EE Contact Customer Service Phone Number

EE Contact Customer Service Phone Number
EE Customer Service

EE UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
EE UK Routing Number
Press 1 If you're already a customer or are in the process of joining us
Press 2If you would like to become an EE customer
Press 3Top up a pay as you go or U-fix phone with a debit or credit card
Press 4Home broadband

EE Phone Number Tips

EE customer service number desk has a variety of EE phone number options depending on your calling situation and problem. Whether you are calling from a landline, EE mobile device or a non-EE mobile device, there is an EE contact number for your needs. Below you will see a table with the right EE contact number for you.

EE Helpline Contact Number International Number
Contact EE / EE Helpline Direct 0795 396 6250 +44 7953 966 250
EE Complaints or EE General Inquiries 07973-100-158 OR:
0800 956 6060
+44 843 4796 314 OR: +44 800 956 6060
EE Broadband Contact Number and WiFi Services 0795 396 6250 +44 7953 966 250
EE Pay Bill 07953 966 250 +447953 966 250
EE 0800 Direct 0800 079 8586 +44 8000 798 586
EE Lost Phone / Stolen Phone 0795 3966 250 +44 7953 966 250
EE Upgrade 07973-100-158 +44 8454 123662
EE Abroad +44 207 362 0200
EE Broadband Contact Number Direct 0207 362 0200 +44 207 3620 200
EE Cancellations 0800 0790 103 +44 800 0790 103
EE UK Phone Services 079 731 00 158 +44 7973 100 158
EE General Calls 0800 956 6000 +44 800 956 6000


EE Overview

EE, previously known as Everything Everywhere, is a UK-based broadband service provider and mobile network operator. The company offers communication like no other in the industry. With the most accessibility in the UK and more masts than any other network, EE broadband and EE mobile provide almost 75% of the nation’s service. With over 263 cities and towns covered, EE is your number one choice for service. No need to search for the EE broadband contact number; just contact EE at 07953 966 250 when you are ready to start.

About EE Services and Products

Apart from running the nation’s largest 3G network, EE offers superb connectivity with its Orange and T-Mobile partner plans. The company recently launched the UK’s first superfast 4G network. If you have subscribed to a 4GEE plan with EE, you can use both their 4GEE and 3G networks. When you move out of 4GEE coverage, you will be able to switch over to their 3G network automatically. EE has you covered even when you are unaware of coverage changes. Other plans include any combination of EE Broadband, Fibre Broadband, EE TV, and anytime mobile calling.

The EE Broadband Contact Number can be found by visiting the website. There you can also learn more about EE mobile service partners, such as T-Mobile and Orange.

EE customer service telephone number

Contact EE Customer Service Number and EE Helpline

The service team operates from 8 AM to 10 PM (weekdays) and until 8 PM on weekends. If you need assistance outside these time frames, you can still reach the service desk by calling an EE telephone number. However, you may be charged 50p per call. The same rates will apply to calls made to 07953 966 250. You can check about additional tariffs with your local provider.

You can avoid the need to search for an EE contact number online by dialling 150 from your EE mobile directly. Home Broadband, Small Business and 4GEE Mobile WiFi customers can make free calls during standard business hours. SIM Only customers who have joined with an EE Service Plan after August 6, 2014, will be charged for calling the EE Helpline, at a rate of 25p per call.

To avoid any charges simply try to call an EE phone number during business hours and the call with being free. If you are a small business customer, you can skip the hassle of finding the right EE telephone number online and simply dial 158 from your EE mobile device. For all Pay-As-You-Go customers, a 25p charge per call will be applied, regardless of calling an EE customer service number during or outside EE business hours.

Customers with Monthly Payments, Pay-As-You-Go, 4GEE Mobile WiFi, SIM Only, and Small Business plans can dial 07953 966 250 if they do not have EE phone. Large Businesses and Home Broadband customers should call 07973 100 158 and 07973-100-158 respectively from their non-EE mobile devices.

For other related issues please visit the EE customer service number portal online.

ee customer service telephone number

EE Contact Address

Write to EE Customer Service at the following address:

EE Sales Desk

6 Camberwell Way



United Kingdom
(Or use EE online complaint form)

General Tips to Contact EE Phone Number Desk

Are you joining EE as a business or personal customer?

Individuals who wish to become personal or business customers can easily access information and assistance from the customer care team and contact EE business contact number agents or the EE personal contact number. New business customers can call 0800 956 6100 free of charge from a landline or at a fee if they call from a T-mobile, Orange or EE mobile device. However, businesses with more than 50 employees should call 0800 079 0888 to join up with EE. Personal customers, on the other hand, can call 0800 956 6000.

Are you concerned about your payment service plans?

EE customers are also able to get help with making their payments with an EE telephone number option. This can be done by calling 07953 966 250 if using a different mobile service provider. If you are calling from your EE mobile device, you can call the EE customer service number 150 or +44 7953 966 250 when abroad. These numbers can be used by Mobile and SIM Only customers, as well as 4GEE mobile WiFi customers. While it is not ideal for any customer to call the services department, if you need to contact customer services you can: this includes for needs related to payment date changes, direct debit, and restoring direct debit payments.

Do you need to fix your home/landline problem?

EE provides assistance to its customers who have trouble with their home landlines. These issues include problems when receiving calls, noisy lines, or even no dial tone problems. Customer service can walk you through problems when calling an EE telephone number, or request an in-home service agent when necessary. These common and annoying experiences do happen from time to time and the service desk is here to help you. Customers having such problems can contact the EE helpline by dialling 150 or 07953 966 250 from a landline. Some other EE phone number options include dialling 450, 150 for pay monthly or SIM Only customers, and 345 for small business.

Want to Complain?

If you are not happy with any of your services, you can complain. It is okay to know this too because EE wants to make the best customer experience imaginable and ready to help with the EE Complaint Online Form. For T-Mobile related complaints, customers can use the phone number 07953 966 250 or 150. For contact numbers to use for complaints from abroad or related to your landline or home broadband service, visit this link for more information.


EE Contact Customer Service Phone Number
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15 Comments to “EE Contact Customer Service Phone Number”

  • Just the time it takes to receive any answer.
    Already today I have rung technical services a couple of times and each time hung on for over 10 mins without speaking to a human or had any indication of how much longer I will be required to wait.

  • I tried getting a contract micro sim on ee with you and havent heard anything can u tell me if I got it or not thanks

  • I would jut like to say how great your team are! I have recently changed to EE from TalkTalk and the difference is immense! Don’t get me wrong the people at TT are really “sweet” but I never got anywhere.
    With EE, the first guy I spoke to in the street was normal, no sales pitch. The 2nd guy was on the phone, (I wish i could remember his name) was great, again no sales pitch. Giving me advice on what was good for me. The 3rd guy today again sorted out my queries, EASILY, with no extra sales thrown in.
    GREAT JOB EE. If there is any chance you could be able to pass this on to the 3 guys it would be great. I work as a travel agent and it is good to get feedback as a team but much better as an individual. Thanks againx

  • without doubt the worst customer service by a mile

  • 07953966250 robot offers me a range of options that do not apply to my query. I end up in a cul de sac waiting for somebody who probably won’t be able to help me. Surely somebody in charge understands customer service better than this? Cut off after 12 mins. You must be able to do better than this.

  • Worst Customer Service. They really should be ashamed of themselves

  • This is the worst provider that i have ever used. Internet fails on a daily basis

  • As a loyal customer I was given a very good deal. Other providers may be a bit cheaper but I’m not game to move given how well EE has always worked for me.

  • They are useless, I have 40mb fibre optic which should be a good speed and I am receiving 2.1 mb, the customer service told me this was a good speed which is absolute nonsense

  • Totally useless.
    Kept saying they could not process my call.

  • For decent people who are sensible enough to do bit of research before committing to 12 months contract, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go with EE!!

  • I am very pleased with EE. Everything happened as promised on the day.
    The only slight hitch was temporarily losing my existing phone number
    Phoned them on their free number which was answered immediately. Within the hour my old phone number was registered.

  • Yes I am terminating all my EE contract because I am so disappointed with them. They have no control with the shop that sale their network product which can destroy the company credibility . The overall customer service is good but the shop policy is not acceptable they should put it out those shop which not allowing customer to change their mind after signed the contract if the item is not being used and still sealed. Very disappointing and stressful. I am going to put this in the news and forwarded to Panorama BBC investigation. I am considering to go to court case because the Tablet is still sealed not being used as too Consumer Act. I have the right to return the goods within 14 days but is only 3 hours. My bank said to me this and I cancelled all the direct debit they send me to court if they want.

  • OK when you get there but oh what a long wait!

  • I have been without my landline and broadband for nearly 6 weeks now due to no fault of my own, and after numerous calls to EE and many promises from them with dates and times the job still hasn’t been started, this has caused me lots of stress and has been rather costly in phone call and loss of earnings a very very poor show for a company who states there 5 times faster, yet they still insist on taking a dd payment even though I don’t have a landline working.


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