Child Tax Credits Phone Number

Child Tax Credits Phone Number
Child Tax Credits Customer Service

Child Tax Credits UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday ---

Child Tax Credit Phone Number – Overview
People responsible for children under the age of 16 are eligible for child tax credit, irrespective of whether they are working or not. For each child under 16, the household gets a monthly sum of about £545, which could increase depending on your circumstances. You can contact the Child Tax Credit Phone Number at HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office, Preston, PR1 4AT.

About Child Tax Credit Services
Often, households with children are not able to fully support their children. With a view to ensure that this is possible, the government of UK has introduced the Child Tax Credit system or service. Under this system, households get up to £545 a year, which could increase up to £2,750, depending on your circumstance. Also, there is an additional allowance given in case of disabled children. Seriousness of disability is taken into consideration before allowing higher claims.

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Contacting Child Tax Credit Phone Number
Child Tax Credit is part of the tax credit system set up by HMRC and therefore, the Child Tax Credit customer service is a part of the HMRC customer service system for tax credits. You should call 0345 300 3900 for any advice on tax credits or for renewals or for notifying any change in your circumstances. This number is available from 8AM to 8PM on weekdays and from 8AM to 4PM on Saturday. The service is not available on Sundays.

For the hearing impaired, there is a textphone facility, which you can avail by dialling 0345 300 3909.

Those calling from outside UK need to dial +44 2890 538 192 to reach Child Tax Credit Phone Number.

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Tips to call Child Tax Credit Customer Service Desk
When calling Child Tax Credit customer service desk, it is advisable to call between 8:30AM and 10:30AM or between 2PM and 4PM on Tuesday through Thursday. This is the best time to call them as the phone lines may be busy during other hours. Also, keep the necessary documents and details on hand before making the call.

Child Tax Credits Phone Number
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  • Child Tax Credit arrgg the word shortly is doing my head in.. rang today to be told they have no record of me ringing 4 weeks ago MY PHONE BILL HAS WAITED NEARLY AN HOUR …. So i said ,well how long is shortly as you told me that too and done nothing.. arrgg what do i do now .. they just repeat your money will be updated shortly .. will it..

    • karen I hear you on this, the incompetence of these departments is ridiculous every time I call i am on the phone on HOLD for no less than 45 miuites, then if I am lucky someone will answer the call, if not the line will go dead. then you have to start the entire process again. Plus, they mess up your paperwork, ask you for a million pieces of personal information then have the CHEEK to tell you they have LOST IT.

      These departments are under so much pressure, but at times fail to understand that we are ALL humans and they could also be on the receiving end of this bull shit system with the way this shitty government is going.

    • You are so right , completely incompetents , waiting fro so long so that they can say you should call someone else ,or to say you need to calculate i do not know what as they can’t do it, even though they have all the information.

      Ridiculous. Wish this system would of never existed.

  • HMRC are a disgrace, except when it comes to collecting money, they are very professional.
    But when it comes to providing people with what they are entitled too very un professional is the kindest I can give them,,,then there’s Concentrix an American company clawing money back for HMRC.
    The more they save HMRC the more they get rewarded
    It’s a disgrace they way in which deserving people are put into a poverty situation by face less bureaucrats for their own fianancial gain
    Please lobby your local MP and the work and pensions minister and maybe something will be achieved.

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