eBay Contact Number Helpline

eBay Contact Number Helpline
eBay Customer Service

eBay UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 10:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 6:00PM

eBay Phone Number Tips

eBay Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
eBay Customer Services (Toll-Free) 0800 358 6551
eBay Landline Number o20 8605 3111
03 Contact Number 0345 355 3229
General Inquiries 0800 358 3229
International eBay +44 344 241 1653

eBay Overview

eBay is the leading online Market today, controlling more than 80% of all trading activities on the internet. On eBay, you will find all common, trending, used and new items. It is a common destination for UK customers looking to deal in a fun easy way.

Pierre Omidyar founded the online platform in 1995, California. The UK online market is free for buyers, but the sellers pay a fee for listing items. Any legal product can be bought on eBay. Books, automobiles, electronics, just to name a few, all you will find on the eBay website. If you need any assistance with buying or selling any product, use the eBay Contact Number Helpline. Shopping at eBay is fun, exciting and a fast way to earn.

eBay Services

The online auctioning website is one of the company’s flagship products and services. The site allows the company to provide its customers with an online shopping platform where they can buy and sell various goods and services. The site has very few restrictions on what to sell through them. When you want are ready to connect with an eBay customer service number, call toll-free at 0800 358 6551. Any service representative will help you.

On the auctioning and shopping website, customers can buy or sell electronics as well as cars, fashion accessories, coupons, and collectibles. Farm types of equipment are also readily available for purchase from the shopping website.

The sporting goods that customers find at eBay.com fall in three different categories namely cycling, golfing and hunting. Other categories where you will find sporting goods include fishing, exercise, and fitness, outdoor sports as well as team sports.

With eBay having many daily deals, you might be thinking on how to contact eBay. Such deals are for customers interested in fashion sales, jewellery, watches, health, and beauty, in addition to home and garden. Special offers also fall under the daily deals category. Other products on the site include games and tickets.


Contact eBay Customer Service

For customers wishing to get advice before embarking on the buying and selling of goods contact eBay customer care by dialling the eBay phone number 0800 358 3229This service is available for customers located in the UK only. For clients who are abroad thinking on how to contact eBay helpline, the number to dial is +44 344 241 1653

The eBay Contact Number Helpline can be called during office hours. Opening an account at eBay and signing in before using it to forward your questions to the company will encourage fast response to any issue that you raise.

eBay Contact Number Helpline

Write to eBay Customer Care

Sometimes it is complicated to find the eBay phone number you need, or in many cases, you end up needing to dial 0208 605 3000This happens to be the eBay customer service number that is going to charge you a service fee.

Many times you go to the eBay contact us page and learn how to connect in other ways. One meaningful and effective method is hand writing a letter with a complaint or comment. When all other communication attempts fail, use this address:

eBay Customer Service,
Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond TW9 1EJ, United Kingdom

eBay Contact Tips

First and foremost, always visit the main website. Then go to the Help and Contact section when you have an issue for the company to address.

It is a good practice to have all your information ready. This section contains some excellent solutions depending on the issues that you want to be addressed. Open Monday-Friday 8:00 am-10:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday 9:00 am-6:00 pm, the call centre closes on public holidays.

EBay will always have your back because the eBay contact number helpline is toll-free, 0800 358 6551 and available 24/7. Customers who do not want to spend too much money when calling the company can contact eBay through this toll-free number. Do not call the toll-free number if your passcode is not ready or you have forgotten it.

When you may not find an eBay customer service number on the web other than their main site, try their social media platforms for more help, such as Facebook and Twitter.

eBay Contact Number Helpline
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