DHL Contact Number Helpline

DHL Contact Number Helpline
DHL Customer Service

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Monday-Friday 7:30AM - 10:00PM
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DHL Contact Number Helpline Tips

DHL Phone Number UK Contact Number
DHL Tracking Free 020 8818 8000
DHL Customer Service 033 3003 7703
DHL Helpline Complaints 0345 072 0278

DHL Express UK Overview

DHL Express is one of the divisions within Deutsche Post DHL, which is the largest logistics company in the world. It is responsible for providing express mail services internationally. The company has been providing these services since 1969 when it was founded.

The express mail service provider operates from its headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The company is one of the most successful in the express logistics industry around the world. It has many partnerships around the world in areas such as music/arts, sports, motorsports, and fashion.

The company operates in more than 220 countries around the world. It is the only company with such an extensive presence around the world. It has a workforce of more than 325,000 workers around the globe. It has several business units such as Supply Chain, Express, Parcel, and Freight.

One great way of enjoying the benefits of this company is by reaching DHL contact number helpline service. If you reside in the UK and expecting a parcel, it is an excellent idea to always be in contact with DHL UK office. It makes DHL tracking easy for customers without any stress.

DHL Services

The company has its headquarters right at the building from which the parent company, Deutsche Post DHL, operates in Bonn, Germany. In the Americas, the headquarters are in Plantation, Florida.

DHL Global Mail is one of the company’s popular services that it began in partnership with USPS. DHL is the only company that provides USPS mail transfers in and out of both Afghanistan and Iraq. Using the DHL tracking system will help people living in both urban and rural areas to get a clue of orders.

The company provides worldwide services and delivers express packages to countries such as Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It also serves customers in North Korea and Cuba. It is unable to fly domestically between airports in the US since it is not an American company. Nevertheless, with a DHL phone number on the official website, you can be able to resolve any problem concerning your parcel.

It provides logistics services as well in areas such as freight transportation, warehousing, and distribution in addition to customs, security, and insurance among others. It distributes postal business correspondence, publications, and low-cost goods across the border.

The DHL tracker is one of the best features that customers can use in tracking their parcel or other important items. The tracker system will help you discover where your parcel is processed and the time of arrival. Customers can as well make use of a DHL phone number on the web page to reach the service if there is any urgency.

Contact DHL Customer Service

The DHL phone number to call when in need of a solution is 020 8818 8000. When in need of technical support, remember to dial and call their toll-free number through a landline or mobile phone and you’ll be assisted. You can also use the DHL contact number helpline service to reach the company for further information about your parcel.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer customers other avenues through which to contact the company and have your issue resolved fast. Email services are available for contacting the customer service section, but only if you can wait for a response. If you have any complaint, contact DHL helpline, 0345 072 0278.

The DHL contact number helpline is always available to customers 24/7. The DHL tracking system can also be of help to customers who want to know the actual spot of their parcel. Even if you are expecting items via air, sea or land, the DHL tracker can help in the tracking process efficiently.

 DHL Contact Number Helpline


Write To DHL Helpline

Customers can simply Contact DHL directly at Properties House/3 Easter Pk, Stockton-on-Tees TS17 9NT, United Kingdom. All other DHL customer service should be handled by phone numbers above.

DHL Contact Tips

DHL Helpline has several departments with different contact details. For this reason, know the department or office to call first when in need of answers to your questions. The departments in question include DHL Express, DHL Parcel & e-Commerce, and DHL Global Forwarding among others.

DHL Express can as well provide customers with complete tracking of their anticipated item. This can be achieved by using the DHL tracker to know the actual area where your parcel is being processed. Clients can find more helpful information on the website.

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