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Gems TV Contact Numbers
Gems TV Customer Service

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All Days 1.00 pm - 9.00 am

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Gems TV Phone Number List

Gems TV Department Helpline UK Contact Number
Gems TV Customer Service Number 0333 400 0011
Gems TV International Number +44 152 785 1556
Gems TV Complaint Number 0845 658 8663

Gems TV Customer Service

If you live in the UK and are interested in buying some of the most exotic gems available, you can contact them at Gems TV customer service number 0333 400 0011. You can ask them any details regarding the gems and jewellery, they will help you out in every matter. Gems TV is one of the UK’s leading jewellery auction channel, on which precious gemstone jewellery from Gemporia is auctioned. You can learn about their channel through that number, or ask them to look for you the available piece of jewellery that you want, for auction.

The Gems TV customer service team will be available to you for any issues you want to discuss with them. You can even learn about their hosts if you wish to.Gemporia helpline number for main website page

Gems TV Sale

To get in contact with them you can dial the Gems TV sale customer service 0152 785 1556The company has also got specialists to help you with your sales related issues. You can get details regarding different products and their prices from them or tell them about your preferences and they will help you pick out the best one for you. However, dialling this number would specifically address your issues with regard to a distinctive product you bought via Gems TV sale or a delivery issue you faced.

Nevertheless, for other general queries with regard to their sales, you can reach the Gems TV contact number UK. The available staff will be very pleased to help you sort out your issues.

The company has got some of the unique earrings throughout the UK. If you are interested in buying earrings from them at cheap prices, you certainly need to check out the Earrings Clearance. They have listed all the details for each of the pairs, along with the amazing prices you can get them at! However, for requesting additional information, you can contact Gems TV buy online customer service number given above.

Gems TV Shopping Channel UK

If you are one of those people and want to know more about their channel, then you can give them a visit at Gems TV shopping channel UK. While watching this shopping channel UK, there might be some people who come across something that they are not able to comprehend or require additional information. For the UK residents, reaching them at the Gems TV helpline support would get them required help with regard to this company’s shopping channel. However, you can catch their shopping channel on Sky, Freeview, Virgin and Freesat.

Gems TV UK Live Auction

If you also want to take part in the Gems TV auction or want to know details regarding it, then you can give them a visit at the Gems TV UK live auction official website page, if you live there or you are local you can contact Gems TV online auction contact number mentioned above. This TV channel is one of the best live auction channels in the UK, which broadcasts 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. You can get information about the upcoming auction, likely products in the auction, timings for, and all the other bits of information with regard to the auctions they hold. If you are clear about all these matters but are not sure how you would buy something during auction if you like it, then too you can reach the respective personnel staff at the information given above.

If you regularly watch Gem TV but have missed one of their live auctions and regret it, then you don’t have to worry about it! Gems TV has made it possible for you to get all the details regarding the Gems TV missed auctions as well. Simply by reaching them, you can ask the representatives to help you out with it. They will give you all the details regarding the auction that you have just missed or guided you the source where you can learn all about it. They are very considerate about its viewers and hence, ensures all of their requests, be them with respect to anything, are resolved. So never be upset about missing a Gems TV auction!

Gems TV customer care number for live auctions

This TV channel, being an auction channel, broadcasts live auctions for Gemporia gemstones and jewellery around the clock! If you would like to buy something from them while they auction it, you can most certainly watch their live auctions on this TV and put your bid. Though, if you are unclear about how it all works, it would be advisable that you get in touch with the Gems TV auction telephone number.  For any guidance and information with regard to their live auctions, you can reach them there.

Are you unable to get this channel on your TV? Well, you do not have to worry about not being the part of their grand auction each day! You can be a part of their auction online as well, through Gemporia’s Gems TV Online Auction page given above. Though, in case you are not sure about how to go about it, it would be wise if you reach the staff at the Gems TV missed auctions contact number.

Gems TV Jobs

You can enlighten yourself from their career opportunities by visiting the Gemporia’s Career’s page. Behind the success of this TV channel, lies the very talented and extremely hardworking human resource. If you think you have the skills and proficiency that this TV channel can benefit from and if there is a vacancy for a person like you, then you can most definitely give them a try!

There are chances that you are not satisfied with the channel services of this company and you want to report them. For this purpose, you would need to get in touch with either the customer representatives at the Gems TV UK contact number or fill in their feedback form online. Likewise, if you feel like they have shown some inappropriate content or something about the channel displeased you, the management at Gems TV would prefer if you let them know about it all. They try their level best to provide highest level customer satisfaction and are very willing to work on their shortcomings. Therefore, in the case of any kind of complaint, please report to the aforementioned sources.

Gems TV UK Clearance

The TV channel has also got a clearance sale for their gemstones and jewellery. If you want to get details about the product offered in the clearance you can contact at the Gems TV UK clearance helpline or check out Gemporia’s Clearance page. You can get all the details about the clearance, discount offered, the price of different products and much more. You can also buy something that you like from the clearance stock.

They have some of the finest diamonds to offer you. If you want to catch a clearance sale on their range of diamonds and diamond jewellery, you can contact them at Gems TV customer service number. They will guide you through their entire diamond clearance stock if you wish too. Though you can get the entire list of the items on Gems TV diamond clearance on the Gemporia.

Gems TV Engagement Rings

Gems TV contact number for engagement rings

If you have bought a ring from this company and have complaints regarding it, you can contact them at Gems TV engagement rings phone number or email [email protected]. If you are looking for some astonishing engagement ring for your fiancé or your girlfriend, and want them to be reasonably priced as well, then you surely need to check out the Engagement Rings available at Gemporia through one of their auction channels, Gems TV.  They have got a whole beautiful range of rings for you to choose from, available with different gemstones and in amazing designs as well. Though for further information and queries, you can reach them at contact Gems TV UK contact number. You will surely impress your significant other with an engagement ring from this TV channel!

Gems TV Head Office Address

Some people enjoy writing and also consider it as an effective as well as a forceful way of complaint redress. The company also engages with its valued customers via correspondence and answers every enquiry within few days. You can narrate the entire details of your issue and send it to the company for complaint registration. The company will register your complaint instantly and try to resolve it. Are you interested in writing them a letter? Post it to the following address:

Gems TV,

2d Eagle,

Moons Moat,


B98 9HF, UK

Gems TV Promo Code

Thinking to buy something at Gems TV and want some discount at it? Feel free to resolve all your enquiries by getting in touch with Gems TV promo code helpline support 0845 658 8663Well, Gems TV would not let you down as it frequently has these promotional offers through which you can get their products at amazing discounted prices! Do not miss the chance to get their amazing gemstone jewellery at even amazing prices!

Calling Tips to Contact Gems TV

Gems TV customer service contact number for social media Twitter account

Though the aforementioned information would be more than enough for you to contact them, in case you want to stay up-to-date with all their activities, you can most certainly join them on the followings:

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