Copart UK Contact Numbers

Copart UK Contact Numbers
Copart UK Customer Service

Copart UK UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Copart has globally earned the reputation of an online vehicle auction company, marketing vehicles from over 100 countries in the world. If you have been meaning to reach them in the UK, being a customer service company, we mean to make the process easier for you. The following work entails all the possible contact information for Copart and we hope we are of help!

Copart UK Phone Tips

Copart UK Departments UK Contact Number
Copart UK Member Services 0844 875 8837
Copart UK Trade 1st Choice 0123 467 3671
Copart UK Member Services Fax 0844 875 8850
Copart UK Head Office 0844 875 8845
Copart UK Head Office Fax 0844 875 8842
Copart UK Head Office International +44 (0)123 476 6500
Copart UK Direct 0844 856 6648

Copart UK Member Services

Copart UK Facebook Page for contact

Have you been having trouble with your Copart UK account? Well, ll you have to do is contact at the Copart UK member services number 0844 875 8837 and they will help you through it. The member services are available at your disposal if you have an issue regarding any of their service, like buying and selling of the vehicles, how their auction works, how would you be putting up a bid, the way licenses work and anything with regard to payments and fees. You can also get in touch with them in case you are unable to log in to your account and want to change your username or password. The trained customer support staff at the given number will be answering all your queries regarding every service they provide, so feel free to give them a call!

For your convenience and effective addressing of your issue, please note that their lines are open from Monday to Friday between the hours 8.00 am – 5.30 pm, excluding the bank holidays.

Copart UK Member Services Fax

Moreover, the member services can also be reached by using the Copart UK member services fax number 0844 875 8850. If you are not comfortable calling them, they have got this option available for you as well. You can reach them via fax for any of the matters discussed earlier.

Copart UK Trade 1st Choice

Trade 1st Choice is the service Copart UK provides to the motor industry across the UK. To get in touch with them, ring them at the Copart UK trade 1st choice number 0123 467 3671. You can request information about the franchised garages they are dealing with, or the independent traders working with them. If you are not clear about how you would be selling through this service, you can give them a call and they will guide you through the process very comprehensively. Even in case you are not sure if you should be using this service, the number would help you make the right choice! Queries about payment, transfer of ownership of the vehicle and other related information can also be learned by calling at the given number.

Copart UK Head Office

To get in contact with the officials at their head office in the UK, dial the Copart UK head office number 0844 875 8845. They will be dealing with more corporate related issues and queries, for instance, the matters that can only be resolved by those higher level authorities. However, you can call at the given number to report a serious issue, which needs immediate consideration from the staff at the head office. Moreover, for any issue or concern, if you feel the need to contact them at Copart UK head office, you can surely do so.

Copart UK Head Office International

The aforementioned number is restricted to their customer base in the UK. International callers for the head office should contact at the Copart UK head office international number +44 (0)123 476 6500. They will be responsible for addressing all the matters discussed earlier. In addition to this, international dealers of vehicles might as well talk to the ones at Copart UK by reaching them through this number.

Copart UK Head Office Fax

Other than this, you can also use the Copart UK head office fax number 0844 875 8842 to get in touch with them. The fax too can be used as per the need and discretion of the person willing to contact them. They are very open to questions and feedback about their services for vehicle selling and buying.

Copart UK Direct

Copart UK diect service guide

You can put your queries related to Copart UK direct by contacting their knowledgeable and trained staff at the Copart UK direct number 0844 856 6648. They will be guiding you through how you can directly sell your vehicle, and in case you are stuck at any stage, they will be there for your help. You can request information about payment method, the condition of the car which is acceptable to them and about how the exchange will be taking place. You can also get a quote if you call them on the given number. To ask about any piece of detail with regard to their direct services, be sure to reach out to them.

Copart UK Head Office Address

They do not only entertain their customers over the telephone but if you wish to meet them in person, you can surely pay them a visit at their head office. The head office address has been shared below. For issues that are not resolved over the phone and you think talking to the relevant official will be of help, you can go the head office. In case you want to meet with an official for matters other than customer services as well, going to there might be fruitful, and for a corporate meeting as well. Moreover, you can also write and post them on their head office address. You will be required to write your name, issue, query or message, and the contact details very clearly before dispatching the letter.

Copart UK, Acrey Fields, Woburn Road, Wootton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, MK43 9EJ

Copart UK Alternate Contact Details

If you feel that the above information is insufficient, or you are unable to reach them using any of that information, you do not need to worry! We have listed other channels for you to get in touch with them.

Copart UK Member Service Email

Though highly unlikely, it might be possible that you are unable to reach the member service via telephone. In such a case, make use of the Copart UK member service email [email protected] to get in touch with them for getting your query addressed. Whatever was that you were calling them for, write it all in a very comprehensive email and you are good to go. The email will come in very handy if you are not comfortable talking on the phone and prefer to communicate in writing instead.

Copart UK Investor Relations Email

If you are interested in learning about Copart UK investor relations, drop them an email at [email protected]. You can question about their stock, how you can buy some if you wish to or if you are interested in learning about the finance at Copart UK, email them with your queries and they will get back to you with satisfactory answers.

Copart UK Media Enquiries Email

People interested in learning about the press handlings and enquiries at Copart UK can email their communications team at [email protected]. For coordination relating to a press conference, or for taking an interview of a Copart UK official, to learn about the recent happenings and news, emailing them and requesting relevant information will enable you to learn about it all. They will handle all the matters involving press and communications. Any media correspondence is to be forwarded to this email as well.

Copart UK Trade 1st Choice Email

To get the Copart UK customer support for trade 1st choice in writing, email them at [email protected]. Put down your queries and questions to words very carefully and precisely, enabling them to understand what exactly is that you are saying. Any and all concerns relating to their Trade 1st choice services can be emailed to them.

Copart UK Direct Email

If you are not clear about their direct services over the phone or want directions in writing, you can drop them an email at the Copart UK direct email [email protected]. Other queries pertaining to their direct services, for example, payment and exchange issues, can also be emailed.

Copart UK Jobs

Copart UK how to find jobs

Interested in working for Copart UK? Check out their job vacancies on their careers with Copart UK limited page. They have enlisted all the needs and requirements for the post, along with salary and a job summary. You can also search for the job you are capable of by using their search our jobs option on the earlier mentioned page. If in case there is no vacancy at the moment for the job you are looking for, join them on their LinkedIn profile and stay updated on any new vacancy that arises. Everything that you will possibly need to learn with respect to it will be shared with you along with the post.

Copart UK Payment and Fees

If you are trying to learn about the fees Copart UK charges for their services and the payments you will have to make or receive, kindly check out the payment and fees FAQ section. They have addressed every possible question, with all the details you will need to know. You will learn about the new member fees and renewal of existing membership, how to pay for the bid you put on a vehicle you won, probably due date depending upon the lot you have won and many other payment related issues. In case you have a concern or need to request additional information, kindly contact the member services at Copart UK.

Copart UK Contact Tips

Copart UK Twitter Account number

If you have not yet found what you were looking for, or are interested in staying up to date with the latest happenings and offers at Copart UK, you can join them on their social media platforms. There, they very actively share about any new product and you can also reach them using those networks. Connect with them now on:

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