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Facebook Phone Number
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Facebook UK Overview
Just when no one thought Mark Zuckerberg could do it, he took Facebook, an online social website, global and turned an IPO dud into a billion dollar empire in just a few short years. Facebook is a social media site that friend and family members can like, share links and pictures, videos and games with. Facebook’s popularity has grown over the years as more and more people are online. Headquartered in California, Facebook is now scaling itself and increasing market share as it takes on more revenue in the form of ad dollars from businesses who want to reach out to the millions of people who visit its site daily. As Facebook has expanded into the United Kingdom and goes global all over the world, more and more people are able to connect and link with others around the world. To reach a customer services agent you can call them at a Facebook phone number, 011 44 844 545 7852.

Facebook’s services and products that help its members include online ads, gaming and sharing with friends, video downloads, pictures and photo albums you can share and businesses that you can open and list online. Because Facebook draws users from all over the world, companies are anxious to run their ads and it’s the ad dollars that Facebook is taking in. To run an ad on Facebook, one ad, can reach millions of people in a strategic and target approach that you set up. To reach Facebook, simply call a Facebook phone number, and a sales rep can help you with our business needs and developing an ad campaign.

Contacting Facebook
To reach Facebook UK, there are several options available to you. If you are online and want to reach customer service or billing, you can send an email or chat message to them. You can visit their website with the web address www.Facebook.co.uk.

FACEBOOK UK Contact Tips
If you call Facebook you should be able to reach a sales rep or tech to help with your queries. As there are no stores to speak of, Facebook is reachable during general business hours, Monday through Saturday. Reps and techs can help you with ad questions, log-in issues and any other requests. Just call the Facebook phone number and if you’ve reached them after hours, you can always go online.

Facebook Phone Number
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