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DPD Contact Number
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GeoPost, or La Poste, is a postal service company that originated from France, responsible for parcel and package deliveries. They are the provider of postal delivery of the finest standards. They own several subsidiaries across Europe, including Dynamic Parcel Delivery, or DPD in short.

You will be guided through a complete list of DPD contact numbers, along with postal addresses and email addresses should you feel the need for them. By getting in touch with their customer support team, you can speak to a DPD representative directly and find the perfect solution for your delivery needs wherever you want.

DPD Phone Number List

DPD Helpline UK Contact Number
DPD Customer Service 0121 275 0500
International Delivery 0121 698 3783
Courier Contact 0121 500 2500
Sales 0121 336 4900
Credit Management 0117 937 8126
Billing 0121 647 0869
Claims 0117 937 8115
Existing Claims 0117 910 5009
Stationery Orders 0121 569 1400
DPD Individual Offices
Aberdeen 0122 487 8686
Southall 0208 744 7643
Edinburgh 0131 335 4000

What does DPD do?

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Dynamic Parcel Distribution, or DPD, is an international parcel delivery company that operates in the Europe. In just its first year of conception, they have already made over 1.4 million parcel deliveries, and that number had only increased in the following years.

The company has 50,000 delivery experts that deliver over 3.6 million parcels a day, across Europe’s road of network that reaches 230 countries in total. They vie to be the best delivery partner that you work with, not stopping in their progress of evolving their customer experience. In their constant evolving, they are dedicated to deliver simple but excellent solutions that can make sending and receiving your parcels easier and more flexible.

Especially within the UK, DPD is committed to offering their customers time-critical and value for money delivery. You will not find a more reliable delivery company in terms of timeliness and cost than the DPD. In fact, you might even find their services to exceed your expectations.

There are many ways to reach out to DPD, including:

  • Call the DPD phone numbers provided in the list above and speak to their representatives directly
  • Find their full contact information on the DPD UK Contact Us web page
  • Post a letter to their mailbox
  • Send them an email with details
  • Download the DPD mobile applications for iOS or Android
  • Social media

DPD Customer Service

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DPD has a strong belief in building strong and stable relationships with their customers to develop trust and loyalty. They work hard to learn and understand the ambitions they want to achieve and the challenges they may face, in order to evolve their business further and support their growth.

When you subscribe to DPD delivery services, you are given full control, convenience, and simplicity, as they will make sure that they are in touch with you every step of the way. The multiple awards and the positive customer feedback they have received permits DPD to take pride in not only the care they take for the parcels they deliver, but also every person they deliver for.

If you have any general enquiries regarding a pending delivery, tracking parcel status, and your MyDPD account, feel free to dial the DPD customer service number on 0121 275 0500 to ask them. For international deliveries, please contact DPD on 0121 698 3783.

While DPD strives to satisfy each and every one of their customers with their delightful services, there will undoubtedly be a mistake or simply something that you are unsatisfied with. You are always welcome to submit your complaint by calling the same DPD contact numbers. They will take your complaint into serious consideration and rectify their mistakes.

You can call these numbers 9a.m. to 9p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8a.m. to 4p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

If you wish to submit your enquiries in a more traditional method, you ought to send a handwritten letter to this postal address:

DPD Services
PO Box 6979
Roebuck Lane, Smethwick, West Midlands
B66 1BN
United Kingdom

Other than calling the DPD support team and writing to them, you can also send them an email. Their email information is available on the DPD Contact Us page.

Courier Contact

DPD offers smart, efficient, and convenient services in both the local and global markets. They have designed their products and services by bringing together local and international expertise, with their customers as their top priority. Same as you, agility is a valuable tool for them and they intend to exploit on it as much as possible.

Hence, they have set new standards that are unlike other delivery services by expanding their two signature services across the country.

  • Predict – A tool for the customers to know the exact hour to expect parcel arrivals from DPD experts. This tool is also used for changing the time, day, or place of delivery if plans change.
  • Pickup – Simply choose a pickup point for your parcel and DPD experts will have them delivered. There is no place on Earth that DPD experts won’t be able to find, hence this tool is easy and accessible for you and the DPD.

Regardless, if there ever comes a time when you find that your parcel delivery is late or there is something you are confused about their delivery process, you only have to contact DPD phone number for couriers on 0121 500 2500.

Sales Team

dpd man carrying dpd boxes

The delivery company provides a whole host of products and services for your choosing, in accordance to how you wish your parcel is delivered. They are restless in investing in technology that can provide customers with the best delivery experience. And when combined with their products and services, there’s no other delivery company that can provide a better value than the DPD.

Their local standard parcels delivery services are as follow:

  • DPD 10:30 – a premium time-critical service that ensures your urgent parcels can arrive to their destination at the start of a working day
  • DPD 12:00 – have your parcels delivered to you before noon
  • DPD Next Day – an assured parcel delivery to your doorsteps the day after delivery order is placed

You do not have to worry about parcel deliveries across the boundaries of the UK, because DPD has organized an esteemed set of delivery services that will deliver your packages safely and in perfect condition.

  • DPD Classic – One of the best connected, and most reliable delivery services in the Europe, including Predict services so that the recipients can be informed of when to expect their packages
  • DPD Air Classic – An extension of the Classic service, allowing you to reach 230 countries
  • DPD Air Express – Suitable for those who are sending urgent parcels over an express network in the air
  • DPD Direct – International home delivery service that is tailored for online retailers

These are only the most basic of services that DPD provides. If you wish to learn more about their premium products and services for deliveries, do not hesitate to get in touch with DPD customer service number for their sales team on 0121 336 4900.

You can place stationery orders by dialling this number 0121 569 1400.

Credit Management

DPD controls billing very well, and they have set up a credit management team to control and collect payments from customers in an organized manner. They are aware that money is a sensitive manner and they want to ensure that the money you have paid are well handled and not dealt with carelessness.

You can contact DPD credit management department by dialling this DPD phone number 0117 937 8126.


Different people have different preferences of making payments, and DPD understands that more than anyone else. They do not limit you to only one option of paying your fees, instead they have opened up a gallery of other payment options you can choose from.

As per usual, there is no other payment option that can be more convenient and simple than Direct Debit. It allows you to have full control over your account and helps you save costs in the process. Nevertheless, you can also choose to pay by cheques, just make sure you make your cheques payable to DPD. Apart from these, the BACS option is open for you as well.

To learn more about their billing and payment options, contact DPD telephone number on 0121 647 0869.


dpd cap

DPD deliveries are always at their stellar performance and they rarely – if ever – slack off or pull off mistakes. However, the claims service is available in case any DPD service is not executed in accordance with set deadlines, service conditions of use and customers’ contract terms.

They have developed and will maintain appropriate procedures that is impartial and fair to both parties while examining new and existing claims. And then they will offer timely resolutions to solve your claims.

To register a claim, you are advised to dial their Claims department on 0117 937 8115. To pursue the status of an existing claim, the appropriate helpline to call is 0117 910 5009.

DPD Individual Offices

The delivery company has established three offices in the UK to help their operations run easier and also provide convenient accessibility to all their customers located in the country. Their offices are open from 9a.m. to 9p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8p.m. to 4p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

To reach out to their Aberdeen office, feel free to call the DPD customer service number on 0122 487 8686.

You can speak to a representative from the DPD Southall office by dialling this number 0208 744 7643.

The appropriate telephone number of the DPD Edinburgh office is 0131 335 4000.

Contact DPD via Social Media

dpd youtube

DPD has kept a strong online presence by establishing numerous social media accounts. They have a track record of excellent response time on their social network outlets. You can easily acquire regular updates and reach out to DPD via social media if you wish to.

DPD Contact Number
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