ECAR Customer Service

ECAR Customer Service
ECAR Customer Service

ECAR UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday ---
Sunday ---
ECAR UK Routing Number
Press 1 Customer service team
Press 2For a new policy

ECAR Phone Number Tips

ECAR Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Breakdown Claims 0800 316 7816
ECAR Customer Service 0333 222 4552
Car Insurance 0333 222 4551
Van Insurance 0333 005 2352
Policy Renewal 0333 222 4551
MMS 07537 416 059

ECAR Overview

ECAR Insurance is a Uk-based online insurance company. ECAR began as an eBike insurer, offering insurance policies to bikers in the UK. Later they added eCar, eVan, eLife and eHome to their repertoire, ensuring that its customers get an all encompassing experience. ECAR’s unique selling point is that policyholders can choose and customise their policies something that traditional insurers doesn’t support.  Today it’s considered one of  UK’s leading car insurance company with more than 1 million policyholders under its cover and 250 employees on its payroll. ECAR’s success can be attributed to convenient and consumer-friendly insurance plans.

ECAR Customer Service is the best and is committed to value. They have the best policies and claims that will meet your needs. ECAR Phone Number  0333 222 4552 will connect you with a Customer representative who is highly trained to give you solutions to almost every question you have. Contact ECAR insurance through phone or visit their official website for more information.

ECAR Customer Service

ECAR Insurance is an online portal, which allows you, as a buyer, to have full control on your insurance purchases. It provides the customers with quotes regarding various insurance products, including home, car, bike and life insurance. It allows you to buy at your convenience while also facilitating you to make adjustments based on your individual circumstances and preferences. It provides services, which help customers save money while also reaping several benefits.

ECAR Insurance protects your car, your people, especially when involved in an accident. If you are travelling across the country and you experience a breakdown in an entirely non-familiar area, take the opportunity and phone ECAR Phone Number 0800 316 7816. They will respond to you regardless of the time and send a technician to assist you. View and print any of your documents, change the car on your policy, cancel your policy, just phone ECAR Customer Service.

For more details about the various services provided by ECAR Insurance, visit their insurance page or connect with their customer service through the ECAR Phone Number provided.

Contact ECAR Insurance

ECAR Insurance customer service usually encourages its customers to contact them through mail or various online service options. However, if there is a need to communicate with them over the phone, you can call them at 0906 736 6522, which costs about £1.02p per minute. This service operates from 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday and is closed on bank holidays.

Open on weekdays from 9.00am to 6.00 pm, and you can Contact ECAR at 0333 222 4552. Once connected you can make general enquiries about their products as well as insurance plans. If you would like to signup for car insurance or file a claim on the same, use this ECAR phone number, 0333 222 4551. Individuals with hearing problems can use their MMS number, 07537 416 059. You will be assisted on any matter about your cover or claims. Anyone who took out an insurance cover for a van should contact the policy renewal line, the ECAR contact number 0333 005 2352 for assistance.

ECAR customer care is closed on weekends and public holidays

If you’re abroad and do not know what ECAR phone number to contact about car policies you have or to make a claim, call +44 906 736 6522. You can also visit the FAQ page, or use the help section to request a quote or request them to check the status of your claims.

ECAR Customer Service has well monitored social platforms that reflect their popularity. Visit and Contact ECAR on:

  • Facebook – Receive a response within 48hrs
  • Twitter– get the latest deals and updates on policies.
  • Youtube– it’s fun!

Write to ECAR Customer Care

Every once in a while, you may need to Contact ECAR to make detailed enquiries or state your case when pursuing claims. Writing a letter then logically becomes the best way of contacting them. They always reply to all complaints including letters and emails. Always add the necessary information to ensure your quick respond. No matter what the issue is, you will still find the assistance you need. Once you write you letter, mail it to the following address

eCar Customer Service,
Brightside Park,
Severn Bridge,
BS35 4BL

ECAR Helpline Tips

When calling ECAR Insurance customer service desk, it is important that the insurance holder makes the call or mail. ECAR Insurance does not allow third parties to ask for information unless this has been instructed by the insured party.

Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to a 01 or 02 number and must count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls. Also, all the 03 ECAR Phone Numbers have their availability except their breakdown phone number 0800 316 7816 which can be reached anytime.

ECAR Customer Service
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