eBay Phone Number

eBay Phone Number
eBay Customer Service

eBay UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 10:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 6:00PM

eBay Phone Number Tips

eBay Contact Number Helpline Contact Numbers
eBay customer service Toll-Free 0800 358 3229
eBay Phone number Toll-Free US 0800 358 6552
eBay Landline Number 0208 605 3111 
eBay Toll-Free 0208 605 3000 
eBay Customer Service 0208 080 2105

eBay Overview

If you are looking for discounted auction style items, then look no further than Ebay. Ebay is a company that grew tremendously over the years and has since tapered off a bit. The online auction house was a hub for small businesses and mum and pop stores to sell everything from household products to jewellery, merchandise, collectables and hard to find items. You could find anything on Ebay and the prices might be as low as a penny and have high as thousands of dollars depending on the demand for the product. Under then-CEO Meg Whitman, California-based eBay began to slow down a bit over the last few years as competitors like Alibaba and Amazon gained market share and customers left Ebay for better deals. Sellers also began to depart the auction house when issues over rates and fees left some with sour stomachs. Present CEO Jim Donahoe has Ebay focusing more on ‘Buy it now’ items for instant sales and working with companies like Costco for discounted household items.
If you curious to know more about company services you can reach an eBay live operator on their official website.

eBay Services

The services and products that Ebay UK helps with include games, electronics, TVs, hard to find items, clothing, jewellery, tickets and automobiles. If you would like to reach Ebay, just call an Ebay phone number 0208 080 2105,  and an operator can assist you.

IF you are purchase on eBay, you have to create an account first. After your account verified you can buy or sell anything on eBay. With the online platform, customers can buy goods free, but the sellers are expected to pay for listing products.IF you are facing problem in buying and selling you can feel free to call the toll-free eBay customer service number 0800 358 3229, or you can also contact eBay live operator on their website.

eBay Phone Number

Contact eBay Customer Service

To reach eBay UK, there are several options available to you. If you are online and want to look at their products, or if you want to open a store, you can visit eBay, or one can also reach them at an Ebay customer service number 0800 358 3229.

If you have any queries and you are not able to contact any numbers listed use the FAQs section and receive guides which take care of most of the queries that you might have in this regard.

ebay Customer Helpline Number

Write to eBay Customer Care

Getting hold of eBay Customer Service team members can be a nightmare, more so, using their helpline provided. Avoid the problems of making calls and write an email or visit their website Contact Ebay and get exposed to more channels in which you can communicate to eBay help team. You can also write or send a parcel to the following address:

583 W eBay Way
UT 84020, USA

eBay Contact Number Helpline Tips

If you call during regular business hours you can reach an eBay live operator as there are no physical Ebay stores although the demand a few years ago warranted it. There were several I-Sold-it’s in various locations that sold Ebay products people could pick up from the stores, but as demand shifted, merchandise sat on shelves and people stopped using them. For customer service related matters, simply call the eBay customer service number (Toll-Free) 0800 358 3229 to reach an operator.

You can use eBay site social media platforms for help also, such as:

eBay Phone Number
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