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Equifax is a company founded in the US, with a division in the United Kingdom and it is basically a credit reporting agency. A company that deals with advising various clients, large companies and small companies, providing solutions to be successful in their businesses. All business areas are covered by Equifax, from telecommunications to retailing, from marketing services to the public sector, and so on. It is basically a company advising various companies and individuals to help them take decisions that lead to better business performance, to protect them against internet identity fraud or to comply with applicable regulations.

On this page, you can find contact information company Equifax in the UK, phone numbers where you can find answers to your questions and contact address. To find out more information about these contact numbers, questions and answers about the company, please visit the Equifax contact us page. Below you can find an Equifax Phone Number list:

Equifax Phone Number List

Equifax Helpline UK Contact Number
Equifax Customer Service 0800 066 5825
Change Equifax Subscription 0800 014 2955
Equifax Telephone Number 0333 321 4043
Cancel Equifax Account 0800 090 2219
Equifax Contact Number 0800 066 5825

Equifax Customer Service

Equifax Customer ServiceYou can get in contact with the Equifax Customer Care by calling to the main Equifax Phone Number which is 0800 066 5825 or to the second Equifax Telephone Number 0333 321 4043. If you don’t want to do that via telephone, you can contact them by email or by post, or send them a letter to the following address: Equifax Ltd, Customer Service Centre, PO Box 10036, Leicester, LE3 4FS.

Managing your Equifax Account

You can log into your account at Member Centre where you can find more information or you can ask questions and receive answers from the customer care team on the Online Helpline.

Reading the Frequently Asked Questions you will learn more about the Equifax, what it is and hot it works and you can search yourself for a custom question and answer. If you want co cancel or to upgrade your Equifax account you can call the Equifax Telephone Number 0800 014 2955 or the Equifax Phone Number 0333 321 4043, from 8am to 8pm, every day of the week. You will need to answer some security questions from the Equifax Customer Service team in order to make changes to your subscription.

You will learn also on this FAQ page how to improve your Credit Score and manage it over time. Even if you have a poor credit or just a short credit history, you can improve it by making all of your payments on time, or at least you have to pay as much as you can. Call the Equifax Contact Number 0800 066 5825 to find more about your credit score.

If you need to upload documents to Equifax, you can do that online, by logging into your account or if you are not registered, by registering and following these steps: Go to My questions section, select a product, then a category and then upload your documents. If you have to upload documents for a verification, then you will have to upload a copy of a recent utility bill or a bank statement or a copy of your driving license, birth certificate or passport. If you prefer to send it by post, you can do that to the following address: Equifax Ltd., Customer Service Centre, PO Box 10036, Leicester, LE3 4FS.

Equifax Credit Report

Equifax Credit Report

If you need to see your credit report, you must be a member and you can log into the Member Centre and ask for a report. In this report, you will see details of your credit agreements on your own name, your financial associates, the electoral roll, the court information and a notice of correction. If you want to apply for an Equifax subscription, you can do that here. You will have to choose between two subscriptions. The cheapest one is £9.95 per month and it is named Equifax Credit Report, first 30 days being free and you can cancel at any time you want. This subscription will help you to see your financial history. You will get credit reporting, alerts by SMS, internet identity fraud protection, unlimited credit reports and just £5.95 per new score.

If you choose a better subscription, it will cost you £14.95 per month with the first month free and you will be able also to cancel it at any time. With this Equifax Credit Report and Score subscription, you will be able to see if you can be approved for a credit and you will receive unlimited credit reports and scores, and the same Internet identity protection as the other one. For both subscriptions, you will be able to get in touch with the Equifax Customer Service on the telephone daily, from 8am to 8pm. The credit report is very important because businesses offer credit based on this report. For example, if you need a loan from a bank, that bank will run a credit check on you.

Equifax Credit Score

Equifax Credit Score

Visiting the FAQ section of Equifax website, you will learn that a credit score is a financial tool to determine if you are eligible for a loan or service, or for a credit card. This credit score will determine if there are any high risks involved by offering you a particular service or by lending you any money, with other words, this credit score will tell you how reputable you are when speaking on making the payments on time.

Equifax Identity Watch Pro

Equifax Identity Watch Pro

With £9.95 per month, Equifax will provide you this Identity protection that will help you to stay safe and protect your financial information online. This Identity Watch Pro will alert you about the financial details of your that are shared on fraud websites and also you will have access to the credit reports online. You will receive a fast response from the Customer Care representatives, every day by calling the Equifax contact us the number 0800 014 2955.

Equifax for Business

Equifax for Business

With Equifax for Business you can verify information, combat fraud or recover debt, maximize customer relationships and acquire more customers or manage regulatory compliance.
You can get special products and solutions for your business, for example you can get an Equifax Income Verification, which is an accurate and robust verification, the Equifax Business Insights – a real time consumer and commercial insights, the Equifax Property Insights, the Equifax Watchlist Check to help your business to help mitigate reputational and financial risks, the Equifax Real Time Exchange – credit data in real time to help you lending, Equifax Progressive Authentification for better fraud and Id products protection, and Right Message, Right Time, Right Channel – helps improve customer strategies and acquisitions.

On the Equifax Business page, you will find relevant and useful information, brochures, videos, case studies, infographics, white papers and articles. Most hot topics are Credit Information, Analysis and Insights, Regulatory Compliance and Preventing Fraud. You can contact Equifax for business by phone, by email or on Social Pages. For example, you can do that on the Twitter page for Business and Linkedin for Business. On the business page, there is also an interesting section where you can read great articles, for example, you can read press releases about the Brexit effects and how approximately a quarter of British people has decreased their spending since the end of June 2016.

You will learn from another article that you must be very careful with your financial information, you are advised not doing any online banking in public, it’s better not to use for that the public WI-FI connections because you may be a victim of identity theft, or credit card information theft. You will be advised also not to respond to unsolicited email messages from bogus companies, or even from companies that seems to be real, but who will never ask you personal details on your email. You have to make sure that when you log in into your online bank account, you have to go directly on that bank’s website and not coming from a link in an email. You must avoid sharing your personal details to a third party you don’t know. Call Equifax Contact Number 0800 066 5825 to find more about Equifax for Business.

Equifax on Social Media

Equifax Blog

You can find Equifax on different social media platforms, including those from above, Linkedin and Twitter where you can find photos and videos and information about the company. Equifax has also a very interesting blog where you can read great articles about their subscription products and a Facebook page where you comment on photos and videos and get responses from the Equifax contact us team. The Facebook page has more than 130.000 likes, the response time is within one hour. You are advised on this page not to publicly post any personal or financial data. On this page, there are also different contests where you can win amazing prizes. Unfortunately they don’t have a YouTube account, but fortunately, you can find on their blog articles about credit and how to protect by the identity theft online.

You can find out how long it will take your credit score to be influenced by the credit behaviors, what do you need to do related to credit after the death of your spouse of your partner, what you need to know about financial infidelity and about the extreme couponing, about the no interest credit card offers, or to find out after how long an account is not considered new anymore.

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