EDF Energy Customer Service

EDF Energy Customer Service
EDF Energy Customer Service

EDF Energy UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 2:00PM
Sunday ---
EDF Energy UK Routing Number
Press 1 If your property isn't currently supplied by EDF Energy and you're thinking of joining us
Press 2If your property is supplied by EDF Energy or you're already an EDF Energy customer

EDF Energy Phone Numbers

EDF Energy Helpline UK Contact Numbers
EDF Energy Customer Services Toll-Free 0800 056 7777
Tariff Sales 0800 096 4063
Direct debit 0800 096 2260
Text telephone 0800 096 2929
Natural gas emergencies 0800 111 999
Calling from abroad +44 (0)1138 207117

EDF Overview

EDF Energy is a company renowned for producing nearly one-fifth of the energy that is being supplied to homes and businesses in the UK. With over 6 million home and business customers in both gas and electricity, the company prides itself in providing low carbon energy resources to its customers. EDF Energy has including BITC Responsible Business of Year 2016, Energy Provider of the Year 2014, Electricity Industry Sector Award 2014, and Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion Award 2013 among others. You can contact EDF Energy customer service via the online form on their website or the service numbers listed above.

EDF Energy Services

EDF Energy is a leading gas and electricity generating and supply company. The energy company mainly supply electricity and gas to homeowners in the UK. Besides generating energy from hydro and wind, EDF Energy taps energy from nuclear and fossil fuels. Over 5 million residential customers are connected to its gas and energy lines.

Like most modern energy providers, EDF Energy lets customers manage their accounts online. All you need is to register. Once you do that, you will be able to request a quote, compare tariffs, change debit amounts, and pay your energy bills conveniently. The self-service is free and accessible from smartphones, laptops, and office desktops. If you need clarification about the energy services or assistance in using the self-service, it’s advisable that you call the EDF Energy phone number and speak one of the customer representatives.

Residential customers aren’t the only ones being serviced by the company. Small businesses and companies in the UK are connected to gas and electricity grid. And just like residential customers, they can access the self-service. For more information about energy services and products, you can contact EDF Energy phone number centres or visit the EDF Energy Contact Us page today.

Whether you are a home, small business or a large corporate customer, you can rely on EDF Energy to meet your energy needs sufficiently. They provide a wide range of tariffs and meter options for you to choose. You will find a plan that suits your exact need and budget. If you would like to improve energy conservation and attain energy efficiency in your, EDF can help you out as well.

 EDF Energy Customer Service

Contact EDF Energy Customer Service

EDF Energy operates different contact number helplines for various issues. The main EDF contact number for all new customers or existing customers is toll-free 0800 056 7777. Use it for all of your queries about billing, accounts, or meter reading. For customers who need to inquire about tariff sales, the EDF phone number to dial is 0800 096 4063. Use this especially during normal working hours when representatives are in the office.

Individuals who need assistance with direct debit or payment matters should contact EDF Energy telephone number which is 0800 096 2260This is a toll-free number accessible from anywhere in the UK. If you have hearing problems, the best way option would be to contact representatives using their textphone number which is 0800 096 2929You will be assisted just like any other customer.

When you want to report a natural gas emergency, contact EDF Energy helpline representatives on 0800 111 999It’s a toll-free 24/7 service. No matter what time of day or night you call, you find someone at the other ready to assist you. Calls from abroad should use this special EDF Energy contact number +44 (0)1138 207117.

 EDF Energy Customer Service

Write to EDF Energy Customer Care

Not everyone wants to contact EDF when they want to make an inquiry. Some prefer writing letters with queries or complaints or feedback. Whenever you write a letter, remember to mail it to:

EDF Energy
Osprey House
Osprey Road

Contact EDF Energy Helpline Tips

Only call the EDF Energy phone number for natural gas when there is a real emergency not when you are desperate to seek help for other issues. Customer service representatives are available from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and half-day on Saturdays. When calling EDF Energy customer service desk, it is important that you have your account number handy. It is a number that begins with 67 and is found on all bills and correspondence that you might have received from them.  For more details regarding the various numbers that you can call, visit EDF Energy Contact Us page.

EDF Energy Customer Service
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