Covea Insurance Contact Numbers

Covea Insurance Contact Numbers
Covea Insurance Customer Service

Covea Insurance UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
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All Service is dedicated to providing you with easy contact guide to various entities across the UK. We realise the importance of a good insurance cover, therefore we have compiled contact information for Covea Insurance for you this once. Covea Insurance provides you with a number of policies for property, commercial, high net worth, motor, and protection insurance via insurance brokers, intermediaries, and direct distribution channels.

Covea Insurance Phone Tips

Covea Insurance Departments UK Contact Number
Covea Insurance Customer Service 0330 221 0444
Covea Insurance Halifax 0142 233 1166
Covea Insurance Complaints 0330 134 8300
Covea Insurance Personal Claims 0330 024 2240
0330 024 2255
0330 024 2244

Covea Insurance Customer Service

You can get in touch with the staff at their Norman Place head office using their Covea Insurance customer service number 0330 221 0444. Even though details about the insurance policy would be requested from the insurance intermediary you bought your insurance with, in case you need assistance with which one to go for, you can surely reach them there. Any complaints, excluding those regarding the motor insurances but including the ones specific to motor trade, can also be reported to the staff available at the other end of the given number. They can be approached in case you want to learn, in detail, about the different kinds of insurance policies available with them and via which source. Their knowledgeable staff will be very happy to guide you through.
Covea Insurance home page

Covea Insurance Halifax

One of the three head offices of Covea Insurance can be contacted using the Covea Insurance Halifax number 0142 233 1166. For learning about the insurance policies they are offering and to ask for advice on the best one, reach out to them on the mentioned number. Other than this, if you have other queries relating to their insurance services, the number might come in handy. Since the number is operational for their Halifax office, to reach higher authorities there in case of a serious dispute or an urgent important query, call them on the given number and they will put your concerns to resolution.

Covea Insurance West Malling

The third head office for Covea Insurance is located in West Malling and to get in touch with the insurance experts there, contact at the Covea Insurance West Malling number given above. You can speak to the managers and other higher level staff there in case there is a need to. Such need would encompass the situations and matters that require immediate attention from them, for example, a serious dispute between you and the insurance broker. Moreover, to request information about the list of insurance policies they have, the entity you need to contact for buying the policy you like, you will be giving them a call on the number if the West Malling officials are the one you want to get your insurance through.

Covea Insurance Personal Claims

If you are looking for how to make or register a claim with this company, you can find the entire details by using the contact information given below:

Private Car, Commercial vehicle, and VanGo

Since they have a range of insurance covers in the personal domain, there are different numbers you will be calling to get your claim. In case you have to make a claim on the insurance policy relating to private car, commercial vehicle and VanGo, you will be contacting at the Covea Insurance personal claims number 0330 024 2240. They will guide you regarding what should be done next.


Nevertheless, if your claim is with respect to the policies covering for household related emergencies, you will be contacting at 0330 024 2255. This means that if a situation arises and your insurance covers for the losses incurred, give a call at this number and the experts will process your claim. For any insurance policy relating to household products, named the profile, home, and lifestyle, this is the number to call for a claim.

E-Van, and Motorist and Motor Sure

For making a claim on your E-van, and motorist and motor sure insurance policies, contact at 0330 024 2244. They will guide you as to what you will be needing to do next so that the claim is processed and settled. You need not worry if you have incurred a loss relating these products, all you need to do is claim your insurance through the number!

For all these claims over the phones, however, you should have the major details of your insurance policy, and details of the emergency situation, because of which you have to make a claim, in hand so that you can report when asked. You can claim your insurance 24 hours a day and seven days a week throughout the year.

Covea Insurance Complaints

Covea Insurance how to make a complaint

If you have a complaint against a policy that was priorly underwritten by the Sterling Insurance Company Limited, you will be contacting at the Covea Insurance complaints number 0330 134 8300. Even though they are always striving to make insurance a hassle-free and smooth process for their customers, in case you are not satisfied with their services, you are open to reporting the inconvenience. They will be quick to act on it and rectify any problem at their end. The nature of your complaint can be about the effectiveness of the policy you choose or any aspect of their services.

Covea Insurance Head Office

Since they have three head offices, you can reach out to any of them for getting your queries resolved or reporting any mishap. You can either visit them in person or write to them at Covea Insurance head office address. One of the head offices is in Norman Place, other in Halifax and the third one in West Malling. The address for their Normal Place office has been shared, in case you want to get in contact with them. You can report a complaint in writing and post it to the address. Or for any query or help, you can go and visit them in a person. They will guide you through all the policies available for the product you want to get insured. In a case of writing a complaint, you should ensure addressing it to the customer relations department at Covea Insurance.

Covéa Insurance, 2 Norman Place, Reading, RG1 8DA

Covea Insurance Alternate Contact Information

Even though your queries can sufficiently be addressed using the information above, in an unfortunate case it is not, please use the following alternate details.

Covea Insurance Customer Service Email

Covea Insurance facebook page

If you are good at writing and feel like you will be better able to tell them about your concern in written words, you can drop them an email at [email protected]. They will answer your queries regarding the range of insurance policies they offer, suggest you the best ones according to your needs and also let you know why you should buy an insurance policy through them. Therefore, for any reservations and concerns, be sure to contact them using their email address.

Covea Insurance Jobs

Employing over 15,000 people in their 10 offices spread across the UK, Covea Insurance has ample opportunity for success and growth! If you wish to become a part of their dedicated team, email them at [email protected]. You can learn about the vacancies, jobs that are fitting for you and open, and also drop your CV at the email in case you have found the job with Covea Insurance which requires your expertise. They are a very dynamic entity, therefore new talent is always appreciated.

You can explore your options for careers at Covea Insurance on their current vacancies page as well. Over there, you will also get to learn your benefits of working with them, different programs they have and how you would be applying for the job.

Covea Insurance Email

If you are not comfortable talking to them over the telephone, you can also drop them an email. For emailing them a complaint, you should follow the email us option flashing on their how to make a complaint page. The three kinds of complaints have a different option, therefore you can opt for the one you need to make a complaint with respect to.

On the other hand, if you have a query or feedback for their head offices, you should fill in the form available on their tab for head offices main contact on the contact us page. Each of the tabs for the three head offices has a comprehensive form, which you will be filling with the relevant details in an attempt to forward your concern, query or message to the relevant officials.

Covea Insurance Make a Claim

Making a claim for their personal lines have been discussed earlier. However, to make a claim for other products they offer, kindly check out the company’s make a claim page and follow through the table they have provided. They have further directed you for more information for each of the product in case you are not clear. To learn about what you should be doing while making the claims and what should be avoided, checking out the page would be fruitful.

Covea Insurance Contact Tips

Covea Insurance contact number Twitter account

Their office hours are 9.00 am – 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday and are applicable to all the offices. Therefore, it would be wise to call them during the mentioned hours.

If you are still not satisfied with the contact information for Covea and have an urge to constantly stay updated on new policies that they bring in, the new job openings and the general news, you can connect with them on their following social media profiles:

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