ECAR Contact Number Helpline

ECAR Contact Number Helpline
ECAR Customer Service

ECAR UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday ---
Sunday ---
ECAR UK Routing Number
Press 1 Customer service team
Press 2For a new policy

ECAR Phone Number Tips

ECAR Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
ECAR Customer Service 0333 222 4552
Car insurance 0333 222 4551
Van insurance 0333 005 2352
Policy renewal 0333 222 4551
MMS 07537 416 059

ECAR Overview

ECAR Insurance is a UK-based virtual insurance service provider and one of the fastest growing insurance firms. The company specialises in cars, vans, bikes, and boats. Currently, the company boasts of more than 1 million insurance policies. Unlike traditional insurers, ECAR allows customers to create their own insurance policies. ECAR started operations in 2004 and now has more than 250 employees. The firm owes its success to  novel policies and its radical approach to managing insurance covers.

ECAR Services

For the most part, ECAR provides short-term insurance covers to car, bike, and boat owners across the UK. Obtaining a quote or signing up for a policy is as easy as calling their customer service or visiting ECAR Insurance UK website. Customers have the freedom to manage their insurance accounts online.  Once you enroll, you can log into your account and do the following:

  • add a new policy cover
  • renew a policy
  • update personal details
  • download policy documents
  • file insurance claim

One of the greatest and most attractive features under their insurance plans is pay as you go. What that means is ECAR  customers can signup for short-term plans and as brief as 1 day. Individuals have the option of selecting a cover that lasts 28 days. Coverage starts as soon as you sign for a policy. In addition to this, customers are able to file their claims for insurance right from the company’s main website. No matter what kind of car you drive, you can rest easy know ECAR coverage will protect your asset on the road. Contact ECAR Customer Service today, 0333 222 4551 and get started!

Furthermore, their website enables customers to check on the statuses of pending insurance claims. Customers who need price quotes for the exact type of coverage that they need can get these straight from the official company website. The ECAR Contact Number Helpline was created to streamline your waiting experience.

ECAR Contact Number Helpline

Contact ECAR Customer Service

Open on weekdays from 9.00am to 6.00 pm, you can Contact ECAR at 0333 222 4552. Once connected you are able to make general enquiries about their products as well as insurance plans. If you would like to signup for car insurance or file a claim on the same, use this ECAR phone number, 0333 222 4551. Individuals with hearing problems can use their MMS number, 07537 416 059. You will be assisted on any matter pertaining to your cover or claims. Anyone who took out an insurance cover for a van should contact the policy renewal line, the ECAR contact number 0333 005 2352 for assistance.

ECAR customer care is closed on weekends and public holidays

If you’re abroad and do not know what ECAR phone number to contact  about car policies you have or in order to make a claim, call, +44 906 736 6522. You can also visit the FAQ page, or write an email to request a quote or request them to check the status of your claims.

ECAR Customer Service Number

Write to ECAR Customer Care

Every once in a while, you may need to Contact ECAR to make detailed enquiries or state your case when pursuing claims. Writing a letter then logically becomes the best way of contacting them. No matter what the issue is you will still find the assistance you need. Once you write you letter, mail it to the following address.

MMT Centre,
Severn Bridge, Aust,
Bristol BS35 4BL,
United Kingdom

ECAR Contact Tips

ECAR helpline is always available during normal working hours. When you call their numbers between 9am and 6pm on Monday-Friday, you will be assisted. Do not contact ECAR on Saturday and Sunday, or public holidays, as the operators are not available to pick calls. Always have your policy number or account number on hand before you dial the ECAR Contact Number Helpline. Be prepared. It is worth noting that calls to 03 numbers cost the same as the national rates that apply when calling 01 or 02 numbers anywhere from the UK.

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