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Carphone Warehouse Contact Number
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Phones have become a trend, even a necessity, in today’s modern world. You could hardly walk the streets or sit in a cafe without seeing someone holding a phone in their hands, be it an iPhone, a Samsung, or a Sony mobile phone. And there are already so many mobile phone retailers around the UK, claiming to be able to give customers the best advice on which phone to buy among the numerous brands that have emerged right now.

However, when it comes to the best place to purchase a phone or get advice about mobile-related services, you can’t go wrong with Carphone Warehouse. This article is the appropriate guide through the Carphone Warehouse contact numbers and addresses that will help you in getting in touch with Carphone Warehouse customer services. For full contact information, just head on to the Carphone Warehouse Contact Us page.

Carphone Warehouse Phone Number List

Carphone Warehouse Helpline UK Contact Number
Carphone Warehouse Customer Service 0370-111-6565
Expert Advice 0800-424-800
Sales Advice 0800-049-6250
Repair Service 0800-276-1373
Geek Squad 0800-049-1067
Geek Squad Insurance Claim 0800-049-6190
Lifeline Insurance 0800-049-6193
Carphone Warehouse for Business 0800-130-0688
Business Sales 0800-049-6000
Track Parcel Delivery 0800-049-1008
Return and Exchange 0800-049-6248

Why Choose Carphone Warehouse?

carphone warehouse logo

Carphone Warehouse is a British mobile phone retailer that was conceptualised in a small store in Baker Street, with a big ambition to bring mobile phones to the masses. Currently, Carphone Warehouse has become a subsidiary of Dixon Carphone, bringing together their mobile connection expertise and Dixon Carphone’s technology expertise to make the potential of connected technology accessible, available, and affordable for everyone who decides to do business with them. They currently have over 2,400 stores all over Europe, selling gadgets and imparting unbiased advice to those who need it.

Thanks to you, they are multiple award winners, including the Best High Retailer of Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, Retailer of the Year of Retail Week Awards with Oracle, and the What Mobile Winner for 10 years. They are also the number one mobile retailer in the UK, bar none.

They compare the widest range of mobile sets and network tariffs to find you a personalised deal that is worth it and useful. There are two tools that are developed for this, Pin Point and Help Me. Both are specifically tailored to avail you to their exceptional services in offering the best choices for you. Carphone Warehouse looks into more networks, phones, and deals than anyone else, which directly translates into giving you all the information you need.

What are you waiting for? You can buy a new phone easily with the cheapest deal by visiting the nearest Carphone Warehouse store, making a call, or ordering online! Following are the means to reach out to Carphone Warehouse:

  • Dial the Carphone Warehouse phone numbers given above
  • Visit the nearest Carphone Warehouse branch using the store locator
  • Write a letter
  • Send an email
  • Social media

Carphone Warehouse Customer Service

carphone warehouse in store customer service

Carphone Warehouse carries a constant value with them, which is to provide unbeatable customer service. With them, it is all about you; they want to help you find the best deal and the right combination of phone, tablet, network, and tariff. They also monitor your customer feedback on Trust Pilot to ensure that they are keeping you happy and satisfied with their services, and if they find even a hint of complaint, they will rectify the mistake and not repeat it.

When you get in touch with Carphone Warehouse customer service, you will be hearing simple and impartial advice from their expert representatives on all the phones and networks available. In this ever increasingly technology-based world, you can always trust the mobile phone retailer to be your guide.

If you are looking for a new phone or just advice regarding network and tariffs, you can pay a visit to your local Carphone Warehouse store and have one of the staff to explain everything to you. Simply use the convenient store locator that they have created to check where the closest store is.

Feeling too lazy to put on appropriate clothes and go out? It does not matter because you can also contact Carphone Warehouse support team by calling this number 0370-111-6565. Keep in mind that when you reach out to the Carphone Warehouse contact number, you can expect to hear that they have the phone you need or some other services. This number is available for calls from 8a.m. to 10p.m. Monday to Friday, 8a.m. to 8p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and 10a.m. to 5p.m. on bank holidays.

An alternative to visiting a Carphone Warehouse store or dialling their support team is to send a letter. The appropriate address to mail your letter is:

The Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Centre
PO Box 375
SO30 2PU

You can also find their full email information on the Carphone Warehouse Contact Us page if you wish to send an email instead. Do note that if you are writing a letter or emailing them, you should explain the issue in detail and include your full contact information so that they can easily get back to you.

Expert Advice

You are probably wondering: why is there an expert advice when there is already customer service? Yes, you are getting expert advice from the Carphone Warehouse customer care department, but you might be facing some intricate difficulties with your gadgets or network, and that’s where expert advice comes in.

The mobile retailer has hired a group of genuine experts when it comes to all things technology to help you with more difficult problems that their support team might not be able to solve. You can never be too cautious.

If you wish to seek out expert advice from the mobile retailer, the Carphone Warehouse contact number to call is 0800-424-800. Their friendly technology connoisseurs will always be available to assist you.

Sales Advice

There are so many kinds of phones out there, from the many generations of iPhones to the many variations of Androids, and how do you know which one is the most suitable for you? Apart from that, you will also need to know that you are getting great value for money, even if you are not so tech-savvy as everyone else out there. This is why you will need someone from Carphone Warehouse sales advice team to help you.

Contact Carphone Warehouse sales advice team number toll-free on 0800-049-6250 and you will be connected to a skilled and knowledgeable agent. They will make the complicated steps of purchasing a gadget easy by offering you easily understandable opinions and instructions.

Geek Squad

carphone warehouse geek squad

You should never, ever, underestimate geeks, because the day will come when you will be saved by the Geek Squad.

Geek Squad is a certified repair service that is in affiliation with Carphone Warehouse. In a month, there can be over 30,000 people looking for Geek Squad to repair their phones or look for quality insurances for their phones. Their outstanding repair services include:

  • No-obligation quotes for repairs and servicing
  • A 90-day guarantee on all repairs
  • Repairs that are tested to manufacturer standards
  • Genuine parts and manufacturer-approved replacement phones
  • Free repairs for phones under warranty, provided the fault is covered

Their repair standards are highly recognised by various phone manufacturers, even Samsung. And you don’t have to be afraid that by bringing your gadget to Geek Squad, you will be voiding your warranty. You can learn more about the Geek Squad by calling 0800-049-1067.

The Geek Squad is easily accessible. Where there is a Carphone Warehouse, there is a Geek Squad, so you can just pop into the nearest Carphone Warehouse store and you can get your phone repaired. You can call this Carphone Warehouse contact number 0800-276-1373 for a quote or make an appointment for an in-store visit.

They even provide insurances specifically designed for your gadgets. So if you already have an existing insurance with Geek Squad and wish to register a claim, you only need to dial this helpline 0800-049-6190

Lifeline Insurance

Unfortunately, Lifeline Insurance is no longer an available product for new Carphone Warehouse customers. Nevertheless, if you are an existing Lifeline customer, you can reach out to Carphone Warehouse on 0800-049-6193 to acquire more details.

Carphone Warehouse for Business

carphone warehouse for business

Go to Carphone Warehouse for the best business communication solutions. They offer the widest range of choices in terms of networks, mobiles, and landlines. They also have cloud computing systems and complete communication packages like Vodafone One Net Business.

You have the option to build a tariff online if you already know your data, minutes, texts, and handsets requirements. Business-related bills will be run through their multi-network comparison tools, which will produce the ideal deal for your business in terms of communications. You can use their service for free and there will be no obligations.

If you wish to enquire more about Carphone Warehouse for Business, dial the phone number 0800-130-0688. To retrieve a quote or purchase a deal from the mobile retailer, you can contact Carphone Warehouse on 0800-049-6000 for their sales team.

You can look for their full contact information on the Carphone Warehouse Contact Us page if you wish to write them a letter or send an email.

Delivery Tracking

Carphone Warehouse provides a range of delivery options to deliver your orders, including:

  • Free Next Day Delivery – Your order will be delivered the day after order is made
  • Free Nominate a Delivery Day – You can nominate any week day for delivery up to two weeks in advance
  • Saturday Delivery – Your order will be delivered between 8am – 5pm on Saturdays

You can either track your order status online, or you can do by calling the Carphone Warehouse phone number 0800-049-1008 and give the agent on the phone with your order ID.

Return and Exchange

It is rare for the Carphone Warehouse items to be in less than satisfying condition, but in the case that your purchase is not what you expected, you can always return and exchange it for a new one, on the condition that it is returned within 14 days of purchase.

To return and exchange your purchase with Carphone Warehouse, either visit the nearest Carphone Warehouse store or call their return and exchange number on 0800-049-6248.

Contact Carphone Warehouse via Social Media

carphone warehouse facebook

Apart from calling them, writing letters, and sending emails, you are also given the option to contact Carphone Warehouse through their social media accounts.

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