Flybe Customer Service

Flybe Customer Service
Flybe Customer Service

Flybe UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 6:30PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday ---
Flybe UK Routing Number
Press 1 Book a flight
Press 2If you'd like to pre-book your hold luggage or if you require special assistance
Press 3Amend a booking you've already made or if your flight has been affected by disruption
Press 4Anything else

Flybe Phone Number Tips

Flybe Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Flybe Customer Service 0207 308 0812
Cargo 01332 819204
Technical Support 01392 268518
Baggage Damage and Delays 01293 426553
Travel Insurance 0207 954 7898

Flybe Overview

Flybe was launched after the merger of Intra Airways and Express Air Services in the year 1979. It was called Jersey European Airways. In 1983, it was sold to Walker Steel Group. In the year 2000, Jersey European was renamed British European and after two years it was given its current name Flybe.

In Europe, Flybe is the largest independent regional airline. The company operates the highest percentage of UK domestic flights than any other airline. It operates from 62 destinations in 9 countries and flies 7 million passengers a year on 149 routes. The airline connects long distance flights in Manchester, Paris, Dublin, Birmingham and Amsterdam.

Flybe Services

Flybe offers flights to several destinations. You can check the routes and flight destinations. It also has another department that offers aviation services to other regional airlines. These services are

  • Advanced Maintenance
  • Technical Records
  • Training Services
  • Overhaul Organisations
  • Spares Support and Tool Rental Facility

Contact Flybe Customer Service

To communicate with Flybe customer care, dial 020 7308 0812. Using this helpline, you will get assistance with name changes, schedule changes, unaccompanied minors, ticket costs or flight cancellations. The opening hours are 8am to 6.30 pm, from Monday to Friday. However, there is an exemption for Monday Bank holidays. The business hours are the same as those of Sundays, which is between 10am and 6pm. On Saturdays, you can reach the customer service agents from 8am to 6pm.

For all cargo enquiries, call the Flybe helpline 01332 819204However, it is important to note that this customer care desk can only be able to help you with questions regarding the shipment of cargos. They cannot be able to handle general passenger questions.

Contact Flybe 0207 954 7898 for any assistance in travel insurance. This particular line is useful for pre-travel enquiries only. Also, in cases of any baggage damage or delays, the Flybe phone number to dial is 01293 426553For more information, you can check Flybe contact details.

Flybe Customer Service

Write to Flybe Customer Care

Flybe has a huge clientele of over 7 million customers a year. Therefore, it might be hectic getting a hold of any available customer care representative. As a result, Flybe has ensured that there are several ways that you can be able to reach them apart from calling the Flybe customer service numbers. One of these channels is through a written mail. However, getting a reply might take longer compared to the other Flybe helpline channels. This channel is suitable for queries and complaints which are not very urgent. You can post the mail using this address,

Contact Flybe Centre,
PO Box 795,
Exeter Devon,
EX1 9UL,United Kingdom.

Or you can also use the Flybe phone number 01392 268518 to consult their customer care representatives about any technical issues affecting you. These can be in regards to the website or online flight bookings. You could probably also request the address just given.

Flybe Contact Number Helpline Tips

Before reaching out to the Flybe Customer service, you should first check their help and support page. It has most of the frequently asked questions. Also, when you want to enquire about a flight, make sure that you have your flight details  at hand for easier and fast assistance.

You should also search on the company’s website, the Flybe phone number of the department that you want to contact. Every department has a customer care desk and their contact numbers are different.

In addition, you can also use their social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter. The digital customer service representatives will answer your questions and handle your complaints immediately.

Flybe Customer Service
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19 Comments to “Flybe Customer Service”

  • I was really disappointed on Sunday when I was flying home from my sons. Got to east midlands airport 1 hour before flight (BE268) which should have been 20-20 departure to find it was delayed till 21-15 then the next thing I knew it was delayed even longer till 23-15 which meant I was at the airport for four hours .And yes we got a voucher for £5 which did not even pay for a coffee and biscuit had to put money to it .My daughter picked me up after flight but she had to stay up very late to do that Not everyone drives or can afford a taxi to get home which would have cost me at least £30 at that time of night. I am very disappointed as I did not even get a reason for delay and this is not the first time this has happened.

  • 20kg plus 10kg cabin baggage within size limit 55cmx40cmx23cm, is size limit for cabin luggage or hold luggage,please reply before the 10 the of October 2015. Thank you a hudson

  • This is now the third flight to Aberdeen or Inverness that has been delayed – no wonder they are called FlyMayBe!

  • Why are Flybe advertising flights via Southampton to European destinations for 2016 following a recent press announcement that they are pulling out of Bournemouth Airport and taking all jet aircraft away from Southampton Airport?

  • Never flown with a budget airline before will most definitely fly with this airline again staff great food great service great cleanliness brilliant punctuality second to none seat great cannot flat the trip in any way thank you.

  • Very easy process, flight was good as where flight attendants. Good choice of in flight refreshments. Flight arrived 20 mins early

  • A quick flight down to Liverpool, excellent flight staff, comfortable seats. Though we experienced turbulence on the return into Edinburgh, our pilot handled the situation well and got us home safely. I had every confidence in the Captain’s ability.

  • I have used this service a couple of times a month for almost 3 years. The service is poor with the cabin crew obviously on a commission to sell, sell, sell, but the biggest issue is flights are always far too hot, doors are frequently shut on the ground without the AC being on.

  • A short flight but uneventful. Out of Southampton flight left 10 mins early, arriving in Amsterdam 10 mins ahead of schedule. Ruturn delayed due to bad weather in UK, but quick turn around meant flight only 15 mins late. Seating fairly good for a small aircraft with adequate legroom. Cabin crew adequate but largely invisible. Came round quickly with refreshment trolly (not tested) and then disappeared.

  • Knock to Manchester with flybe. Courteous ground as well as on board. Flight arrived 15 minutes early. Seats comfortable, but the overhead storage is a bit small for a standard sized hand carry. Would fly again.

  • On a recent 1.15pm flight from Bergerac to Southampton there were no sandwiches available on board the aircraft. I find this very poor for a luchtime flight.
    The Robinson’s blackcurrent fruit drink is advertised as 330ml but the drink supplied was only 200ml charged at the same price. Why?
    Why do you not explain the flight safety demonstrations and (less importantly) the on-board duty free availability/ offers etc in French? In fact no announcements at all were provided in the French language.

    Looking forward to your positive response.

  • We were delighted when flybe introduced a service between Cardiff and Munich. Now our whole family uses it – my mother-in-law, who lives in Cardiff, my daughter who studies there of course ourselves. For us it has made travel from Munich to Cardiff and back so much easier than going via one of the London airports and then driving a hundred miles and more; for my mother-in-law it has made a world of difference. She is well into her 80s and where before she always took three days to recover from the almost day-long journey between Cardiff and Munich, she now arrives as fresh as if she had just returned from a shopping trip. Please keep this service going.
    As for the flying experience, we have always found the staff exceedingly friendly, welcoming and helpful – in short an experience to be recommended.

  • Can I say a big thank you to the member of your staff on the Flybe Departure Gate on Thursday morning 7th July, 0645 Edinburgh to Southampton flight.

    I got delayed in the security baggage check area and arrived at the gate at final call. The transit bus had already left for the plane, but she told me it would be back. When it returned, I was the only remaining passenger, she escorted me down to the bus and made it clear to the driver which plane I was to be delivered to. Fantastic service.

  • Can’t get through on any of the published telephone numbers. All you get is a beep and you are disconnected. As FlyBe make money from every call in then this is a nice little earner for them.

    I have sent an email but gawd knows if this will be answered in time.

  • I would like to thank your staff for the help given to my wife by Special Assistance when flying to Edinburgh and return on 26 th Aug BE211.
    Many thanks it does help a great deal !

  • hi i have just printed my boarding pass off and only got it for one way how do i get it for coming home thakyou

  • Have just returned from holiday in Spain where we flew from Norwich to Alicante. Lovely flight and service on the Embraer 195-what a great little plane.So nice now to have more direct flights abroad from Norwich. Hope it won’t be long before we can fly to Innsbruck from here. Any news on that possibility?

  • May I take this opportunity of thanking the crew and cabin staff for an excellent flight(as usual) BE 890 Southampton – Glasgow on Tuesday 27th December with special thanks to stewardess ‘Hayley’ helpful, cheerful and professional – many thanks Flybe !

  • Dear Sir
    I was delighted when Flybe introduced a flight from Newquay to Leeds. easy transport for my regular trips to was a great service.
    Unfortunately it was spoiled due to the extortionate car parking charges. I need to leave my car and it makes the overall journey so easy.
    On my return I was charged £73.50 for a weeks parking. A far higher price than the board at the entrance to the car park states.I am sorry to report that this is bound to affect my choices for future trips to Leeds.

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