EON Customer Service

EON Customer Service
E.ON Customer Service

E.ON UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday ---
E.ON UK Routing Number
Press 1 Make a payment
Press 2Provide a meter reading
Press 3Discuss your direct debit

EON Phone Numbers

EON Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
EON Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 027 0072
Textphone 0800 027 8899
Boiler Emergency Helpline 0800 111 4686
Power cuts (central and south Scotland) 0800 092 9290
Sales enquiries 0800 027 6464

EON Overview

Arguably one of UK’s leading power and gas company, EON provides gas and electricity to nearly 5 million people in homes as well as offices. The company believes in providing reliable, cleaner and more efficient services with special focus on customer satisfaction. It’s energy generating arm and the energy trading businesses were merged to for a new company known as Uniper. The energy provider has been a recipient of numerous awards such as “Large Supplier of the Year” in 2014 and 2015 and “Overall Customer Satisfaction” twice, in 2012 and 2013. So EON Customer service record is unquestionable. As of 2015, the company’s total assets were worth €113.4 billion.

EON Services

EON is primarily involved in the generates and supply of gas and electricity to homes and businesses in the UK. Currently, the company offers 3 energy tariffs; E.ON EnergyPlan, E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year v20, and E.ON Energy Fixed 2 Year v9. The first plan has a variable price and attracts no exit fees. The plan is available to prepayment, credit, and non-meter customers. The other two have 12-month tariff and 24-month tariff respectively and no exit fee as well. Both have £20 Dual Fuel Discount. If you’d like to know which plan you should subscribe to, contact EON helpline representatives and they’ll advise you accordingly.

On top of that, the company provides customers with residential meters, tariffs, new connections, as well as repair and maintenance services. Similar services are available to small and medium businesses as well. Most gas and energy services are available online. Customers simply need to register accounts and they will be able to take control of their energy plans. For more details about the various services provided by the company, visit EON products and services page.

EON helpline

Contact EON Customer Service

EON, like other energy service providers in the UK, has several helpline numbers. It’s advisable to check and call the relevant number so that you can be assisted quickly.The EON contact number to call when you have queries about the prepayment meter is 0345 303 3040. Customer representatives will help you whenever you reach and ask for assistance. If you subscribed to Smart Pay as You Go, the EON phone number is 0345 366 5996.

From time to time, you may have complaints that you’d like the company’s representatives to address. The EON helpline number to contact when you want to lodge a complaint is 0333 202 4606. Customers who need help with boiler repairs or maintenance should always contact EON contact number for emergencies which is toll-free, 0800 051 1470. Also, contact the same number if there is a gas emergency. It’s accessible 24/7 not just during normal working hours.

Are you deaf and wondering how you can quickly contact EON representatives? Simply use their textphone line which is 0800 056 6560. Once you state your issue, you will be advised what to do. Customer representatives are friendly and will go the extra mile to resolve your gas or electricity problem promptly.

What if you are abroad and would like to make an inquiry to EON customer service? Don’t worry. If you are overseas, the EON contact number to use is +44 (0)115 843 4373. Take note that standard call charges to any EON phone number may apply depending on the mobile service or fixed line service provider.

Write to EON Customer Care

If you would like someone you know, say a loved one or a close friend, to manage your account, you should print out the letter of authority and send it to address below:

PO BOX 7750

Contact EON Helpline Tips

Customers will be happy to know that there are various EON helpline numbers for different services. The company also has an extensive online FAQ list, which usually provides solutions to common problems. Visit help and support page to find answers to some of the most common questions. For those who can’t reach any EON contact number, you can also seek answers to your queries through email, Facebook or Twitter.

EON Customer Service
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