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Esure Contact Number
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You will find on this page information about the Esure customer service and a telephone number list where you can get in contact with them. Esure is one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK, a company founded in 2000 by Peter Wood. It is a telephone and internet based insurance company with offices in Glasgow, Manchester, and Reigate, UK.

Esure Phone Number List

Esure Helpline UK Contact Number
Car Insurance
Esure Car Insurance Customer Service 0345 045 1000
Quotes and Sales 0345 045 1000
Esure Multicar sales 0800 434 6764
Car Insurance Claims 0345 603 7872
Renewal hotline 0345 603 7879
Payment queries 0345 045 1000
Accident recovery 0800 085 8533
Windscreen repair helpline 0800 085 8459
Motoring Legal Protection 0345 603 7872
Motoring legal advice helpline 0345 850 9596
Breakdown assistance 0800 783 0587
Home Insurance
Home Insurance Customer Service 0345 045 8000
Quotes and Sales 0345 045 8000
Renewal hotline 0345 601 7079
Payment queries 0345 045 8000
24-hour claims 0345 601 7072
24-hour pest cover 0345 601 7073
24-hour family legal protection 0345 601 7070
Home Insurance 24-hour home emergency 0345 601 7624
Home Insurance 24-hour legal advice 0345 601 7070
Annual travel insurance
Medical Emergency
+44 208 763 4902
All other annual travel claims line 0345 601 6194
Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance Customer Service 0345 606 1374
Payment queries 0345 606 1361
Claims 0333 234 0669
24-hour pet legal 0345 606 1392
24-hour pet health and wellbeing 0800 434 6122
24-hour bereavement counseling 0345 606 1391
24-hour dog-napping helpline 0345 606 1891
Pet Minders 0345 606 1393
Vet Search 0345 606 1360
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance Customer Service 0345 600 3950
Quotes and sales 0345 600 3949
Payment queries 0345 600 3950
Claims 0345 600 3951
Renewal hotline 0345 600 3950
24-hour emergency assistance 0208 763 3285

If you want to send a letter, you can write to the following address, for car and home insurance: Esure, The Equinox, 19 Cadogan Street, Glasgow G2 6QQ. For pet insurance policies you will be able to send a letter to the following address: Esure Pet Insurance, 1000 Lakeside North Harbour, Western Road, Portsmouth PO6 3EN. Write your letter for travel insurance policies to the following address: Esure Travel Insurance, 1 Drake Circus, Plymouth PL1 1QH.

Esure provides Car and Home insurance, Multicar insurance, Travel Insurance and Pet insurance. For each of this insurance categories, they offer Esure customer services. Click the Esure Contact us page to find more. And if you want to write them a letter, you will find for each type of insurance, an address.

Esure Car Insurance

Esure Car Insurance

If you choose Esure Car Insurance, there will be a lot of advantages that you might have, you will receive for example unlimited cover for injury to other people, you can drive other cars if you are the policy holder, you can receive legal advice night and day from Esure customer services, you will receive a replacement car when yours is in the service, you will have windscreen cover, guaranteed repair work from top repairers, and you will be covered for damage or loss of your car’s electronic equipment.

With the Motoring Legal Protection, you will receive amazing services in case anything goes wrong while driving your car. You will be able to receive help in resolving a motoring dispute. You will be covered up to £100,000 for defending you if charged for a motoring offense, due to the driving of your car. Esure will pay you up to £10,000 for a dispute with an insurer or a government agency, or with the police. You can call Esure car insurance contact number 0345 603 7879 to receive more information about the Motoring Legal Protection.

With Breakdown Assistance option, you will receive road assistance, trailer and caravan cover, transportation to your home in case something happens with your car, taking your car to the nearest garage, you will receive alternative transport for completing your journey, or just hiring a car to do that, or even accommodation while your car needs to be repaired. Roadside Assistance will give you 60 minutes of assistance in repairing minor faults, electrical or mechanical, you just need to pay for the parts.

With Road Assistance and Home Rescue, you will receive the same facilities as for the Road Assistance along with the option to be covered if something goes wrong with your car at home. Road Assitance, Home Rescue, and Recovery has all the roadside assistance and home rescue benefits, including also a recovery service for you and up to 7 passengers in your car inside the UK. With this option, you could get the option of hiring a car to complete a journey for up to £100 or receive accommodation for about £150 per person. Call Esure phone number 0800 783 0587 to find more these options or check the Esure Contact Us page.

Esure Car Insurance

Car Hire option added to your car insurance policy will give the option to receive a similar type of car like yours, in the case of a stolen car or total loss of. You will receive that car up to 21 days until your claim is solved. This car hire option gives you the possibility to be collected from work or home to pick the car and even a car hire cover for other drivers on that policy. Call Esure car insurance contact number to find more or to add extras to your current policy  0345 603 7879

Personal Injury Benefit option will give an extra peace of mind in case of an accident. People don’t know that when the driver is at fault, most of the usual car insurance policies will cover only minimal expenses if they are seriously injured or killed. With this option, Esure will pay £100,000 for loss of speech, for third-degree burns, loss of sight, of hearing, of for the loss of one or more limbs, permanent total disablement or for death. This option covers also medical expenses in an event of an injury, as follows: £1,000 for an operation, £200 per night for the hospital overnight stays, up to 10 nights, cosmetic dental work up to £500, or physiotherapy up to £250 for the cost of the treatment. Please call the Esure car insurance contact number 0345 603 7879 to learn more about this option.

With the Key Cover option will be covered in case you lose or your keys are stolen. You will be assisted to retrieve your keys if they are locked in the car, take you home to take the spare key, replace the lost car keys, or replace the lock of your car’s doors, taking you to a garage and more. You will receive up to £2,000 per policy year for this option. If you call Esure contact number 0345 603 7879 you will receive more information about this option.

Misfuelling Cover will help you in the event that you add to your car a wrong fuel. This is not only stressful, but it will cost you a lot. This option will help you with the transportation of you, your car and up to 8 passengers to the nearest garage where you can recover your car, you will be covered for costs to clean the fuel system, hire a car to complete the journey, you could receive hotel accommodation for up to £400 for you and your passengers. Please call Esure phone number 0345 603 7879 to find more about this option.

Esure Multicar Insurance

Esure Multicar Insurance

Esure Multicar Insurance will help you to get discount price if you have multiple cars at your address, for example if you live with a partner, you will receive 10% discount for each additional policy, you will get the same No Claim Discount for all policies, you can get guaranteed quotes and the policies will act individually, meaning that if you make a claim on one, the other No Claim Discount option will not be affected. Contact Esure support team or call Esure phone number 0345 604 7481 to understand more about Esure Multicar Insurance.

Esure Home Insurance

Esure Home InsuranceEsure Home Insurance will cover buildings and you will receive up to £75.000 pounds in alternative accommodation with an unlimited sum insured, up to £1000 for keys and cover for locks, up to 2 million pounds for property owners liability cover. You will be able to receive Contents cover for new items in your home, for garden items up to £2000 pounds, student cover up to £5000, home office equipment up to £1000. If you will be for five years claim free, you could receive up to 40% discount. Contact Esure at 0345 045 8000  or browse the Esure Contact Us page to find more about Esure Home Insurance.

Esure Travel Insurance

Esure Travel Insurance

Get your Travel Insurance from Esure to have a peaceful holiday. Why should you choose Esure travel insurance? There are many reasons why you should do that. You will benefit from Emergency medical cover for up to £10,000,000, single trip or annual cover, travel worldwide or just in Europe, up to £30,000 per person for Personal Accident Cover, baggage cover, optional cancellation cover and winter sport cover, or optional golf cover for theft, loss or damage to your golf equipment.You can add the option Baggage and Personal Money cover to protect your belongings in case of theft, lost or damage.

If you need to make a travel insurance claim and you are abroad, you can call Esure Contact Number  +44 208 763 3285 as soon as possible and don’t forget to get the medical certificate to have your claimed solved. When you are home, you can call the Esure Contact Number 0345 600 3951. If you have to travel on a business, you should purchase the Business Travel Cover and you will be covered in the event you have to cancel your trip, and Esure will cover the cost of having a colleague sent instead, for expenses up to £5,000.

Esure on Social Media

Contact Esure on Social Media

You may Contact Esure on Social Media platforms, on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. You will see on Facebook for example, interesting photos and videos about the Esure products, you can comment on different topics along with other Esure customers and get in contact with the Facebook Esure Customer service team, available every day from 8am to 8pm, and you should receive a fast reply, withing a few hours. The Facebook page has more than 12.000 likes. On Twitter, you will see the Esure customer services team in action, answering to all kind of questions from their customer. On Linkedin you can find more information about the company, for example, how many employees they have, the history of the company and the customer address.

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