireless Customer Service

The company has different numbers that you can use to address or enquiry to the support team. They have established different platforms from where the customers can enquire from. For example, if you are a member of the press,  and you want to know more about the services offered, contact CWC Customer Service through +1 786 218 0407.

The Cable & Wireless helpline 0782 438 4428 is available for companies or individuals who have the desire to invest the company.

Cable & Wireless Communications enquiries should be directed to their general enquiry number 0207 315 4000. More so, use CWC Online platforms and get all your questions answeredYou can visit their official Cable & Wireless contact us page or use their  monitored social medias pages:

  • Facebook – get a response to your post within 24 hrs
  • Twitter– immediate response and updates on deals and happenings
  • LinkedIn – professional advice on cheap deals
  • YouTube – it’s fun!
  • Flickr – keep in touch, and you will never miss a spot with Cable & Wireless Communications.

Write to Cables & Wireless Customer Care

With millions of customers enjoying the services provided by CWC Customer Service, contacting Cable & Wireless helpline can be annoying. Avoid the long waits calls and write to Cable & Wireless Customer Service instead through email. For clients who wish to send a letter or a parcel, use the address below:


62 – 65 Chandos Place
United Kingdom

Cables & Wireless Helpline Tips

With its vast network of operations, there are different Cable & Wireless Customer Service desks to deal with queries and problems of clients from specific regions. So, make sure to dial the correct number for your region to get your problems addressed and resolved at the earliest. Also, refrain from using the contact details meant exclusively for media enquiries. If you direct your problems at these email or phone numbers, they may never get addressed.

Cable & Wireless Customer Service
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