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It is not a sound financial plan if you do not have a life insurance to protect you and your family financially. A life insurance can give you a peace of mind as you go on living your life, knowing that your family will be well compensated and taken care of were anything to happen to you.

A life insurance can do many things for you. For one, a funeral can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, and you can’t possibly want your family to be burdened with such heavy expenses, which is where life insurance comes in. It can also cover your children’s education funds, while also providing additional coverage for any unprecedented event that might come upon your children. These are only two things, but a life insurance can do so much more.

In the UK, you can always trust Friends Provident International to offer the best life insurance that offers coverage that is tailored to your requirements. Here’s a guide to every Friends Provident phone number that can get you connected directly to a Friends Provident International agent. In addition, there will also be guidance on how to reach out to the insurance company through their postal addresses and email addresses.

Friends Provident Phone Number List

Friends Provident Helpline UK Contact Number
Friends Provident Customer Service 0345 600 3122
Friends Provident Insurance Telephone Number 0345 070 7099
Long Term Care 0345 777 7543
Friends Provident Pension Contact Number 0345 300 3172
Pension for Pre-Retirees 0345 603 3419
Pensions in Drawdown 0345 603 1061
Investment Queries 0345 602 9199
Life Insurance Policy 0345 732 2223
Critical Illness Claims 0345 266 2870
Health Claims 0345 266 2255
Death Claims 0345 266 3645
Friends Provident Stakeholder Schemes 0345 602 9221

Friends Provident Customer Service

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While their trading name has been rebranded as Friends Life since 2011, the insurance broker is still registered as Friends Provident. They are a company that is solely committed to providing life insurance for not only all UK citizens, but also people from around the world. They were acquired by Aviva Group in 2015, but they still held strongly to their goal of providing premium life insurances.

The company’s product portfolio consists of insurance, inheritance tax products, and investment management etc. There is a great variety of financial services, including life insurance, pensions, and general insurance, that will come along when you join Friends Provident, or Friends Life, as a customer. Their overarching vision is to free people from the fear of uncertainty. They are always clear in their strategy to be as transparent as possible with their customers, in order to garner trust and loyalty.

Currently, Friends Provident International employs over 28,000 people to help them control their operations, not just in the United Kingdom, but all over the world. There is nowhere else that provides better life insurance than Friends Provident. Following are the means to reach out to the insurance agency:

  • Contact the Friends Provident telephone numbers given in the above list
  • Find their full contact information on the Friends Provident Contact Us page
  • Write a letter
  • Send an email
  • Social media

Friends Provident Insurance Telephone Number

friends provident friends life customer service

Friends Provident International takes into understanding that there may sometimes be a lack of trust in the relationship between an insurer and a customer, which is why they always put their customers at the top of their priorities and vow to always do the right thing for their customers.

As they are a part of Aviva Group, it means that if you become a customer of Friends Provident, you are becoming a customer of, you become a part of the UK’s largest pension, investment, health, and insurance provider. They promise that, despite the acquisition, nothing has changed and nothing will change. Your excellent insurance provider will still provide you with the same insurance plans that you have had the privilege of enjoying since you joined Friends Provident International before the acquisition.

The only that being a part of Aviva Group will do for you is that you will acquire access to a wealth of information. This information will help you much more in planning your future. Other than that, you will also be getting exclusive customer discounts on Aviva products and top brands.

If you wish to learn more about Friends Provident and acquire accurate information about the company, you can get in touch by dialling the Friends Provident contact number on 0345 600 3122. They will have a well-trained representative to answer all your questions, and maybe even offer you more information along the way. This is also the number to call if your existing insurance policy is prefixed with the letters F or L.

The Friends Provident insurance telephone number to get in touch with when the prefixes of your insurance policy are H, J, or L.

You are free to call these numbers from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Monday to Friday. They do not operate on the weekends and public holidays.

Apart from calling, there is also an option for you to reach out by sending a letter to this address:

Friends Life
BS34 9FE

To send an email, feel free to look for their full email information on the Friends Provident Contact Us page. Keep in mind to include all important details, such as your contact information, if you are sending them a letter or an email.

Long Term Care

There will be times when you will not be able to live independently due to a chronic illness, or a physical or mental impairment. Long term care exists to take care of people who are encountering such issues.

Long term care can come in many forms. It can help you in performing the basic daily activities in life. You will also be given exclusive, as a result of extensive medical needs. You can get a long term care anywhere, from a nursing home to your own home.

Friends Provident International offers two kinds of long term care. The first is called an immediate lifetime care, with which you will be provided the benefits immediately upon signing on with the plan. The second is a secured lifetime plan, intended for people who want to limit their own liability.

Feel free to acquire more information about the differences of their long term care plans and what they can do for you by calling the Friends Provident pension contact number on 0345 300 3172.

Friends Provident Pension Contact Number

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Taking a pension with Friends Provident International only means that you won’t have to worry about transferring pensions, because you are putting it all in one place that is safe and secure. With just one pension, there will be an easier access to your money once you begin planning for your retirement from working.

With Friends Provident, your money could go further to help you obtain the retirement you want. The insurance broker provides individual and self-invested pension plans, so you are in full control of the management of your pension funds. You get tax relief for your contributions, and you can pay in regularly or make a one-off payment.

You can submit enquiries about Friends Provident pension by dialling the Friends Provident pension contact number on 0345 300 3172.

If you wish to withdraw money from pension funds before your retirement, you can reach out to a Friends Provident adviser contact on 0345 603 3419 and ask about how you can go about the simple process of doing so.

For pensions that are in a drawdown, feel free to call the Friends Provident telephone number on 0345 603 1061 to acquire more information.

Friends Provident Stakeholder Schemes

The best way to let your money grow is to invest your money.

The insurance company provides a range of ways to invest your money safely, though there will always be risks when it comes to investing. Dip a foot into the pool of investment by investing in one of the four Aviva ready-made funds that are managed by investment experts. Each of them offers different risk and returns potential, but you can be assured that Friends Provident International will always be on the lookout for the best way to help your money grow.

You can choose a growth-based or an income-based investment. A growth-based fund is a fund that is managed to try and increase the value of your investment over time, while an income-based fund is a fund that is managed to try and pay out an income from the money you have invested.

If you are not sure of which is best for you, do not hesitate to reach out to the Friends Provident adviser contact on 0345 602 9199. They will take a good look at your financial situations and your goals before they offer advice which best suits you.

Life Insurance Policy

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Friends Provident Life Insurance is a consistent five-star rating on various rating boards. They provide a simple and affordable way to assist your family with possible financial difficulties if something happens to you. You should choose to take on a life insurance from Friends Provident International because:

  • They offer cover for children that are affected by the loss
  • You can get a quote in as little as two minutes
  • You get a peace of mind
  • There is no cash-in value when they pay out a lump if you die

If you wish to enquire more about their life insurance policy, feel free to call the Friends Provident insurance telephone number on 0345 732 2223.

Make Your Claims

The company understands that by the time you are making a claim, you are most likely going through a hard time trying to deal with the issue that is at hand, which is why they guarantee that they will handle your claim as quickly and smoothly as possible. That way, there won’t be a financial burden when the time comes.

To make a critical illness claim, which also includes children’s critical illness, the Friends Provident phone number to reach out to is 0345 266 2870.

Register a health claim when you dial the Friends Provident telephone number on 0345 266 2255.

If there is a death in the family and you need help with the financial burden that comes with it, do not hesitate to call the Friends Provident contact number 0345 266 3645 to register a claim.

Contact Friends Provident via Social Media

friends provident linkedin

Friends Provident has set up several social network outlets that can allow you easier access to get in touch with them, and also keep up to date with their latest upgrades.

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