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Cosmopolitan Contact Number
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Monday-Friday 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
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Cosmopolitan is a leading international magazine for women. Being the largest and the leading company, they must have started from somewhere. The first publication was done way back in 1886 as a family magazine. As the years progressed, it was transformed a literary magazine till the 1960s where it was changed to cover women stories.

If you have any queries regarding a Cosmopolitan, we recommend you contact their customer service. What if the contact information is hidden? Searching for Cosmopolitan Helpline Support sometimes seems like a black hole- you can end up searching like forever, with no luck. This should not be the case anymore. Here at All Services, we have exhausted all the contact details of Cosmopolitan in this post and unleashed some of the Cosmopolitan Contact Numbers that will connect you directly to the customer service. These details can also be found on Cosmopolitan Contact us page. Let’s spare you the proverbial explanation!

Cosmopolitan Phone Number List

 Cosmopolitan Department   UK Phone Numbers
 Cosmopolitan Customer Service Free Number, Magazine UK  Events, London Office, Magazine UK Internship,  Advertising, Contact Editor  0800 888 2665
 Cosmopolitan Subscription, Magazine UK Free Gift,  UK Subscription Cancellation, International  Subscription  0185 843 8427

Contact Cosmopolitan Customer Service

Cosmopolitan customer service

In today’s competitive world, Customer service and support is almost the answer to every business. Looking at Cosmopolitan Customer Care, the team does more than providing services to their clients, and the answers they provide reflects they have a clear understanding of what the business entails.

In case it happens that you have queries related to the magazine or other services of the company, don’t hesitate to reach their customer service for assistance through Cosmopolitan Customer Service Free Number 0800 888 2665. The friendly customer service will be at the end ready to handle any question related to the company. Please note that your call may be recorded for future reference.

If you have hearing and speech impairment, you don’t have to struggle with the Cosmopolitan Phone Number. You can start a live chat at Cosmopolitan contact us page. On the page, you can also find a great deal on another way to contact the customer service.

It’s also important to note that you can have your queries addressed the old fashion method of letter writing. Regardless of the method you choose, they reply to all messages from their customers. Though letters are not popular among Cosmopolitan customers as they are slow, they are still effective. Use the following postal address:

72 Broadwick St, Carnaby, London W1F 9EP, UK

How to Contact Cosmopolitan

  • Make a phone call using the Careline provided.
  • Fill in a form at Cosmopolitan contact us page.
  • Draft a letter.
  • Use the FAQs sections
  • Follow on social media.

Cosmopolitan Subscription

Subscribing to the Cosmopolitan Magazine UK is the best thing you can do. Can’t resist the latest trends in fashion? A subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine will expose you to the smartest beauty tips and rumours on career advice. Where else can you read about things that really matters to you, such as sex life and relationship tips, intimate interviews with various celebrities and also empowering your confidence discussions that make you appreciate your body- this is only a bit!

For any enquiry related to subscription, ring Cosmopolitan Subscription Contact Number 0185 843 8427 for answers. Whether you want to renew your subscription or make a cancellation, this is the number to call. A customer who desires to change to a digital, print edition of the magazine should dial the number. Remember to dial the line during their operational hours.

If you are overseas, you can subscribe to receive digital print magazine via email. Contact Cosmopolitan International Subscription Number speak to an agent who will instruct and advise on better subscription plans.

Cosmopolitan Advertising

cosmopolitan magazine

Cosmopolitan is the world largest selling magazine with more than 200 million readers annually. Need your product featured in the Cosmopolitan Magazine? Dial Cosmopolitan Advertising Contact Phone Number for ads placement in their magazine. After calling the helpline, they will put you straight to the advertisement department who will guide you on the whole process of having your ad in the magazine.

If you want to learn the size of the ads and the payments, you can dial the above number. Just by a single call, you will have all your online queries addressed.

In case you prefer email, get more information by writing to an email to [email protected] Start your brand campaign today by advertising with the best marketers today!

Cosmopolitan Magazine Editor

The magazine has over 64 editions printed in over 100 countries. The publishing is done with over 35 languages featured. To have an article featured in the paper you need to consult the editor. Dial Cosmopolitan Magazine Contact Editor number and share your thoughts. Customers who want a certain topic addressed in the newspaper should dial the above number.

If you prefer, you can write to the editor about any content on the magazine. In case you have a story that you want to be edited, send it via email to [email protected] or postal address

This address should be strictly used for editorial purposes and not for a subscription. Write to:

Cosmopolitan, Editorial Offices, 300 West 57th St., 38th Floor, New York, NY 10019.

Cosmopolitan UK Jobs

Are you looking for a career advancement Cosmopolitan UK? From time to time, Cosmopolitan post jobs on their websites. In case you’re a writer, editor or interested in sales marketing job, dial Cosmopolitan UK jobs contact number and enquire about the vacant employment opportunities.

The phone number will put you through with a friendly agent, who will outline the qualifications and requirement in a job post. If you sent an application letter to their office, you could dial the Cosmopolitan Helpline Support number for confirmation.

If you desire, the customer can subscribe to receive email notifications for a vacant post. Send your enquiry for subscriptions to [email protected] Don’t miss out any post!

Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Events

cosmopolitan UK events

Cosmopolitan’s Fashfest is an event that you don’t want to miss. It’s a big party where you get the chance to rub shoulders with the biggest name in fashion and beauty. To obtain your tickets to any VIP and other parties, you can ring Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Events Helpline. The Careline is also useful in case you want to advertise your events on their magazine.

You won’t want to miss the ticket! Once you purchase a pass, customers receive free hair, and makeup treatment, live DJ exclusive performance plus you can eat and drink all you can. If you would like to be updated on these events, customers should get a copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine or subscribe to their entertainment news feed.

Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Free Gift

Do you love free gifts? Do you love reading magazines? While customers continue to subscribe to Cosmopolitan magazine, customers become exposed to premiums & free gifts. Customers within the UK should expect their gifts to be delivered within 4-6 weeks after payment. To make it easy for their clients, Cosmopolitan allow customers to make payment using their credit card online. It’s comfortable and secure, and customers don’t have to visit the magazine stores.

If you’re having issues redeeming free gifts, don’t worry as help is just a call away. Dial Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Free Gift Number and check if you qualify for free gifts. In case you free gift doesn’t require any bill settlement, dial the number and provide them with the validation code. It will take them six weeks to make the shipment. Alternatively, use the live chats page and enquire about free gifts.

Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Internship

A shining internship may be one big step to your dream job, but finding one is not a piece of cake. At Cosmo, they take strong interns who passion on writing as part of their writers and editors during summer, winter and fall season.

Due to a large number of undergraduates making calls day in day out, they don’t accept calls. They would prefer the student to send their CV and the department they are interested into [email protected]. But that doesn’t mean if you have an enquiry related to internship you shouldn’t call? Dial Cosmopolitan Contact Number UK and learn how to apply.

Cosmopolitan Complaints

cosmopolitan complaints department

Customers who have a problem with Cosmo services can dial Cosmopolitan Phone Number 0800 888 2665. A representative will be at the end of the line ready to receive complaints. A customer care may take two step:

  • Provide a solution
  • Set an action plan and provide a reference number to your complaint.

Alternatively, you can contact them via postal address. Clearly, write your complaints and direct them to Cosmopolitan London Office.

Contact Cosmo Via Social Media

The days of customers calling the customer service to make enquiries or complaints are ending fast. People are avoiding spending almost an hour being answered by a machine before finally being connected with an agent who will provide assistance. This post will reflect some of the active Cosmo accounts through which you can channel your views and comments.

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Cosmopolitan, known as Cosmo, are the most successful magazine’s sellers globally featuring young women between 18 to 34. Often, their customers have fascinating names to describe the magazines such as “My stylist” and those who are addicted will say “My caffeine.” The magazine company has embossed digital printing which has led to increasing in sales.

The company website prides of over 4.5 million users every month.  Cosmopolitan magazine address issues related to sex and marriage, men, Money, beauty, self-confidence and more. Also, the magazines are published in over 80 countries. Read more at their official website.

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