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It can be difficult to find reliable news sources these days. There is a sudden emergence of news portals these days that we just never know where to look. For example, there is the Huffington Post, The Independent, The Telegraph, and the Daily Mail. Some may have taken their news from other portals and rewrote it from another angle; some may have completely made up their stories just to obtain readership; and some might be biased with their reporting. However, when it comes to Daily Mail, you can be guaranteed that you are reading the most reliable news stories on their portal.

This article will be a guideline to all the Daily Mail telephone numbers, including Daily Mail Rewards Club number and Daily Mail Promotions phone number, postal addresses, and email addresses, that can get you connected to the Daily Mail customer service desk and other departments. You can also go to the Daily Mail News Desk Contact page for their full contact information.

Daily Mail Phone Number List

Daily Mail Helpline UK Contact Number
Daily Mail Customer Service 0207 938 6000
Daily Mail Rewards Club Number 0808 272 0808
Back Copies 0207 640 3900
Classified Advertising 0207 937 5656
Commercial Licences 0207 566 0363
Copyright and License 0207 566 0360
Book Rights and Educational Permissions 0207 566 0362
Photographs and Graphics 0207 566 0364
News and Feature Service 0207 566 0370
Archive and Special Project 0207 361 50934

Daily Mail Customer Service

daily mail girl reading daily mail

The newspaper primarily serves the citizens of the United Kingdom, United States, and India, dedicated to providing their readers with exciting daily news that are happening around the world. With the Daily Mail, you can learn about the latest news about sports, health, politics, entertainment, business, technology, travel and lifestyle etc. They are constantly on the move to cross appropriate boundaries in order to deliver their true stories.

The Daily Mail is built on the foundation of trust, where they try their best to be unbiased and impartial. You can always rely on the Daily Mail to provide news service that is respected worldwide, and believe that you will get to know the latest happenings anywhere in the world as soon as possible.

Due to their diligent news delivery and the quality content they have offered their audience, the Daily Mail has been the recipient of multiple awards, including Campaign of the Year, Best of Humour, and Specialist Journalist of the Year etc. Their recognition wouldn’t be possible if not for their loyal and trusting customer base that always goes to them for the most enthralling news.

If you wish to enquire about Daily Mail, you only need to call the Daily Mail contact number 0207 938 6000 to do so. You can also reach the editorial team, and ask about display advertising through this number. Daily Mail telephone numbers are open for calls from 7.30 a.m. to midnight, every day of the week.

For those who prefer electronic mailing, you can seek their full email information on the Daily Mail News Desk Contact page.

Prefer the traditional way of writing letters? No problem! You can always deliver your letters to the newspaper at this address:

Daily Mail & General Trust
Northcliffe House
2 Derry Street London
W8 5TT

Daily Mail Rewards Club Number

daily mail plus

With a MyMail account, you can easily subscribe to Daily Mail Plus and receive promotions and rewards while you are a member. Daily Mail Plus is an application that the newspaper has generated for iOS and Android OS users so that they can have more convenient and lighter access to Daily Mail news with their gadgets. By subscribing to Daily Mail Plus, you are subscribing to the Daily Mail, the Weekend Magazine, the Mail on Sunday, You magazine, and Event magazine. You will have everything in one place!

Not only that, you are also privileged to a number of rewards and special promotions that Daily Mail has come up with to thank you for your continuous support of their services. It is simple to earn rewards on Daily Mail, just follow the following steps:

  • Log into your MyMail account
  • Enter the Unique Number from the back page of your Daily Mail subscription and earn Mail Points
  • Build up your Mail Points balance
  • Spend Mail Point on the voucher of your choice

If you wish to enquire about your Mail Points balance or you are wondering about how it all works, you can simply contact the Daily Mail Rewards Club number on 0808 272 0808. This number also works as the Daily Mail promotions phone number, in case you wish to learn more about their current promotion packages.

Back Copies

Daily Mail releases a new issue of newspaper every day, but they do still have issues from dates before the current date available. There are many reasons that people will still want back copies even if the news are already old, including:

  • The features in the newspaper
  • Public relations purpose
  • Solicitors review
  • Newsagents supply

So if you are looking for back copies of the Daily Mail for the above reasons or others, feel free to reach out to the Daily Mail telephone number on 0207 640 3900. They will liaise with you on how to acquire the copy you want and how to have it delivered to you.


The Daily Mail and Mail Sunday are a couple of powerhouse brands that have dominated their sector of the national press in the UK. When you advertise with them, you are getting your name across the country, if not the world. Your brand will receive unbound recognition.

Daily Mail brands provide gigantic depth of readership and offer the opportunity of targeting audiences of different levels, through display advertisements, integrated creative solutions, inserts, advertorial promotions and guides or sponsorship of key editorial sites. It doesn’t matter which advertising mechanism you choose to advertise your brand with Daily Mail, you can be assured that their readers will have the high propensity to respond to the message you’re getting across

To publish classified advertisements with the Daily Mail, you ought to dial this Daily Mail contact number 0207 937 5656 to learn more about the process and apply for a space in their newspaper.

You can request for commercial licenses for display advertisements, and TV and film props by getting in touch with the Daily Mail helpline on 0207 566 0363.

Copyright and License

Copyright and license is very important to Daily Mail’s operations. They do not appreciate other parties imposing to be them in any sort of way. So you are advised to query about their copyright and license status by reaching out to this Daily Mail number 0207 566 0360.

Looking for permissions to peruse Daily Mail’s contents in your books or for educational purposes? Do not hesitate to ask about it on this phone number 0207 566 0362.

Daily Mail has a team of talented and out of this world photographers and photojournalists in their office. They take remarkable photos and put them on the internet for everyone to see, and it would be incredibly rude to just use their photos for personal use without asking permission. Hence, before using any of their photographic products, please dial their Photographs and Graphics line on 0207 566 0364.

Your Inclusion

daily mail quill

Daily Mail publishes content produced by their own editorial team, and your own input. Yes, consumers can become contributors with the Daily Mail, you only need to make sure that your story is authentic and not fabricated. They want to give you a chance to tell your story.

So if you have a story to tell and you want it featured on the Daily Mail spread, feel free to get in touch with their editorial team on 0207 566 0370. They will have a journalist to check out your story and find out its worthiness to be published on their paper.

Archive and Special Project

The newspaper has an extensive archive of their previous stories and the special features they have published that have garnered a lot of recognition. If you are particularly interested in a special project that they have done but you are unable to find it in their online archive, you have the option to ask about it on this Daily Mail telephone number 0207 361 50934.

Contact Daily Mail via Social Media

daily mail twitter

When there’s a physical newspaper and an online portal, along with mobile applications, you can’t really expect Daily Mail to not set up a few social media accounts. Their social network outlets have become the fastest ways to tell you the short versions of their latest news stories, while also giving you links to read the full stories. You can also contact Daily Mail through their social media accounts.

Daily Mail Overview

daily mail logo

First published in 1896 by Alfred Harmsworth, First Viscount Northcliffe, and his brother, Harold Harmsworth, the Daily Mail is a popular conservative, middle-market, tabloid newspaper in the UK. After the Sun, they are considered to be the second biggest-selling daily newspaper in the country, selling over a million copies a day. As of today, their current CEO is Jonathan Harmsworth, Fourth Viscount Rothermere.

The Daily Mail consider their portal to be a public forum, where your comments, once published online, will be read by everyone. They also refrain from using foul language on their portal, wanting to keep their portal as clean and polite as possible. Their content is reviewed on a daily basis and with a close eye by the portal’s team of editors that is led by Paul Dacre. Though the news they publish are mostly related to entertainment and celebrities, but they still make it their main responsibility to ensure that their news are accurate and factual, so that consumers can be at the receiving end of genuine news.

It was calculated in November 2016 that the Daily Mail has an average circulation of 1,510,824 copies, with their readership ranging in the amount of approximately 3.951 million. Their website has more than 100 million unique visitors per month. This record just goes to show how much Daily Mail consumers trust them for entertainment and celebrity related news. And because they appreciate their consumers’ support, Daily Mail is always organizing promotions for their consumers, which you can learn more about by contacting the Daily Mail promotions phone number above.

You can reach out to Daily Mail by doing any of the following means:

  • Contact the respective Daily Mail telephone numbers given in the above list
  • Find their full contact information on the Daily Mail News Desk Contact page
  • Write a letter
  • Drop an email
  • Social media
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