Child Tax Contact Number Helpline

Child Tax Contact Number Helpline
Child Tax Credits Customer Service

Child Tax Credits UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 4:00PM
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Child Tax Credit Phone Number Tips

Call the Tax Office if you need assistance with child tax credits and benefits.

Child Tax Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Child Tax Credit Customer Service 0300 200 3100
Child Tax Credit Contact Number (Hearing Impaired) 0300 200 3103
Manchester Office 0161 210 3086
International +44 161 210 3086
Contact Child Tax Credit Helpline (direct) 0345 300 3900

Child Tax Overview

Child Tax Credit is a UK government inspired facility that enables parents and guardians who are responsible for children under 16 years as well as those who are under 20 years but admitted for approved education or training to receive support. Benefit or tax credit is available at the end of the year when the UK government expects parents and guardians to apply for it. For concerns or queries about child benefits, contact Child Tax Contact Number Helpline and you will be assisted.

Tax credit is available only to families that earn less than £42,000 per year. Families with children struggling with various kinds of disabilities are entitled to receive a higher amount as a tax credit. The yearly amount for a normal child is £2,780 while for a disabled child is £3,140. There is a free child tax credit calculator that helps parents determine the amount they can claim.

Child Tax Services

Child Tax Credits are available to all families with children irrespective of their employment status. The facility is for each child of a family that meets the eligibility criteria. Parents and guardians can always use the child tax number to prove that they qualify for tax credit and benefits. And if you cannot trace the number, just call Child Tax Contact Number Helpline and you will be assisted.

The basic amount that a family can get is £545 per year. On top of the basic amount, the family might receive extra elements thus driving the figure higher. The total amount that a family ends up getting depends on factors such as income and disabilities or other special circumstances. If you’re not sure what benefits your child is entitled to, go the tax office website and use their free child tax credit calculator.

If you are pursuing benefits, you should note that child tax credits are only available for one child from a single household. What this means is that different households cannot apply for the credit for the same child. The service is available to all regardless of the employment status.

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Contact Child Tax Customer Service

Guardians and parents who need assistance or guidance on matters pertaining to child tax benefit should call the official Child Tax Credit contact number 0300 200 3100 for assistance. Feel free to call this number from anywhere in the UK as it is toll-free. Make sure you have your child tax number on hand when talking to customer service personnel. If you have hearing problems, you should contact Child Tax Credit helpline, 0300 200 3103.

Anyone in the diaspora who wishes to contact the Tax Office concerning child benefits claims or any issue regarding this facility should call +44 161 210 3086.  Individuals who are either deaf or have a hearing impairment can contact Child Tax Credit helpline 0345 300 0909.  Remember to use the child tax credit calculator to find out what benefits you can claim as a parent or guardian before you make a call.

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Write to Child Tax Customer Care

Sometimes a phone call will not get you where you need to go. In this case parents need to be assertive in a letter. You can write to the Child Tax Credit helpline to submit a claim or find out eligibilty for your child tax benefits. Letters regarding any of the above issues should be addressed to:

HM Revenue and Customs – Child Benefit Office

PO Box 1
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE88 1AA
United Kingdom

Remember to write ‘complaint’ clearly on the envelope if you’re subject matter is a complaint.

Tips to Contact Child Tax Customer Service

Customer service attendants at the Child tax benefit office are available from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and 8am to 4pm on Saturday. To prove you are the right parent or guardian, you may be asked to state the child tax number. Check the paperwork if you cannot locate it.

During the Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day, the numbers are unavailable because the offices are closed for holidays. For this reason, you should call the office much earlier to raise your complaint or concern before these holidays in the UK.

Parents or guardians can also contact Child Benefit Office via their Facebook and Twitter handle. If you are abroad also, there is a special Child Tax Credit contact number, but only if necessary, +44 161 210 3086.

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