Ceta Insurance Contact Number

Ceta Insurance Contact Number
Ceta Insurance Customer Service

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Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 9.30 pm
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Having a good insurance plan that covers everything you are getting insured for is a need of current time. Ceta Insurance realises that and we, at All Services, understand how much of a hassle it can be to get in touch with them in case you have to get insured or enquire something. Therefore, doing what we are best at, we bring you the contact guide to Ceta Insurance in the following work. We hope you find it sufficient enough to reach them.

Ceta Insurance Phone Tips

Ceta Insurance Departments UK Contact Number
Ceta Insurance Accounts Customer Service  0160 864 7607
 Ceta Insurance Leisure  0160 864 7605
 Ceta Insurance Membership  0160 864 7647
 Ceta Insurance Commercial  0160 864 7604
 Ceta Insurance Household  0160 864 7601
 Ceta Insurance Travel  0160 864 7619

Ceta Insurance Accounts Customer Service

Ceta Insurance Homepage

To get in touch with the authorities at accounts department, contact at the Ceta Insurance accounts customer service number 0160 864 7607. They are highly knowledgeable professionals, trained to assist you with your accounts related issues. In case you have a payment query or are confused about the amount in your account, have been suspecting some abnormalities with it, you will be needing to reach on the aforementioned number. To learn about your balance as well, you can dial the number. Be sure to have your accounts details in hand with you, so that when they request your account number and other required details, you are prepared to give them.

Ceta Insurance Leisure

Bringing your insurance policies covering all aspects of life, Ceta Insurance has a list of leisure insurance policies as well. To learn more about them, contact the Ceta Insurance leisure helpline number 0160 864 7605. You can request additional information to what they have already listed about their leisure insurance policies, ask for an advice on which would be the best one for you depending upon the leisure you are involved in and ask them about the procedure for a claim as well. The customer service staff is readily available at your disposal for help, be sure to get in touch with them in the case of any confusion or query.

Ceta Insurance Membership

Got an insurance plan that Ceta Insurance can share with the interested people? Get in touch with the representatives at the Ceta Insurance membership number 0160 864 7647. You can contact at the number if you want to become a member to be able to buy an insurance policy with them or learn about the privileges you will be able to enjoy if you become one. However, if you are an insurance provider, become a part of their intermediaries network, which has over 4,000 members all across the UK! To learn about how membership at Ceta Insurance works, the aforementioned number would sure come in handy.

Ceta Insurance Commercial

Ceta Insurance customer service number for Commercial insurance

Looking for a commercial insurance? Try reaching the experts at the Ceta Insurance commercial support number 0160 864 7604. They have a range of insurance policies from various insurers covering for commercial properties, shops and offices, professional indemnity, and Directors and Officers. Learn about getting a quote and buying online by giving them a call on the mentioned number. Moreover, you can also get some advice from their panel on which one would best suit your needs, the commission you will be charged and other details that you are not clear about with respect to their commercial insurance.

Ceta Insurance has also listed insurance policies for commercial vehicles. Learn about those policies by calling them at the provided number as well. They will guide you through the ones best for you very comprehensively, letting you know how to buy it and renew in case you want to.

Ceta Insurance Household

Scared about the investment you put in your house? Well, do not worry and get it insured now by contacting at the Ceta Insurance household number 0160 864 7601. You can contact them in case you want to know if the property you own can be covered by the household insurance policies they have, or you want to get yourself a household insurance which will cover for electricity, gas, heating and plumbing emergencies. Moreover, for simply requesting additional information or to get expert advice for the most suitable insurance policy, be sure to get in touch with the relevant people at Ceta Insurance.

If you are a landlord and want a security against letting of your property, the bove mentioned number can surely come in handy. Ceta Insurance has a range of landlord insurance policies which you can learn about more if you give them a call. To know how you would be buying the landlord insurance policy you like, paying for it and going ahead with it, reach out to the respective customer service. They will also let you know the circumstances under which you are able to make a claim on the policy you have chosen. In case you are not sure about which one to go for, on request, the experts would also help you out in opting for the best one for yourself.

Ceta Insurance Travel

Travelling safely is one of the major musts of moving around. To get yourself insured with the best possible travel insurance policy, contact the Ceta Insurance travel number 0160 864 7619. They have insurance policies for someone who travels a lot or someone who is travelling for the first time. Just give them a call and learn about the range of travel insurance policies listed with them. You can also ask them about the emergencies and situations that the insurance will cover and the validity of the policy in different countries you wish to visit. Basically, for any general query regarding the list of their travel insurance policy, you will be dialling the aforementioned number.

Ceta Insurance Head Office

You might not be comfortable discussing your insurance policy over the telephone. In a case like this or for other reasons, you can visit their head office and consult with their experts in person. Moreover, if you wish to get in touch with them in writing, posting them at their head office address shared below would be a good idea. You can ask them about absolutely anything with respect to the insurance policies they have or your concerns with going for a specific one. If you are writing to them, ensure you have your concern, name and contact details written out very clearly.

CETA House, Cromwell Business Park, Banbury Rd, Chipping Norton OX7 5SR

Ceta Insurance Alternate Contact Details

To reach the customer services for different departments at Ceta Insurance, other than the telephone numbers, consider the following information.

Ceta Insurance Accounts Email

You can share your accounts related queries and concerns with them using the Ceta Insurance accounts email [email protected] as well. They will be sure to get back to you at their earliest possible and with a solution to your question. However, it is not advisable to share your account details via email, therefore refrain from doing so. Rest, contact them for absolutely any confusion or request you have with respect to your accounts.

Ceta Insurance Membership Email

You can request for more information regarding the Ceta Insurance membership there by emailing them at [email protected]. There might have been some issue while you were trying to reach this department over the telephone. Therefore, simply write your query and email it at the aforementioned address. They will be happy to assist you in any problem you face.

Ceta Insurance Household email

Another way you can reach the customer services for household insurances at Ceta Insurance is to email them at [email protected]. You can write your query or concern and they will address it with comprehensively satisfactory details. Writing them asking for more information, or the procedure to claiming or simply anything with respect to their household insurance will get your queries resolved.

Ceta Insurance Message Us

Ceta Insurance contact information

You also have an option to directly email them from the contact page on their website. They have a message us from there, in which you will be required to fill in the details. Choose the department to which your query is related and write your message comprehensively in the respective space provided. It works the same way emailing them directly through your email address would have.

Ceta Insurance Boat

You are too attached to your boat and would like it to get insured against any possible damage? Well, Ceta Insurance has listed a range of boat insurance policies from the UK’s top insurers and at highly competitive prices. Check out the Ceta Insurance boat insurance page to learn more about the policies they have offered. You can learn about policies for yachts, motorboats, narrowboats, RIBs and Dinghies. Information about what CETA has to offer with respect to the policy and who exactly can use the policy is also mentioned there. However, in case you are confused about anything and would like to request additional information, write them using the message us form or visit their head office.

Ceta Insurance Other Insurance

Ceta Insurance provides insurance policies for mobile phones, liability, caravans, and MPPI/ASU as well. To learn more about each of these in detail and to see which policy covers what damage, check out the following pages:

However, for expert advice and to learn which would be the best one for you, visit them in person at the Ceta Insurance head office. Though, they do have an option for getting a quote and buying online.

Ceta Insurance Contact Tips

Ceta Insurance LinkedIn Profile

If you want to stay updated about every new policy that gets enlisted with Ceta Insurance or to avail an opportunity for discount offers they put up, or even career opportunities, following them on their social media profiles would be a good idea! You can connect with them on following networks to always stay in touch with them:

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