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In today’s world, even people with expert proficiencies in various fields find it difficult to land jobs for themselves. The economy is so bad nowadays that even those who have had years of experience in their field who are losing jobs. Now, what about those who have been bedridden or disabled for a long time? Oh, they are having a more difficult time trying to get jobs to support their livelihoods. These people can only look to one governmental department for help, which is the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

If you are having trouble getting in touch with the ESA, you can read through this guide to find the appropriate ESA helplines to contact them. You will also find the appropriate postal addresses, email addresses, and links to web pages that will lead you to the correct department within the ESA.

ESA Phone Number List

ESA Helpline UK Contact Number
ESA Customer Service 0345 606 0265
ESA Free Number 0800 055 6688
ESA Phone Number for Welsh Speakers 0800 012 1888
ESA Contact Number in Northern Ireland 0300 123 3012
Maternity Allowance 0345 608 8610
ESA Complaints 0345 604 3719
Claims 0345 608 8545
Textphone 0800 023 4888

What Does the ESA Do?

The Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is a UK welfare benefit. It is designed by the government to provide financial support to people who are having difficulty finding a job. The people they are benefitting are finding it hard to locate a job due to a long-term illness or a form of disability. When they look towards the ESA, the governmental department will help them get back on their feet by looking for a job for them.

You can benefit from the ESA in two ways. The first of which is by contribution. If you happen to be a part of a work-related activity group, ESA will help you for as long as one year. To eligible for another application, you have to do it upon completion in the following 12 weeks. You can apply for contribution as long as you fulfil the following conditions:

  • You have made full payments for your national insurance contributions in the last two or three tax years
  • You are in a support group because of your worsening health

The second form of support is through income. This is highly dependent on your current circumstances, though it is no longer a limited version of support from the ESA. The eligibility conditions are varied, and you can reach out to ESA telephone numbers to have them estimate your eligibility for application.

You can get in touch with the ESA through many means, such as:

  • Contact the ESA telephone numbers listed above
  • Send a letter
  • Write an email
  • Social media

ESA Customer Service

esa support team

You should never feel reluctant if you think that you need welfare support from the ESA. They are built with the sole purpose of assisting the UK citizens to get back on their feet the best way they can. The ESA contact numbers are set up for all those who need answers to their questions or clarifications to their confusion. And when you contact them, you will be in direct communication with a friendly and helpful ESA representative. They will do all they can to help you solve your problems.

To contact ESA customer service, you only have to dial the ESA phone number on 0345 606 0265. You can get in touch with them to:

  • Acquire information on financial support
  • Enquire about new claim application
  • Understand the eligibility criteria for claim renewal
  • Learn more about allowances range
  • Get to know about the approved payment methods
  • Claim your ESA funds

The ESA customer service team is available for calls between 8a.m. to 6p.m. Monday to Friday. They will not accept calls on the weekends and bank holidays.

ESA Customer Care Address

Some may find it difficult to pick up the phone to contact ESA support team, or maybe they just prefer the traditional method of communications. Regardless, in cases like this, you can choose to write them an email. You can find their email address on the ESA official government website. Alternatively, their postal address for you to deliver your handwritten letter to is:

James House
2 – 4 Cromac Avenue

It is advisable for you to keep all the important information handy, such as credit card information and medical proof, when you reach out to them. It makes it easier for both parties to get the job done and get everything going.

Financial Support 

When you reach out to the ESA for assistance, they will first evaluate if you are fit for work. If the result turns out to be that you are unfit for work, then you are eligible for sufficient financial support from the government. Here’s a breakdown of the criteria to be eligible for financial support:

  • For those who are younger than 25 years old, their minimum payment per week will be £57.90
  • For those who are older than 25 years old, their minimum payment per week will be £73.10

We are not done yet. In the event that you are qualified for weekly financial support from the ESA, you will receive payments for 13 weeks, and then you will need to apply again. You will be categorized into three different groups based on your circumstances.

  • As a member of a support group, you will receive £109.30 per week
  • As a member of a work-related group, you will receive £102.15 per week
  • As a member of a support group and under income-related type, you will get £15.75 per week. However, if you are also in the increased disability group, it can be increased to £61.85 per week.

If you wish to enquire about these groups and how you fit into them, you can always reach out to the ESA free number 0800 055 6688.

ESA Phone Number for Welsh Speakers

Welsh speakers can communicate in the Welsh language when they call the ESA free number on 0800 012 1888. Similar to the usual ESA telephone number, you can enquire about claims, criteria, eligibility and funds etc. through this number. You do not have to worry about whether they will be less experienced due to a different phone number because the representatives are from the same customer service department and they are duly trained to respond to enquiries.

ESA Phone Number for Northern Ireland

It can be heartbreaking to receive a letter of denial after you applied for support from the ESA. Still, you do not have to panic just yet, because you are allowed to appeal a decision and have them reevaluate your application. When you decide to appeal a decision, you must include contact details and the reasons for why their decision appears to be unfair towards you. A mandatory reconsideration will generally take a minimum of 15 days, so you only have to be patient.

You can enquire about your application status by calling the usual customer care number. And if you are in Northern Ireland, the easier way to enquire is to call the ESA telephone number on 0300 123 3012.

Maternity Allowance

esa maternity allowance qualifying week chart

As anyone who can apply for allowances based on their eligibility, women are allowed to apply for allowances if they are pregnant. The truth of the matter is that women will find it more difficult to continue with their jobs, or even land a job when they are pregnant. It is either due to the inconvenience of pregnancy or the misogyny of employers in the workplace.  You are likely to receive:

  • Either 90% of your weekly earnings or up to £139.58 per week, for as long as 39 weeks
  • £27 per week for as long as 14 weeks

When you are pregnant for 26 weeks, that is when you should claim maternity allowance from the ESA. However, keep in mind that you will only be paid 11 weeks before the baby is due.

To check for proper eligibility to claim maternity allowance, you ought to reach out to the ESA helpline 0345 608 8610.

ESA Complaints

Even if they are government servants and they are naturally paid by the government, the representatives are required to treat anyone fairly and with respect. The department has also trained them to know pretty much everything about the ESA so they can offer the most help when someone reach out to them. If they are unable to fulfil their task to help you, you must contact the Complaints team on 0345 604 3719 to express your dissatisfaction.


To claim allowances of any kind from ESA, you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Under State Pension age
  • Not getting sick pay or maternity allowance from your workplace
  • No job seeker’s allowance
  • Unemployed
  • For employed, self-employed, or student, you can still apply for the personal independence payment and disability living allowance grounds

And what happens to your claims if you have found a job? Perhaps you’re wondering that your allowances will be cut off after that. It still depends on your employment circumstances. You will still be given allowances under the following conditions:

  • You are earning less than £20 per week
  • You are working less than 16 hours weeks and you earn less than £115.50 a week, but you will need to be involved in a support group

To claim allowances from the ESA, please reach out to the ESA contact number 0345 608 8545. You can also call this number to submit enquiries regarding your allowance status.

ESA has also taken into consideration the textphone users as well. If you are using a textphone, you can submit general enquiries on this ESA phone number 0800 023 4888.

Contact ESA via Social Media

esa twitter

An alternative, ESA has set up numerous social media accounts for you to get in touch with them as well.

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